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  1. thedevdan

    Photoshop selecion abnormalities

    Thanks a lot, that was the problem!
  2. I have just started on my first day of Photoshop's 30 day trial. So far it has been fantastic, but I ran into a show-stopping selection problem. Photoshop is treating pixels as if they are selected when they clearly aren't. I have zoomed in 800%, and sure enough, the pixels are not selected. However, when I copy the selection, those pixels come with the copy (I have one layer). The stray pixels are scattered around the real selection, but, again, are not selected. To prove that they PS thinks they are selected, I used the 'subtract selection' option in the general area of some of the pixels (where nothing is selected). When I copy, the pixels in that area now not copied. Does you know why? If no one has encountered this problem, I can upload screenshots of what I mean to prove that I'm not crazy, but that will have to be tommorow because I'm on 56k right now.
  3. thedevdan

    C# 2.0: two Qs

    So, events are a public wrapper for delegates?
  4. 1. What added functionality do events provide over delegates? Delegates can already be chained without events. 2. The new delegate notation: Delagate name = method-name... is this the new standard? Thanks for your time.
  5. thedevdan

    Peace is just so uncool

    I think you're right: It isn't as fun to negotiate halfway with a bad guy as it to shoot him in the face.
  6. thedevdan

    New website with 3 free games

    Care to tell us what it is?
  7. I also thought of Smash Brothers, by the way. I think Nintendo made it because so many people wanted to see who would win of their characters.
  8. That's funny: Shigeru Miyamoto was a programmer who got in the industry because of his dad. He doesn't prgram any more of course, but I know he at least programmed Donkey Kong. Google it.
  9. Quote:Original post by jerm007 Hey! Singletons must have a function to destroy them, something like Destroy() might work. After the GetInstance() function, add this one: static void Destroy() { } and add your destructor code there instead. (delete m_pInstance, etc.) Then you will call CLog::Destroy() at the end of your program. Thedevan- Yes, the memory will be cleaned up by Windows, but that's not a good thing to do. It should be deleted before program termination. - Jeremiah But when will you be calling Destroy()? Probably at program termination.
  10. Quote:Original post by Washu Do tell, when is that destructor EVER going to get called? (hint: never) His destructor will be called at program termination. Actually, he doesn't even need a destructor; that is done automatically.
  11. thedevdan

    rate my game

    Very fun. Good job!
  12. It looks leak-safe to me. EDIT: is the pointer set to 0 initially? How? By the way, you can safely delete a 0 pointer.
  13. thedevdan

    Overloading boolean operators

    It needs to be a friend function.
  14. thedevdan

    First completed game demo

    Quote:Original post by graveyard filla very good? you must have a better connection to this site then me.. still only at 19%, going 1.0k/s =) Mine DLed in like 20 seconds. Maybe I ate all of his bandwidth allowance?
  15. thedevdan

    First completed game demo

    Very good! As to your question: I don't know, so I won't answer. It depends on how well it was written, probably.
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