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  1. Hi, I've developed a J2ME game, and now I want to test on every existing phone supporting MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0 or higher. How is it possible?! Could you try it on your mobile phone and tell me on which model you try and if you get it work?! You could find it here: http://www.gents.it/FILES/MisterPops/MisterPopsLQ.jar I've just tested it on: Motorola V3 Motorola V3i Nokia 6600 Nokia 6680 Nokia N70 Nokia N90 Nokia N80 Nokia N95 Please help me guys... Thanks a lot!!!
  2. GENTS

    Emulator - OpenGL ES

    I've used Nokia SDK emulator with Hybrid gerbera implementation!!! Bye,
  3. you could simply combine all this parts in a single mesh... Then you use a single .h file with this mesh... You could also put a lot of meshes in the .h file but you've to change variables or array names!!! But I usually combine all parts making a unique mesh and then I create a skeleton for the mesh and assign for every joint which vertices have to be moved... Bye,
  4. Hi Giacomo!!! Using MilkShape 3D you can export you meshes in a 3D format called MilkShape 3D ASCII File format... I've includedi in my website a simple tutorial (Engish or Italian) on MilkShape3D models and their uses with OpenGL ES... In this tutorial I've also included some source code and small applications to make the work easier... I hope that will help you... Bye,
  5. Hi Giacomo!!! I've a working version of MilkShape3D exported meshes for OpenGL ES... You can see my working engine at GENTS GAME DEVELOPMENT WEB SITE... If you need some help I could made a little tutorial for you... Byez,
  6. GENTS

    fps counter

    Try to take a look here: http://forum.hybrid.fi/viewtopic.php?t=124 Byez,
  7. GENTS

    read vertcices from file

    I thinks that it's possible but your app would be more slow in starting phase... So you could load a lot of models in .h files and then inside your app you could chenge model to display... PS: Se ti serve poi ho implementato la skeletal animation partendo da file di MilkShape3D ASCII... [leggi il mio post sul forum] Byez,
  8. GENTS

    Skeletal Animation

    Ok that'all!!! I've posted a demo movie on my website GENTS GAME DEVELOMPENT at the Symbian OS Apps page... I'll write soon the tutorial!!! Bye,
  9. I don't know any lib... But you can use this tool: AVS Video Converter I hope that will help you!!! Bye ^__^
  10. GENTS

    Skeletal Animation

    Ok!!! That was a problem with sin() and cos() functions... Now I've solved the problem and I'm working with some examples and I'll write soon a skeletal animation with OpenGL ES tutorial!!! THANKS FOR HELP!!! Byez,
  11. GENTS

    Skeletal Animation

    I've now loaded all data for doing skeletal animation, but I've found another big problem... While programming with OpenGL ES, I've to use integer shifting operation ( << )... This operation is not needed in PC programming with OpenGL, so the code is not so portable as I hope initially... I'm now trying to understand how to use shifting operation ( << ), using Milkshape3D example source code, in matrix calculation, vectors or normals computation, etc. I link here the source code of MilkShape3D example (look at Matrix/Vector and Model.cpp code) Do you know how can I solve this problem or where I've to put shift during computations?! THANKS!!!
  12. GENTS

    Skeletal Animation

    What I've tried to do is to use these tutorials to implement a good framework to use for Skeletal Animation... I've used "Skeletal Animation with MilkShape3D files" to implement most of the framework, and .X files to get out data... But I've some problems... So I'm now trying to understand how to use MilkShape3D and its ASCII files to use skeletal animation keyframes... Is this a useful approach or there is some other interesting tutorials?! THANKS ^__^
  13. GENTS

    Skeletal Animation

    No... It's Nokia 6600!!! I've a Nokia 6600 and I've downloaded Hybrid implementation DLL of OpenGL ES so I'm trying to develop something for my thesis... Take a look to my website for more explainations Symbian OS @ GENTS GAME DEVELOPMENT I've looked at that tutorials but I need some more stuff cause both tutorials are based on file's reading and I don't want to use this feature on my mobile engine... Thanks for help!!! ^__^
  14. Hi guys!!! I'm trying to develop some skeletal animation stuff for Symbian OS enviroments (working on Nokia 6600 & OpenGL ES - Hybrid Implementation)... I've looked for some tutorials or source code of OpenGL skeletal animation but it seems that there is only two important ones: Skeletal Animation with MilkShape3D files and Using .X files witouht DirectX... I'm trying to get out from them some interesting stuff, but now I want to ask you... How have you solved the problem on mobiles or Symbian OS?! Do you think that pheraps is better to use morphing animation?! Do you know of any other interesting tutorial for OpenGL(ES) animation systems?! THANKS FOR REPLIES & FOR HELP!!! Byez,
  15. GENTS

    Effect file in C#

    Try to take a look also in NVDIA SDK al DXSAS example in C# I hope that'll help you!!! Byez,
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