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    Games surprisingly Good.

    I have a couple to add or agree with... First, Dragon Force on the Sega Saturn. I played it when I was younger and never really got into it, then just all the sudden fell in love with it after seeing it again for the first time in a couple of years. It's a brilliant strategy game, one that I still play through at least once every year. Secondly, like someone else said, Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter. It was seriously bashed by most but I really got into the cel-shading-esque style and gameplay. Very cool. And last, Final Fantasy XII. I played the demo and thoroughly hated it, then went and bought the game out of blind devotion and love it. It's just classic Final Fantasy fanboyism for me.
  2. c-gibson-s

    Surprise - Trouble Cancelling my AOL Account

    I found something that worked quite well. My grandma had an AOL account and I tried to cancel it, but they gave me the runaround and tried to just lower her payments and then make it a 'free only' account. They really try to screw you around...anyway, I just hung up, waited ten minutes, called back, and told them I was recording the phone call for 'quality purposes'. The guy sounded skeptical but he didn't give me any trouble. He just removed the account, no questions asked. :)
  3. c-gibson-s

    What the Google?

    Quote:Original post by Salsa Hrm. I alt+shift clicked it, then my screen started flashing oddly, and I was brought to some weird login screen for Mozart's Ghost. I hope I'm not in trouble. ...the same thing happens to me. Am I being hax0red?
  4. c-gibson-s

    Church and College

    Quote:Original post by wahoodra Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by asm_fsm The appeal to atheism is the appeal to reality. The formentioned religions are comletely irrational, inconsistant, and have been back and forth in many forms for thousands of years. Given [relatively] recent advances in science which continue to reveal more of the nature of the universe to us, which makes it logical to contend that we know less of the universe than we think, why throw out the possibility of a superior animating entity? Simply because you can't perceive it now? No, because you can trace the concept of the "superior entity" to its origin. Deities "appeared" on Earth, because people made habit of making them up. ... I don't know that it's an issue of people making them up (an idea on which most agree, even if they wouldn't call it 'making them up'), but an issue of why every single ancient culture made them up. Could it be explained through coincidence that every culture had the need for a supernatural deity?
  5. c-gibson-s

    Final fantasy games

    As much as I agree with Salsa, I would still recommend FFXII. If you want a light-hearted game that's just fun, check it out. The plot does give little reason as to why you should care, but I played it through just to see what would happen. Pretty much everything else about FFXII is awesome. The battle system, graphics, voice acting, etc. Like JB said, Balthier is quite possibly the best Final Fantasy character so far... The only other let down was the music. It's pretty much garbage when compared to previous installments - especially FFIX and FFVII. Sad sad. I would also recommend trying out Dragon Quest 8 or FFIII for the DS. Both are excellent games.
  6. c-gibson-s

    Church and College

    In reading this thread, I think it's time to give an opinion. I'm a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, you can be saved by grace, and follow the Bible and it's principles and teachings. I made a rational choice based on the evidence I had (and continually have), and chose to believe in a deiety that is higher than myself (Jesus). Coming from that view (as opposed to most in this thread), I can respect what the campus preacher is doing. On the same breath, if an athiest was preaching a non-god, then I would listen to him just the same. The point is that immediately labeling the campus preacher as a 'lunatic' (or otherwise religiously fanatical) seems an early judgement. Maybe he has something to say worth listening to? Perhaps not. But, he (meaning any campus preacher, not just the one in regards to this thread) may be just as down to earth and cool as any other person - he just knows what he believes and thinks he should tell others about it. I respect conviction like that - and some are crazy, yes - but I still respect it. I know a lot of atheists (and agnostics) that are great people, and I respect their (and yours if you believe differently than me) opinions and convictions. It just makes me frustrated when people are labeled like that (and we're all guilty of it). Hear the man out. If you don't believe, the no harm done. If you don't like him doing it...well then speak up. I'm not agreeing with their condemnation at all either, that's wrong however you look at it. The Bible calls us to love, not condemn. :) Alas, I digress. It's my opinion (nay, conviction), nothing more, and I'm open to being wrong. I'm also not saying that's what people in this thread did - it's just what I have seen to happen most when such events occur as street preaching.
  7. c-gibson-s

    Macbook Pro Competition

    Hey always, I'm extremely impressed by your work. Nice job...I hope you win too. :)
  8. c-gibson-s

    Not really.

    My father and I have always had an express interest in cacti, for about as long as I can remember. My dad owns well over 350 different species of cacti and succulents. As much as I want them, I don't have any pictures of the swathes of cacti we have lying around the pad at the moment. I do, however, have a picture of my personal favorite cactus, affectionately called Bob. Behold...Bob. Bob has been with us for many moons. I have a new cacti that is currently adorning my room, and have yet to name him. I am going to take this opportunity to let you, the cgs development journal (I wish) reader, decide. I'll pick the best one, or something like that. Nothing vulgar please. Due to a slight bug in the matrix known as 'stupidity', my camera did not flash appropriately when my trigger finger fell. Therefore, it will be sacked. But I digress. Behold...______! That picture is like a ghetto-macro. I just switched my Canon PowerShot A520 to manual focus and did it myself. This camera has world-ending power I tell you. Takers? I give out free cookies.* For those curious few, I'm still chugging away at the MIDI controlled monster Christmas tree. I promise to get some form of pictures up here. It's actually really interesting. In other news, I've decided to attempt the impossible. I'm going to construct an OMGWTFBBQU-powered shoverboard. If you don't know what shoverboard is, then you need to start watching Rocketboom. Now. * - Terms and conditions apply. At this juncture in our quantum time space, there is no actual cookie.
  9. c-gibson-s

    Human Stupidity

    Well right after I poked a sleeping bear in the eye, I started reading the GD Lounge. God help me.
  10. c-gibson-s

    Graphics cards and bottlenecks

    Quote:Original post by CaveDweller I've been playing around with 3D programming off and on (mostly off) for 12 years or so; I've never come close to mastering it and there are still large gaps in my knowledge. I'm coming back to it again after a few years off - I don't remember exactly, but I was doing some shader programming (in asm) before I quit last time. Today I'm just interested in filling in the gaps in my knowledge of graphics cards and their capabilities. I've read the articles at Tom's Hardward and a couple of other overviews. I'm trying to get a handle on what this means from a programmer's perspective. Specifically, I've seen comments on the boards to the effect that the number of triangles doesn't really matter that much anymore on top end cards, which really raised my eyebrows. I hope that's at least a little exaggerated, but I take it that the primary bottleneck has moved to pixel processing, and textures to some extent. I'd just like to get an idea on where things stand in terms of bottlenecks and processing - how many tri's would I have to pass in before I could cause significant degradation, for example. In general, what are the things I would most need to keep in mind in terms of efficient processing in regard to the current generation of cards. Pointers to articles or other information would be most welcome. Any general comments you could add would be greatly appreciated as well. Specific numbers of how many verts you would have to pass to a card before you would get noticeable speed decrease is (obviously) based on the card. From my understanding, as things stand right now, most modern TnL cards handle large chunks of triangle data better than smaller chunks. If you can, try and send the card as much information as possible in one fell swoop...and like razor said, usually most recent cards can crunch numbers faster than you can throw numbers at the card. As always (or at least for the near future), your biggest bottleneck will be loading model and other vert data off of the HD. Get it into some form of solid-state memory at once, not in game. Again, like razor said, check out batching. Chances are you won't be using enough polys for the card to slow's pixel processing, textures, post processing, etc...that will slow you down.
  11. c-gibson-s


    Greetings my fellow developers. I've been super duper ubar busy with work recently, which includes a 'slew' of things programming and non-programming related. Quite unfortunately, none of them are game related though. Sadness. But before delving into that realm, I must comment on current games I am playing. The first that comes to mind is Final Fantasy XII. This game, without putting it too direct, is absolutely one of the best RPGs (if not any game) I've played in a long while. The details in the game are amazing. It's just extremely polished, and has gameplay to boot. One of the cooler features is the gambit system, where you can basically 'program' your party to attack, cure, defend, etc, and you don't have to do anything but intervene when someone screws up, which is rare. I'm extraordinarily impressed with this game. I'm also slowly crunching away at Shadow of the Colossus (finally...I know it's 'old'), and that's also a very interesting game. It's all bosses...there is nothing but 16 monoliths you have to fight. It's certainly out of the ordinary, and I love it. The scale of the game is monstrous (no pun intended). Right, back to business. I am currently working on programming a 40' MIDI controlled tree with about 81,000 lights on it. It's called the 'Living Christmas Tree', and the general idea is that you put 75 people on a 40' tall steel structure, decorate it with greenery and lights, and do cool designs with it through MIDI (not in that order of course). It's extremely hard to explain with words, but it's quite a project. The tree operates with 9 'tiers' (where people stand), with 9 blocks per tier, with six colors per block. My MacBook Pro interfaces with the system using MoTU's Digital Performer 5 and it's MIDI capability. While I can't really explain much of how it works, the tree is powered/controlled by a MidiLite system (here), which has about 82 dimmers that power six colors a piece. The computer sends MIDI commands to the MidiLite racks, which separate it into the proper tier and block, then powers it up at the appropriate brightness (as defined by the MIDI values). It's a little complicated, but extremely fun to play with. I'll try and get a video of the system in action and throw it up here somehow. It's still about two weeks off of getting finished, but I have a mouthful of pictures that I'll get up before too long. When that is finished, I am moving on to programming ('programming' being in the more traditional sense...code, not MIDI) a back end for my church's (I work at a church) website. The back end I am working on is for the new 'version' of the site (not the one behind that link above), which I also had the joy to design. It's much less sucky than the current one. Then I move on to a front/back end for databasing sermons and their correlating information (manuscripts, audio files, video files, transcripts, etc). It's all in PHP5 (thank the Lord), and will eventually be housed in a brand-spankin-new quad CPU Opteron box. I'm giddy with the speed. That's about it. I apologize for not having much game programming stuff down. It looks like I'm going to be doing a couple of flash games coming up here in a couple of months (read: 6 or 7) for our kid's website. Should be interesting. One other game of note, I ran into this game a couple of weeks ago, and am admittedly addicted. It's extremely kiddy, but the mechanics of the game are simple and do what games should do: be fun. Check it out if you get a chance. Until next time my friends - cgs
  12. c-gibson-s

    Smoking and Smokers!

    My brohan smokes and I end up smelling like the smoking section every time I'm around him. I just can't do the smell, not to mention the numerous lung problems it causes.
  13. c-gibson-s

    DS vs PSP, people's thoughts

    I might as well throw my .02 in. I have both systems, and honestly they both have their advantages and disadvantages (as do -all- systmes). The DS is probably my favorite of the two. It's small, has two screens, a touch screen, and is compatible with my ridiculous amount of GBA games, and finally has an (arguably) longer battery life. I have some older games like Advance Wars DS, Mario Kart DS, Polarium, and Super Mario DS, and I never get tired of it. The touch screen is genius - it's used very well in a lot of games. The PSP's biggest draw is it's massively beautiful screen. I can't say enough about how much it rocks...especially with beautiful games like Lumines. I have MGAcid, Lumines, Ridge Racer, and a couple others...I have a little more of a hard time to stick with my PSP for it's fun value (sans Lumines, I love it). I need to get some other games, but for now the 'selection' just doesn't look that good to me. My PSP is a lot of fun to have around, but my DS wins at the moment. It's probably my game selection, but oh well.
  14. c-gibson-s


    Quote:Original post by Kevinator How could anyone hate cooked mushrooms? You loons. +1
  15. c-gibson-s

    Q: What do Cylons have to do with the Empire?

    I had a little chuckle from that actually. Chuckle. Chuckle chuckle.
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