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    Funny, I have been doing the exact same thing.I been reorganising my collection of articles, reading and writing new ones.Done almost no coding for a few days. Gee is this happening due some kinda planetary play or is it coincedience. Zoos eh, I been only to 3 (i think) in my whole life. I too preffer to see them in their habitat or on TV (since I cant afford to pay them a visit[grin]) Chips anyone?
  2. FireNet

    Move along, there's nothing to see here

    Nah,not when I am trying to learn details. I am perfectly happy to use OpenGL to make games, but right now I am experimenting/learning software rasterization , I myself cant belive how much time I spend on SVGA and how much I have learnt. Yea, would agree with my whole heart going too much into micro details will give us less time to do the macro details.
  3. FireNet

    Move along, there's nothing to see here

    Heh,let's pray we never degrade to using slang in our day to day lives.Though it's becomming a prob with the smaller kids nowadays. Nice journal though.Have fun.Good Luck.
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