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  1. Happy Father's Day to both of my dads! See you both in a few weeks.
  2. Happy half-birthday to my best friend and love of my life!
  3. On the train, I overheard a group of people talking about the NSA getting phone records from Verizon. One woman stated that once her contract is up, she's canceling her service with Verizon. Another said that we shouldn't worry about it because NPR said it isn't a big deal. /facepalm. This is why we can't have nice things.
  4. I think I just found my birth mother...
  5. Dave Foley tonight :D
  6. I just received a robo-spam (i.e. our sites cover similar topics) from a speech pathology site because has a thread about LISP...
  7. Talking to marketing people is making me feel stabby
  8. Can't sleep, clown will eat me
  9. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I had one of the weirdest birthdays ever, but it dampened the blow of turning 40, and I had a good time. Plus, I got my suitcase back :)
  10. Useless coworkers are useless
  11. Just tuned in to the debates to see the "analysts" demonizing Ron Paul for his views on Iran. What a trio of loathsome trolls.
  12. Me: Are you mad at me? Tyler: That depends. What did you actually do? Me: I just summoned Cthulhu. Tyler: ...
  13. Nate: "How do you spell everything?" Evan: "That's going to take a while, Nate"