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  1. Draffurd

    Doors and giant ants.

    Circle Strafe to win! I doubt that bot could rotate fast enough to take me out. Looks great man.
  2. Draffurd

    Two tales of woe, with a happy ending.

    I'm so glad you fixed the "pulse freeze bug". It runs so smoothly now. I couldn't believe how well it ran after playing it with the bug for months. I'd like to say great job but it's not a job. It's a hobby. If it was a job we'd be getting paid. So ... Great Hobby! On a comedic note: The second screenshot made me laugh. There's a complete cycle narrated in the chat log. Danger killed Doc, Doc killed Crono, Crono killed Mike and Mike killed Danger! It's almost as if we planned it.
  3. Draffurd

    Ich reiche eine Prfung..

    Awesome! It was fun trying to solve the mysteries we encountered.
  4. Draffurd

    Movin', movin', mooooovin'...

    I signed up! Woo!
  5. Draffurd

    A little late!

    We've been testing and all I can say is wow. The game has changed sooo much for the better. :D
  6. Draffurd

    Best. Weekend. Ever.

    I'm glad this is almost done. I've delayed soooo many hours of homework to test the latest builds. Great Job again Hope. Glad I could be involved in another one of your projects. And ... (forshadowing) can't wait till the next one :D Dun dun dun.
  7. Draffurd

    The midnight update!

    I'd pilot your own micro ship. I've only played it over like 100+ times now. I think I'm quite qualified.
  8. Draffurd

    Happy New Years!

    Horray! Happy New Year! Our Far Cry experiance was insane. :P Hope to spend many more hours chugging away at our games with yah! Thanks for a great year.
  9. Draffurd


    We do like and have a history of space marines.
  10. Draffurd


    Hey the other reviewers there averaged it as a 9. I'm sure that site plus the others plus the 943 is past 1500 by now. Keep up the great work. :D
  11. Draffurd

    Ungh. Thor so tired. Thor smash!

    Looks Great! Can't wait to play them.!
  12. Draffurd

    I am Untitled. Who are you?

    Hah His partner is majoring in music too! :P At north texas though damn. :P Yeah some neat ideas going on there. I can't wait to see what comes out of that club. Glad the forum is back up too!
  13. Draffurd

    Of gyms and sectors..

    Sweet. Hmm. I might even move up to 128s * 128s but it might look weird with low rez sprites.
  14. Draffurd

    Quiet time. :(

    Make your own LAN game. Snakes on a LAN! "I'm tired of all these beeping snakes on this beeping plane!"
  15. Draffurd

    What is "progress"?

    Hey! Interwar rocked I remember drawing that stuff for you. Lost all the spirtes on my old comp but they sucked anyway. :P Hope your doing good. Skimish is looking great. I'm just starting the senior week of camp and I'll be at u of t and in another week! So I'll be able to work on some gui stuff for you.
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