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  1. Hello, I've just downloaded 3ds Max 9 for the 30 day trial version, and find it very interesting. I've never previously worked with any 3D at all. So I'm kinda trying to learn all aspects of 3D games at once. (Programming side, and Artist Side) One of the questions I have is. When are animations used in a Game? For example, I would soon like to get a model person up in my application, and have that model person walk around. Is the walking simply an animation that is played again and again? (if not how else is it done) Or when the model swings a sword say..Is that an animation as well? I'm thinking that it is, and you just tell the model programatically when to play the "Swing Sword" Animation. (again, please correct me if I'm wrong). I'm currently also trying to pick up some 3D programming, and learning alot. trying out that new XNA framework, which seems very easy compared to using the ol Direct3D and some C. For my first project (which i'm working on), all I want is a 3d room, with some models in the room, and want one of the models I make to be able to walk around in the room. Is this a good beginner project? (beginner in 3D and games to say, not a beginner programmer) I figure with C# XNA, this will be fairly easy, what do you guys think?
  2. kag1

    A 3D world

    Hello, I'm planning on making a little 3D app, like a room or somethign where a character can walk around and such. I'm going to use C#, and was thinking about trying out that new XNA framework...what do you guys think of that? (the xna framework that is). I'm also wondering how most game companies make their worlds, and objects...Do they use a program like 3ds max? or maya? or something similar? Or do they make their own level editors and such? About 9 months ago I planned on doing the same thing with OpenGL and C#, but didn't want to write a program that would put my models (from 3ds Max 7) into the program...is this still a problem? What is the technique used? Make a model or level in 3ds Max, and then use a program to convert it to an .x file? and the XNA can load it in? Thanks for your Help Kyle
  3. Hello, I have an IDE harddrive, and would like to know if it is bad or not. We currently only have one computer here that can take an IDE hard drive, and it already has 2 hard drives in it. I'm not sure which is the primary, or the slave, or the one with windows on it, but it doesn't matter which one I take out, it won't boot. If the two are not together, the computer won't boot windows. I don't know if it's possible that this other hard drive is causing the computer not to boot or what. Has anyone seen a problem like this? Or am I just overlooking or missing something somewhere? I'm sick of this computer playing games on me, someone help me out please! Thanks.
  4. kag1

    So your trapped on this desert island...

    I have had the same problem, doing various things with Microsoft Networks...(briding connections across multiple networks) Is this just flaws that Microsoft has? It sure seems like it...I've never found a *real solution...only by repairing the connection, or unpluggin, repluggin, or unbriding, re bridging (only works sometimes...weird) Hopefully these things will be somewhat fixed in Vista
  5. kag1

    Help with eCommerce Websites

    Thanks alot Kaze! I guess that's what i'll start on. About the quickBooks and exporting to a database, is anyone here know an experienced user with QuickBooks? Is this a built in feature of QuickBooks, or does it export to a different format in which would then need to be changed to a database format? I currently don't own a copy of QuickBooks so it's sort of hard to decide how to design the database, i'll have to look into getting a copy..
  6. kag1

    Help with eCommerce Websites

    They have contracts with big biotech companies and they fix and sell and service machines. (DNA synths, HPLCs, GCs...and bunch of other stuff) They have individual parts for most of the machines they service...which is quite a few parts (probably around a thousand) they also calibrate pipettes, which they would also like on the store.
  7. Hello, I am a web programmer that has never worked with any eCommerce sites or online stores before. A client that owns a rather small bio tech repair shop wants me to create him an eCommerce store (shopping card, pics of parts and item numbers). One of the requirements he has is he wants it to work with his existing quick books data. This is a small problem because I know hardly anything about QuickBooks. He was wondering if it's possible to have different prices of parts for different clients...when they login (for example, part A is 50 dollars to the general public, but only 45 to Joe, one of our loyal customers)...is this possible? and easy?. I had been looking at Google Checkout because it's cheap, and designing my own storefront with ASP.NET. Is this a big task? Is this what most companies do? Or is it more common to just buy something like Miya or some other program? If the ladder, what software would you guys recommend for a job like this? Any information provided would be very useful.. Thanks for the Help, kag1
  8. Hello, I'm trying to build a stored procedure that inserts some rows into a couple tables..we'll call them table1 and table2 The problem is I need to know the Primary ID of the record that I insert into table1 in order to insert my second record into table2.. For example I have this right now INSERT INTO table1 (name, value) VALUES ('kag1' , 'value1') after inserting that record do I have to SELECT it again in order to get the ID of it? (The ID is an integer that increments 1 every record) and then after I get that ID i wanted to go like INSERT INTO table2 (table1_ID, name, value) VALUES (@ID, 'kag1' ,' value2') I know such a thing is possible...I just can't find out how to do it.. Thanx kag1
  9. thanks for all your replys. Here is the the code that I use to Send the Request HttpWebRequest WebReq = null; try { WebReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(LinkToCheck.Address.Replace("&", "&")); WebReq.AllowAutoRedirect = false; WebReq.Timeout = 15000; } catch { //blah blah failed for some reason } HttpWebResponse WebResp = null; try { if (WebReq != null) WebResp = (HttpWebResponse)WebReq.GetResponse(); } catch (Exception e) { //Get the WebException and find out what kind of error we got } And that's basically all I do with the WebRequest end. markr: I had this same problem when it was single threaded, and just ran one at a time (the process just took 10 times longer)...could the problem you mentioned still be a problem with a single threaded app?
  10. Hello, I have built a link checker, that extracts links from files and then checks them to see if they're good or not. I'm coding with C# and using the HttpWebRequest to do the checking. The program uses multi-threading and it normally has about 10 threads going at once. First of all, has anyone else used this class and has it worked well for you? What happens to me is if I just run 1 link it works fine. But when I run about 1,000 links, most of them timeout. I set the timeout for 15000 ms which I thought was really long. I have no idea why it is timing out like this. Could one reason be that lots of the links are from the same host? I am checking many things like http://www.mysite.com/page1 http://www.mysite.com/page2 etc etc.. and all the links from a certain host will come up as timed out. I'm not really sure what to try next If anyone is willing to help I'll post my code or do whatever it takes. Thanks for your help
  11. Hi, I'm running out of space on my Hard Drives, I have 2 in my computer and 1 external hdd. I'm wondering what is the easiest/best solution for adding more hard drives to a computer. I read a bit about raid, but didn't understand it and it sounded hard to implement. What I want is to be able to keep adding more hard drives as my space fills up? Is this possible...I originally thought I could just buy a Hub, that like holds 10 hard drives or something like that and connects it to the computer, but I couldn't find anything like that. What do you guys do when you run out of space and need to add more (besides upgrade to a higher cap hard drive)? I'm looking for the easiest/ or best way, I don't really care about the hard drive failing, or the performance (they seem to read and write fast enough for me anyway) Thanks, kag1
  12. Hello, Anyone who has used ASP.net knows at top there is a bunch of namespaces that you are currently using.. Like: using System; using System.Data; using System.Configuration; using System.Collections; using System.Web; ect.. I have a couple files with database classes and methods in them and would like to include them in my files the same way...but i don't know how.. For example I have the file "DatabaseStuff.cs" but I can't just add a using DatabaseStuff.cs; to the top...How come? Within DatabaseStuff.cs I have a "namespace DatabaseStuff", but I still just can't add "using DatabaseStuff;" to the top of the document like that...how do I get my DatabaseStuff.cs in the right form to include it like that? [EDIT] BTW, Let me know if this should be posted in .NET rather than Web Development...I guess you could say it's both... If so I'll delete this and repost it over ther [/EDIT] Thanks a bunch Kag1
  13. Hi, I'm having some trouble really understanding how this works..I'm given a series and supposed to be able to tell if it converges or not..but i've never really worked with factorials before, and i'm brand new to the ratio test..Here's what I got.. i'm given the series I'm in Calculus 2 right now, so the only way I know how to find anything with a factorial is with the root test..so I set it up (pretend absolute value bars are around that) Now i'm stuck because I don't know how to do anything really...as with canceling factorials raised to powers and such...Any pointers or help anyone? I know that the x^n on the bottom will disappear and the top will be left with just an x..but I have no idea what to do with the factorials Thanks alot.
  14. kag1

    Space in HTML

    It's already like that actually..the problem is..it's sorta actually like a Google Suggest box..it grows and shrinks in size...and since it's in a table..it pushes everything down when it gets big, and then pulls it back up when it gets small...so the only remedy i can think of is maybe setting Everything** below this to absolute positioning..but also since the page is dynamic..that might not work everytime... Any other ideas
  15. kag1

    Space in HTML

    Hello, right now, I have a div with the style="display:none;" ...when I decide to change it to style="display:block;" it screws up the page layout..is there any css or javascript I can use so it like puts the div ontop of everything else without changing anything in the layout? Thanks, Kag1
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