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  1. Yeah and these developers are probably putting in more than 40+ hours per week anyway and are way more experienced than you and I. Working alone is not fun anyway for a complex project like a real game. If you work alone for small games that's certainly doable but fun is not based on graphical quality, but by studying fun itself. I had more fun playing old games than I do on today's bf3's. You can always study and get a job in the industry if you really care about graphics and whatnot.
  2. The Forgotten Mindset

    RETURN OF THE MINDSET!11!! talking love

    Thanks, but yeah, I dont' wanna create a false sense of attraction. I just wanna bring it on, if it's there. I'm trying to figure out, if it's a good idea to hang out at her house for a while, and then go somewhere or whatever. I'm not sure. I think I'm going to ask her to do that this weekend, then I'll say something came up, then I'll do it next week. I'm trying to lose her "i'm needy and insecure" view of me. She's always the one to end the conversation. Next time, I'll try to beat her to it. Thanks, I just needed some moral support.
  3. The Forgotten Mindset

    RETURN OF THE MINDSET!11!! talking love

    What's up guys, it's been a while since I've been active in gamedev. I've left this hobby (at least for now, and mabey quite longer) in persuit of girls. I understand we have some casanova's on gamedev, but I can't do both. And I'm happy about my choice. Anyways, that's just a little background for those who didn't know. And to those who don't remember me, well lets just say this was a big part of my life some time ago. Anyways, I'm reviving the whole 'let's talk girls' threads that everyone seems to love/hate. The only reason why I'm going to a 'video game website for girl advice' is because this is a very active community, and you guys are fun too. Plus, I like to see what you guys are up to. So here's my deal: I met this really hot girl at a party a couple of weeks ago, I got her phone number, made a date with her a week later, and well, I kinda sucked. She told my friend that night after the date 'It didn't click'. She also told him I was 'uptight'. But the thing is, I didn't think I was nearvous or anything, but I guess I was subconsiously. We went to see a movie. She couldn't do anything at 7:00 and there were no movies playing at 8:00, so we had to go see a 9:30 showing. But I was late and we had to see a 9:50 showing. :/ And I don't know that part of town as well as I should, so she had to give me directions to the theater. [headshake] Now I don't think I'm uptight normally, and I think we need to give it another shot. So a couple of nights later, I asked her online if she wanted to go ice skating. She kept on trying to change the subject, and so I was turned down. But we talk often (on aim) as friends, and we get along well. She doesn't think I'm still trying to persue her though. The goal of that second date was to actually interact with her, which didn't happen much during the movie. Movie dates suck as first dates, remember that. So I think I'm going to ask her to hang out at her place sometime. And if she starts to turn me down, I'll say "as friends. We're friends right?" Then she'll agree I'm sure. Now what I'm asking you guys is: How do I attract this girl? She told me I was kinda boring during the date too, so I gotta work on that :/ I know how to not be boring, but I find it risky to act that way sometimes, but I gotta do what I gotta do I guess. How, oh, how can I get this girl interested in me? Body language, what? There's gotta be something I'm missing. I understand that if this goes well, and she does decide she likes me, then we'll take it from there. Otherwise I'm cool with being friends, cause I don't even know if I like her. That's why I wanna hang out with her. I know a bunch of you guys think I'm an idiot for posting about this subject in a nerd website, but I assure you, you are not my only source, I'm just trying to get as many opinions as possible.
  4. The Forgotten Mindset

    Error Handling!

    OMG!!! h_o_p_s!!!!11!! You were gone for a long time, then you came back for a post or two, then you were gone again.... then I left.... Yeah, I left game development.. hehe, and I have no complaints. My social life is about 100000000000000x better now :) (no offense to anyone, this is just me). (yeah, I just decided to check gamedev out again for kicks)
  5. The Forgotten Mindset


    Good stuff, good stuff :) Btw, why were you suspended?
  6. The Forgotten Mindset

    Let There Be Sound

    Whoa man, you almost slipped by me :) As is the tradition with new "journal land"-ers, I will give you my complimentary rating++. Good luck with your projects, you seem to be on the right track :)
  7. The Forgotten Mindset

    Traffic jams and killing fields

    Uh, oh. Nice job on getting suspended. Guess dave does't like that frame rate :)
  8. The Forgotten Mindset

    Questions, comments, concerns?

    My welcomes too :). Have a rating cookie. Have fun here, and yes, these guys know what their talking about. We need pictures to tame our game-induced ADD minds.
  9. The Forgotten Mindset

    The new hotness

    Dang, you made the corv-arri before I did :P I once started a model that looked like a corvette and ferrari, but I see you have beaten me to it :) (with the rear engine and scoops)
  10. The Forgotten Mindset


    No, Rob, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't leave us Rob, we need you... I need you... Look, I don't use GameDev much anymore either, but I've got it so that it automagically deducts money every time it needs to be renewed, so I don't have to even worry about it, yet I still have all of the evil gdnet+ powers immaginable. And it's hardly hitting my wallet at all :) Don't give in to fear, fear leads to.. oh screw it, dood, just keep your GDNet+ and let us hear from you from time to time through your journal. Don't pull a h_o_p_s on me, I don't think I can take that again *cries*
  11. The Forgotten Mindset

    meh... moodswings... meh

    Haha, sure I'll do that, but I can imagine what the members of my group would do if they found out that I committed this heresy [smile]. And are you joking about 35 degrees + humidity? Or do Canadians use celsius, I'm a fahrenheit guy myself :) The people are nice you say? I've got a friend from Massachusets who says that the farther you go north, the meaner the people get, especially to tourists.
  12. The Forgotten Mindset

    meh... moodswings... meh

    Cool, I was only a few minutes away then :) Ah, Emeral Point... Good times, good times... Don't think they've got those in Toronto though...
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