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  1. Nuclear Test Detonation in North Korea

    Quote:Original post by LessBread A Godsend for Hastert because it takes Foley out of the news? Just like Foley took Woodward's book (and Iraq) out of the news? Could this be the October surprise that Rove promised? I don't see how this test plays into the GWOT theme that the GOP has pegged it's horse to. The Bush record with NK isn't good - although I suppose that since facts don't matter to the propaganda machine they can take advantage of the opportunity to rattle their sabres. I think what we're going to see is a GOP-led diplomatic blitzkrieg to establish bilateral talks with NK as soon as possible. This way these last 30 days before the elections are filled with "positive" diplomatic efforts. Just the thing the GOP needs to soften the blow of Foley, especially now that there are news stories reporting that Foley had sexual intercourse with another page. I don't sway either way when it comes to politics mostly, I just find it disappointing that this international issue had to pop up right about the time we were really needing to take a closer look at our national issues and the leaders, on both sides, who are making these issues.
  2. Nuclear Test Detonation in North Korea

    Quote:Original post by Sir Sapo I can't see U.S. commiting to a ground war against N. Korea right now. I would put my money on an Osirak-esque airstrike to remove the means to make nuclear weapons. Of course, that is if diplomacy fails again... I don't see the US having any sort of military involvement in NK for the foreseeable future. I think the US is too far strained in far too many other regions of the world to even think about committing to another theatre(er?). What we're going to see over the next few months is the potential realignment of "self-defense" measures taken by neighboring countries. It's already been theorized that in January the new PM of Japan could remove Section 9(?) of their constitution which forbids them from having such powerful weapons, basically removing their pacifist-like government establishment and making way for other countries like South Korea and the province of Taiwan to follow suit in producing nuclear weapons.
  3. Nuclear Test Detonation in North Korea

    Quote:Original post by jfclavette Let's just hope China doesn't freak out. I'm sure they're mostly worried about what other countries are going to do. I recall them being concerned about the outcome of a destabilized NK where hundreds of thousands of refugees come pouring into their country seeking humanitarian aid which they can not provide. This is why I'm betting they won't cut any sort of critical aid like food or oil to NK, even with this test. The most they actually have to fear now is other Asian countries jumping on the nuclear bandwagon now that the balance of (nuclear) power has shifted a bit.
  4. Nuclear Test Detonation in North Korea

    I honestly think media coverage will spill over into the November elections, conveniently masking a majority of our current domestic issues and making for lower voter turnout. Kim sure knows when to test a nuke. :)
  5. What should I do my masters research on

    Quote:Original post by deadlydog I forgot to mention that I am a Comp Science student, so my topic will need to be on something with a clear CS background (as apposed to psychology, etc). Thanks for the suggestion though. Any other suggestions? Physics of explosions and their effects on various materials in the game world Bringing emotion to trees, grass, and other flora through the use of XYZ Believable elements (i.e. snow, rain, wind) within the environment of the game I'll continue to think of more and modify as appropriate. :)
  6. What should I do my masters research on

    Quote:Original post by deadlydog I'm having trouble deciding what to do my masters thesis on. I was thinking of something in game AI, then was considering something in skyboxes. I need to pick something very specific, but am having trouble thinking and deciding on ideas. So I'm asking the community, have any ideas of what I should do my masters research on? I would like it to be related to videogames. I would appreciate any ideas/suggestions. Thanks. I've always been fascinated with art techniques used in video games and how they envelope the player. I can play the most AA- and AF-enabled game released but will still feel a closer connection to Secret of Mana and it's pixel-pushing techniques. :) Perhaps doing a study on the emotional ties to games based on the realism of the graphics as opposed to the storyline or character connectivity to the player. Cheers!
  7. I need to shake Ron Penton's hand

    Quote:Original post by ArchWizard You can call him Mith, you know. That's what we all do. Mmm yes... well you see... I associated the name with the name on the book. Although seeing the author name as "Mith" would have been rather nifty. :)
  8. I need to shake Ron Penton's hand

    Quote:Original post by Bossk Yeah, but do you have a t-shirt with "Ron Penton Conceived My Babies" on it? Because I do. Now was this a gift or a late night printing job at the local shop? ;)
  9. How To Make the Lounge Better

    Hey capn, it's been a while. :) As someone who in his heyday basically survived off the lounge, I'd like to fully endorse your ideas. When I was a daily contributor the lounge was all about fun and creativity. One of the only reasons I started the whole "netify" project was to promote the creativity of the lounge and the regulars in it. Jokes were funny not crude, religo-political discussions were kept at close bay, and coldacid was posting really odd pictures of himself that Salsa and crew couldn't keep from Photoshopping. Life was fun, humorous, and the lounge had a different feeling to it. I'm not disappointed with the lounge right now because I've been away from it for ~2 years for the most part. It just definitely doesn't feel the same. **endorses capn_midnight's ideas**
  10. For the last couple of months or so I've been trying to figure out what on earth to do with my free time. I started my first out-of-college job and really like it, but I have a lot of free time in the evenings/weekends. I've learned a bit of Ruby, a little bit of Python, and dinked around in Photoshop making textures on and off, but nothing was really sticking. Tonight, I randomly found myself in Barnes and Noble, more randomly in the Game Development book section (our two B&N's both have 3 whole "shelves" dedicated to game development, awesome selections to boot). I noticed Ron's C# Game Programming book and (again) randomly picked it up to see what it contained, since I remember him from back in my glory days of GDNet as being a really nice guy to me. I was flipping through the pages and one of the pages I got to was the thanks page. I started noticing a lot of GDNet'ers amongst the group, then about halfway through, "Tyler 'Acoustica' Roehmholdt (socialite extraordinare)". I think my jaw broke hitting the floor. I was mentioned in a book, and a game dev book no less! Now, I know this seems really quite trivial, but to me this meant a heck of a lot; that I actually gave someone some sort of inspiration in the process of writing a book on game development. I sort of floated out of the store and came home as fast as I could. I'm now working on the back story to the first game I've conceived in over 3 years, all thanks to a thanks. Now it's my turn to thank Ron, giving me something to do, and something to return to after a much over-extended break. Acoustica's back, and this time he's not here just to socialize, he's here to create. :)
  11. Memories

    Quote:Original post by mtw I remember you because you once mentioned that you went to WWU. Good to hear you got a job. I'm a recent graduate without a job and it sucks. What was your major? I can talk to one of our recruiters and I can get you in contact with some people here. We're always hiring. :)
  12. Memories

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya You weren't that big of a noob as I remember. Even if you were, there's noobs with clue and noobs without. Welcome back. Hey thanks Ravuya. :) I remember you quite well, congratulations on your elevation to Dict. Admin! I'm quite a bit jealous actually, as I've always secretly wanted to be a librarian of sorts.
  13. Memories

    Quote:Original post by ArchWizard Whoa, you're not dead! Nope, just a bit more aged and jaded. ;)
  14. What're You Reading?

    I'm reading a couple of different books right now, all having to do with Ruby (as I'm trying to educate myself enough to make something useful), they are: Learning to Program Programming Ruby Agile Web Development with Rails After those I'm going to get myself the Rails Recipe book and dive into making some sort of web contraption. :)
  15. Memories

    Hi everyone. Many of you won't remember me, some of you will. I joined back in April of 04 and quickly got involved in the Lounge, doing such things as posting nonsensical links, replying to threads I had no knowledge in, and an old thing called something akin to 'GDNetify'. Anyway, it's been a year since I've dropped in here, two years since I've been an active poster, and I suppose I'll share a bit about what I've been up to. Around the time I dropped off the face of the planet two years ago, I was involved with a woman whom I was eventually engaged to. To make a long story short, that fell through and I really changed as a person, disengaged myself from the Internet, and set out to do other things in life. Last year was my senior year in college, I'm now a proud graduate with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction, and have a great job as a web developer at a consulting firm in Bellevue, WA. A bit of a shortened version of my history, but I know big posts lead to boredom, so I'm staying on the short'n'sweet side. :) In addition, I wanted to say that I'm back to some degree, having found myself again and wanting to get interested again in Game Development. I've never *really* been gone from the whole community, as I've been hiding in IRC as aesthethics for about a year, quietly watching, talking, and interacting with some of you. Anyway, thanks for all the memories I've had, are having, and will have here. You guys were always a good bunch to me. Oh, and hello, my name is Acoustica.