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  1. Pointer to class parent.

    Thanks for all!!!
  2. Pointer to class parent.

    Can you tell me with a example? Thanks.
  3. Pointer to class parent.

    Sorry about this question, but im trying to put a pointer to parent on a AS class definition and i cant do it, i get ' Property (1, 8) : Error : Expected identifier ' error, someone can explain how to do that?. /// C++ ////// class cClass{ cClass* m_pParent; }; ... as->RegisterObjectType("cClass", sizeof(cClass), asOBJ_CLASS_CD); as->RegisterObjectProperty("cClass", "cClass& Parent", offsetof(cClass, m_pParent) ); Thanks, Gunder.
  4. ArenaWars Terrain Texturing

    I'm interested, so musch interested.
  5. Pointers in AngelScript: Really necessary?

    Maybe can use arrays like pointers. Objects[] MyObjects = GetObjectsArray(); I thinks is enought. Gunder
  6. bstr.cpp

  7. bstr.cpp

    I found a bug on bstr.cpp engine->RegisterObjectType("bstr", 4, asCALL_RETURNBYVAL); Register object has a invalid flag asCALL_RETURNBYVAL, only 0, asOBJ_IS_COMPLEX, asOBJ_IS_NOT_COMPLEX are valid im using for the moment asOBJ_IS_COMPLEX. Please check its correct. Thanks Gunder.