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  1. igni ferroque

    Non-console applications on Mac OS X without XCode

    You need to stuff the binaries into an application bundle, which is basically a folder with the .app extension with a certain internal structure. I don't have my PowerBook with me now otherwise I'd give more detailed instructions.
  2. igni ferroque


    That Asus W2JB looks decent. ProStar looks to have some very beefy offerings.
  3. igni ferroque

    Network Calculations - what PCs should I get

    Quote:Since I'm an impatient person, I am considering getting some el cheapo office mini-PCs, building a network, and splitting up some of my graphics and other calculations.What kind of calculations?
  4. igni ferroque

    Cross Platform Game Engine...

    If you want an example of how commercial developers handle support for multiple platforms, grab the GPL'ed source code for Quake 3.
  5. Quote:I need to be able to control when and where the player calls a function and I don't want it to be open-source, so any Browser-side scripting language is out of the question.Quote:2. The language needs to be either able to communicate directly with a database or be able to read from files and write to files. No Java Applets.Quote:Personally I'm considering Flash / Python. How does Flash/Python fit your criteria any better than Java/Python? (For that matter, how does */* fit your criteria at all since you said server-side code was out.) I hope you realize how you are contradicting yourself. Quote:But I don't really know how to access variables not in a database. I use quite alot of variables so sending them with POST/GET would just be messy. I guess I could save them into a temporary database table though... I have no idea what you mean by that first sentence. As for the second, POST/GET are pretty much your only options for communication for a web-based game.
  6. See Change of radix @ for a few examples of the general algorithm.
  7. igni ferroque

    Turning dynamic urls into static urls in PHP

    As an alternative to mod_rewrite, you can use the PATH_INFO environment variable.
  8. igni ferroque

    Endian, I hate you

    Yes, JPEG is a Big-endian format.
  9. igni ferroque

    [web] HTML help

    They indicate that the text enclosed in them represents computer code, keyboard input, teletype text, sample text, or a variable (respectively). Many computer books will use different typographical styles for those types of text, and they'll tell you about them towards the beginning. They exist in HTML to preserve semantics for screenreaders and other software (that wouldn't know that something enclosed in <font face="Courier"> is a code example), and so that those types of text have consistent styling (which you can specify with CSS).
  10. igni ferroque

    How to use pixel coordinate in OpenGL?

    Quote:I wanna do some 2D stuff and I have posted a thread about will I get more speed if I don't use depth and any matrix-relative OpenGL API but no one give me a idea. For 2D drawing, you only need to set the model-view and projection matrices once (well, whenever the size of the viewport changes), so there is no performance issue. glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); gluOrtho2D(0, 0, width, height); glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity(); Quote:I want more info about minimally setting OpenGL without use depth and matrix and it's speed. All vertices you send will be transformed by the model-view and projection matrices. You do want to minimize the number of changes you make to the matrices per frame, but in your case that's 0 and you can't get much faster than that.
  11. igni ferroque

    Mac OS or Flash?

    Quote:I want to get started in game development, but I'm not sure what programming language to use. I already know C, Objective-C and a bit of Java. You can write games in Java. See: JOGL, java game development.
  12. igni ferroque

    what can you tell me about this PhysX thing?

    Quote:i read it's pretty good but i ain't gonna jump the gun and go straight to 'how do i get this thing' without info from people who know stuff about it.There's the problem: hardly anybody knows anything about it. If you're interested in developing for it, don't waste your time asking for opinions and just grab the free SDK. Ageia has said that future releases of the SDK will be functionally equivalent with and without the PhysX accelerator cards. As of the current release, the only feature that requires the PPU is particle fluids. If you're just interested in it from a gamer's perspective, take spoonbender's advice and hold out for a while.
  13. igni ferroque

    game of life...

    Optimized versions usually split the game into tiles (smaller grids). Using tiles has a lot of advantages; one being the ability to extend the grid with minimal cost. If you stitch the tiles together using a doubly linked list (C++'s list container would do nicely), you can quickly add a new tile or row of tiles as needed. You can also increase performance by keeping track of which tiles have live cells so you don't waste time computing empty regions.
  14. igni ferroque

    physx chip

    Quote:I sincerely hope that the PPU takes off. If physics is covered by another card, and graphics are covered by yet another card, then perhaps, just perhaps, developers will get around to facing the reality that they can afford to code and write some genuinely intriguing AI into their games. I'd much rather see A* running realtime for a thousand units on a map than ten thousand boxes sailing through the air in perfect physical form. Mebbe I'm alone in this, but for the future of the industry, I hope that we get around to making some captivating worlds with the new tech, instead of bickering over whether or not it is cost effective or even neccesary. My old TI could do the math I use my computer for, nowadays; that doesn't make my PC any worse for being overkill :> .Well said.
  15. igni ferroque

    win32 help

    Quote:I recently attempted to work with the win32 API again and I'm going through the tutorials well however they show how to make things but they dont clearly explain what each peice of code does. MSDN does.
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