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  1. Sending a huge congrats your way! Happy Birthday! This site was a huge motivational tool when I was getting started. The journals were invaluable and I met some fantastic developers that helped me see how things were done.
  2. Well, in the end it has to be something you [b]really[/b] want to do. I don't mean that, "yeah, I want to quit," type of [b]really[/b]. I mean the I [b]WANT[/b] to [b]REALLY[/b] quit this retarded habit that is costing me my health and is a burden on my finances and family. Until you accept that you stand no chance. No horror story is going to make you want to stop, unless of course you realize your second hand smoke is causing your child health problems. That might make it worth the effort. When you're ready, just stop. And I mean stop. Don't visit a friends house that smoke, make them come over. If they want to smoke send them out to their car. Don't visit a bar, club or restaurant that allows smoking. Get yourself away from it all. When the urge hits, continue doing sit-ups or pushups. Go drink a cup of coffee or tea instead. Do something. You've been "Active" for several years. You need to replace that activity with something positive. And, finally, keep a level head. You really wanted to do it this time, right?
  3. [quote name='Gaiiden' timestamp='1295846422' post='4763749'] I hate to be a grumpy forum admin here Dan but... really should have just kept this on your blog rather than start a lounge thread as well. [/quote] More eyes never hurts! ;o) Not to mention, journal land is hard on the eyes these days.
  4. That's epic man! Congrats and good luck with everything!
  5. Having an amazing GPA and going to a big school helps, but is definitely not required. People are more concerned with what you have done. If you haven't done anything then they are required to look at your performance in school since it's all you've got. If you have a couple of indie projects under your belt, no matter how small, that'll help. So put together a portfolio and attach a link to your resume. You are also in Texas which has a lot of tech. You should be fine from that standpoint as long as your willing to move anywhere in the state. When people isolate themselves to some out-of-nowhere town and refuse to move, they will run into issues. You need to be able to move. Stay motivated. Things will work out as long as you keep pushing forward.
  6. You should see how much we spend in the visual effects industry for a project that lasted a quarter of the development time Starcraft II did... 100M doesn't sound bad, but I'm willing to bet it's much more than what is led on to be. I know my industry absolutely hates releasing those kinds of numbers. Just to clear, they don't have to explicitly state in their SEC filing how much they spent on individual projects. Also: "The report stated the $100 million was purely development price" Marketing is extremely, extremely, expensive. You can easily spend 50-100% of your development costs on marketing.
  7. Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ I'll wait for GDNet v5, thanks. I never liked the Crap Overflow community all that much. Fair enough, move along. You do realize that a SO community would differ from a SO Game Development community? Anyway. A dedicated game development Q/A website would be great. Especially for beginners, and people who just need help getting a shader looking perfect.
  8. Just registered for the Summit/Tutorial pass myself. iPhone/Indie summits. Very excited. Especially since I live in the area now and I don't have to deal with the horrid parking situation (hey, wifey, could you drop me off in the city? kthx)
  9. Oye! Good luck!
  10. I would just use Google on an as needed basis. I'm sure you're already aware of the concepts that are inherit to C++. If you've forgotten everything, then I would look at some places online for a quick refresher - www.cplusplus.com is a good one.
  11. Good luck with everything! Here is to hoping 2009 is a great year for both of us!!! :)
  12. $12,000. Ouch! I would just focus on an independent project. And when I say focus, I mean FOCUS! Make it worthwhile.
  13. Wtf

    You are a hard shell to crack, dude! You obliterated Fable 2, and now your fiddling with burning Fallout 3 at the stakes, which, IMO is a really cool game. Hell, if Yahtzee can say, "Yeah, it's pretty good," you know you've got to be in daisy land smoking the ... >;) "IMHO it's Oblivion with guns and a different storyline/setting" IIR, Oblivion was an awesome game. What's wrong with taking awesome aspects (huge dynamic world) from a game, wrapping something completely different around it, and releasing it?
  14. Great write up! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.