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  1. I've been struggling around quite some time with this and ended up with a mix of land mass generation by anchor points / point distance and a palin noise for the terrain. Can be used for 2D and 3D world map generation. Here is an example output in 2D without textures (I'm just using simple color materials, as I don't have any materials yet): This uses 6 different terrain types, but the number is adjustable. You can also adjust the "edginess" of land masses / continents and the water level.
  2. I've been a professional software developer for industrial software like HMIs and automation since 2008 (working as a freelancer 2013), mainly working with C# and C++ but also used Java and Delphi before. I'm looking to get into game development in my spare time and already started some small stuff with unity to get into it, like working through tutorials, coding a small tetris clone - stuff like that. I'd like to take the next step and work on a more complex (not crazy complex) game with a small team of maybe 3-4 people. Maybe something like a simple turn based strategy game with different levels or something, but I'm pretty open to other ideas. I've got absolutely zero talent when it comes to graphics or arts, so that should definitely be covered in your team. The team also shouldn't be too big, because working together across the web is already difficult enough and it quickly gets too complicated with too many people, at least that's my experience. If you are interested or got a cool idea for a project, just drop me a PM Thanks
  3. Hey there, for my medieval turn based strategy game, I need a good 2D artist. For now, I mostly need terrain tiles. Later on, I'll need character elements (actual characters will be created procedurally out of different facial and body elements), as well as items like weapons, potions, crystals, armor etc. - if you can create UI elements, even better. I'm using placeholder graphics to procedurally create the world map for now and am currently working on the rules for combat and character progression, abilities, traits etc. but I believe there's certainly a few months of additional work to be done, just so you know where the project stands currently. It's a unity project and I need the art files in the png format. Hope to hear from you
  4. Hey Ann, I need soundtracks for a medieval 2D turn based strategy game. Love your demos!
  5. If you've got more time, I'd need some 2D terrain tiles, like forest, grass, mountains, desert, ocean aso. for a 2D turn based strategy game.
  6. Hey Hannah, thank you for replying, I've sent you a PM.
  7. Hey there, I'm looking for simple sounds for my tetris-like game, as well as a menu background music. So if you are a sound artist and would like to get your name in the credits of an almost finished game, please message me. This is a starter project using Unity (2D) to get used to the new engine and I'm currently doing all the coding on my own. I plan to do more and bigger (2D) games after that and might try to publish some of it in the future. So I'm also looking for a pixel artist who can do 2D character and terrain sprites for the long run. At this stage, it's a hobby project, but if any revenues come out of it at some point, we will talk about profit shares.
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