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  1. Hi, I have recently been trying to make inroads into development for arcade systems. I have noted that some people like taito and siebu kaihatsu are using pc based hardware now for their arcade platforms, even sega are looking at using linux based systems for their aurora hardware - a low end replacement for the naomi. This has got me thinking, are there any game engines that do not require an os, free or not? i.e are there game engines that will boot the pc system directly into your game? I know that such a system would be dependant on finite hardware combinations etc etc etc, but im interested to see whats out there.
  2. Gradient Ramps in Reverse

    Hi, I have got an image that i want to turn into a mesh (plane). I want to use the color gradients of the image to create the mesh. i.e. dark colors will make the mesh deeper, lighter colors will make the mesh higher. I am applying this image to a flat plane. What can i use to do this? I currently only have access to 3d studio max.
  3. what file format is *.cc?

    sorry may be a dumb question, but when i open the file it looks like a regular cpp file but im not entirely shure?
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