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  1. etothex

    12ms response time for lcd monitor???

    Samsung monitors are awesome, I agree. I have the samsung 710T and I never notice any blurring or banding, though I'm not really a hardcore gamer.
  2. etothex

    Mac desktop zoom

    Wow! It does, it even works with the trackpad two-finger scrolling on the macbook/mb pro.
  3. etothex

    Mac desktop zoom

    Apple-alt-plus/minus zooms in and out. It's actually quite useful sometimes, but unless you're visually disabled somehow and need everything bigger all the time, usually most people keep it turned off. Apple-alt-8 turns it on and off, to prevent it from accidentally coming on. Edit: oh, I see. solved. Then this post is just for people searching.
  4. etothex

    my university screwing up

    Quote:Original post by Talroth So, my question is, why do people think huge universities where you are one of more than a hundred in a class is so great? I guess skipping lectures is kind of hard when it can get down to you and three friends in a class,... one of which is the prof. Large university doesn't necessarily imply large classes...I go to a fairly large university (30,000+ students, grad+undergrad) and at least 75% of my classes have around 40 people or less...
  5. etothex

    Halo on a Macbook

    I ran halo (windows version) under boot camp, with my 2.0 ghz macbook (original core duo) and 1GB ram. Worked fine - you might need to turn down a detail or two from the default, YMMV. No clue about the mac os x version, but by and large Rosetta (ppc emulation) is fine for games - it's the graphics chip that's the limiting factor.
  6. Quote:Original post by jdindia Ahem. I should qualify that. The general case of multi-variable substitution is not taught since it involves the determinant of the derivative matrix (neither of which are defined in calculus) or differential forms (which are also not taught). Generally spherical and polar coordinates are introduced with some equation that looks like a differential form but is never justified. Students of physics tend to see these differential form equations frequently and just assume (as I did) that they weren't paying attention that day in calculus. That's my experience at least. Depends entirely on where you take it. In my calc 3 class, we covered ad nauseam spherical and cylindrical coordinates and in the interest of thoroughness we covered the change-of-variables theorem and the Jacobian matrix (even though it wasn't in the textbook). There was even a question on my final exam: what conditions must be satisfied in order to allow a change-of-variables in an integral. Another question on the midterm asked to construct the jacobian matrix for some arbitrary f:R^3->R^3 function (basically an advanced exercise in taking partial derivatives) Differential forms, I admit, tend to be ignored for the most part.
  7. etothex

    Netgear SC101 Storage Central

    I suppose you could set the program to have affinity to one "processor" - you can do this in task manager for windows. Wouldn't really guarantee much, I think. You could look in your BIOS also and see if there's an option. Not entirely sure why you would do such a thing, though.
  8. etothex

    Solid state hard drive.

    I would bite. My macbook only has a 60GB sata drive built in and I have an external 400GB firewire for my big stuff, so when 64GB flash disks come out, it becomes realistic to use flash as the main HD. If I could get an extra hour or two out of battery life because of using a flash drive, it might be worth a bit extra money.
  9. etothex

    Producing large primes

    You're exponentiating the same number 7 times. Perhaps you mean to raise p to the key - 1 power? Perhaps reducing it to only one or two exponentiations will speed it up a lot. Quote:Original post by Eric Lengyel The test that you're using will fail sometimes, incorrectly returning numbers that are actually composite, because you're not testing enough bases for the sizes of numbers you're working with. There are also these things called Carmichael numbers that are composite but will pass the pseudoprime test for all relatively prime bases. Well, for a 2048-bit number, the probability that any random collection of bits equals a pseudoprime is actually very small, and the fermat test works surprisingly well in practice. But you're right, a "production" prime generator would use miller-rabin or something like that.
  10. etothex

    Interesting CS/Math problem

    For the second, I think you mean minimum connected region...otherwise it's somewhat trivial :) though in that case, the box at location (5, 7) fifth column, seventh row, could be colored white without violating the connected property. Off the top of my head I can't think of a really efficient algorithm for those, but these kind of problems just scream dynamic programming. Let me look around a bit... edit: I suppose you could try reading this:
  11. etothex

    Help me choose a degree!

    Go find the course catalogue for where you're going and make a list of all the courses you really want to take (the ones you're interested in) Then figure out which degree programs let you take the most courses on your list - whichever degree you pick, you gotta take the courses in the end and you better make sure you're taking the ones you want.
  12. etothex

    Autonomous RC Car Hack (Day ...)

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya Quote:Original post by SticksandStones Quote:Original post by Ravuya How are you planning to get around the resolution limit of civilian GPS? Can you explain this to me?In the United States, civilian GPS units are accurate to 10-15 meters. The military GPS units are accurate to sub-meter resolution in many cases. I don't know if this restriction has been lifted; I'm waiting for the Galileo project to gain traction before purchasing a civilian GPS device. With free public WAAS corrections, you can get down to 3 meter accuracy >95% of the time most places in north america. Most newer quality GPS recievers have a waas channel. If you need more accuracy, or worldwide coverage, a commercial service like omnistar or navcom can give you accuracy down to 10-15 cm in real time, for only several thousand dollars for a receiver plus an annual subscription. It is possible to get accuracy down to millimeters, but usually that's using survey-grade equipment costing mucho dinero, and doesn't give you real time results - usually you need to record the signals and do postprocessing, as well as having multiple receivers set up in a differential GPS setup like someone described above.
  13. You just need to find a volcano that's continuously erupting, then it doesn't matter where the photo was taken. See Kiluaia(sp?) at,-155.041809&spn=0.156787,0.32135&t=h&om=1
  14. etothex

    Painless Development on the Mac?

    Just like in any *nix you can always fire up a terminal and run Emacs and GCC from the command line and program straight C++ - you can use Apple's Carbon libraries, or a cross-platform kit like SDL, wxWindows, etc. Alternatively, there are lots of good C++ IDE - eclipse, code::blocks, and so on. Xcode isn't too bad, but I totally get what you're saying. It is not intuitive _at all_ as to how to do even simple things or where things are located.
  15. Modern VM's (say, Java 1.5) use generational garbage collectors and so very-short-lived objects don't incur the same performance penalty as they used to, and are actually quite fast to allocate and garbage collect. However, you may still see a moderate performance increase from avoiding repeated allocations, depending on your situation. Only a profiler can tell you that, though.
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