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  1. What does a game engine do? I just want to know if I need one and also which is the best? Havoc? etc.
  2. Is this possible? Since I can't get DxTex to work I want to see if there is a hybrid solution.
  3. bmxtricksta10

    Still a dxtex problem!!!

    I found this file called dxdllreg and it looks like an installer but when I try to open it nothing happens! Is this the file I'm looking for? Note: When I stayed in Korea for 2 weeks my Uncle let me borrow his laptop and as soon as I had downloaded DX onto it the DxTex Tool worked perfect! Something wrong here?
  4. bmxtricksta10

    Still a dxtex problem!!!

    could you at least tell me the name of it? Or where it is?
  5. bmxtricksta10

    Still a dxtex problem!!!

    Well I changed it to a debug runtime and components but it does the same thing. I'm gonna try the summer 2003 updates
  6. bmxtricksta10

    Still a dxtex problem!!!

    I'm really stuck here, I got all the new drivers for my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce FX 5200) and I still have this problem.
  7. bmxtricksta10

    Still a dxtex problem!!!

    okay, please help ASAP. Happy?
  8. bmxtricksta10

    Still a dxtex problem!!!

    There is no code it's just when I click to open the DxTex tool i get that error. If anyone has experienced this problem and managed to fix it please help!!! I need help ASAP!!
  9. I got a new computer yesterday and I still have that darn error message: Unable to create Direct3d device please make sure that your desktop color depth is 32 or 16 bit. But my color depth is already 32 and then I tried 16 and I got the same message!!! Someone HELP!!!!!
  10. bmxtricksta10

    For developing for a console...

    well sorry if i'm a little curious and confused.
  11. For developing for a console would you use directx or the companies SDK?
  12. bmxtricksta10

    DxTex problem

    i tried uninstalling and reinstalling but i still get the same thing but the driver, I'll try that.
  13. bmxtricksta10

    DxTex problem

    When I click on the DxTex tool I get the message "Unable to create direct3d device. Make sure your desktop color settings are 16 or 32 bit." But when I check my color settings it's already set at 32 bits and then when I change it to 16 bits I get the same message. Someone help!
  14. how exactly would you make games for the gamecube?
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