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  1. ildave1

    Win. ?!?

    Oye! Good luck!
  2. ildave1

    Game Development Goals for 2009

    Good luck with everything! Here is to hoping 2009 is a great year for both of us!!! :)
  3. ildave1

    Back again

    $12,000. Ouch! I would just focus on an independent project. And when I say focus, I mean FOCUS! Make it worthwhile.
  4. ildave1


    You are a hard shell to crack, dude! You obliterated Fable 2, and now your fiddling with burning Fallout 3 at the stakes, which, IMO is a really cool game. Hell, if Yahtzee can say, "Yeah, it's pretty good," you know you've got to be in daisy land smoking the ... >;) "IMHO it's Oblivion with guns and a different storyline/setting" IIR, Oblivion was an awesome game. What's wrong with taking awesome aspects (huge dynamic world) from a game, wrapping something completely different around it, and releasing it?
  5. ildave1

    MIGS - Day 1 Morning

    Great write up! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.
  6. ildave1

    Fable 2 Review

    Oh man, your entire review is basically -> zero punctuation. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/346-Fable-2 Check it out if you haven't. Funny stuff. :)
  7. ildave1

    GPU Terrain generation, cell noise, rivers, crater

    In your code, how are you using that 'in' keyword? vec4 gpuGetCell3D(const in int x, ...)
  8. ildave1

    Dark Age v0.4.445 Released.

    Great! Works. Awesome job! Keep it up.
  9. ildave1

    Dark Age v0.4.445 Released.

    Hey, have you check if this works on Vista or do you recognize this error: I'm running Vista 64 and I keep running into an error during setup, "DirectX Setup: Invalid command line switch." I'll try to install it on my XP machine in the morning.
  10. ildave1

    Oct 1. 2008 - Quick Status Update

    This is a surprisingly interesting, and possibly disturbing, cam feed... Well, if anything, I got a diverse music station to listen too. *thumbs up* You almost need one more cam so viewers can tell when you're programming, surfing the web, or sniffing around porn sites.
  11. This semester I have a game project to complete, and I'm trying to come up with an idea for a tool that I can develop within these 15 weeks or so. Who knows, the tool could actually end up helping you some day. So if you need something, be sure to highlight it here or by tossing me an e-mail. I'm having a hard time coming up with a good list of what sort of tools are needed for game development, and that would help me when I apply to these game development companies. I figured I'd drop in to get some ideas. The completely obvious tool is a 2D or 3D map editor. But beyond that? Or even integrated in that (what does a good map editor need?). I notice for a lot of tool development positions require knowledge with MEL. What sort of tools are developed for aiding in the development with MEL? Anyway, any help would be great.
  12. ildave1

    The Bridge [ WIP ].

    User rating 0? You can still post if it's at 0? Figured your browser would implode........ Hey, great work man. Keep. It. Up. Rah, rah, siscoom bah. Giggidy giddy.
  13. ildave1

    Thoughts on copy protection

    http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/?p=1726 They removed the activation requirement. Still has the 3 install limit.
  14. ildave1

    Thoughts on copy protection

    Yeah, this really, REALLY blows. I love simulation games, but all of this copy protection madness is really turning me off. Unfortunately, I will not buy a game whom limits its installs. Bioshock had the same crap and that one /was/ definitely going into my collection. I ended up going to a friends house and playing it. :| I don't imagine this tactic will last long, but until it diminishes and they become a bit more clever, it sucks to be a PC gamer these days. Hey, at least the indie scene is still thriving! Everyday Shooter FTW! Fall of the corporate, rise of the indie - through nothing but a common sense approach.
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