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  1. vinb

    Why is this happening?

    <obligitoryDouglasAdamsReference> 42 </obligitoryDouglasAdamsReference>
  2. vinb

    Designing Game Engines

    If you're designing a game engine, perhaps a good way to start would be to list all the actors in your game. Then start listing all the possible objects in the game. From there, you could start listing the attributes and abilities of these characters and objects. Once you have all these things on paper, you could start building your classes. I'd say more, but I've got to go now. Good luck. vinb :)
  3. vinb

    Char to an Int

    The atoi function may be helpful for you. Of course, you'd have to change the input type to char[] and you mentioned that you didn't want to do that.
  4. vinb

    A syntax error in my C code

    I don't think you need an = in your #define #define PI = 3.14159 should be #define PI 3.14159 EDIT - man, I'm a slow typer, 4 posts before mine!
  5. vinb

    In need of some advice

    Running the risk of sounding a little too philosophical, the greatest programmers in the world started from the same level you're at - no experience. Where that comparison ends is entirely up to you. If you're good at things like math and logic then you will probably have an easier time of it than if not. I've also heard it said that people who are musically inclined take to computer science/programming rather well. There are many tutorials in C++ on the web. My suggestion is to get a book like "Sams - Teach Yourself <language of your choice> in 21 Days" These kind of books not only teach you the language, but also the basics of programming in general. MS C++ Express is a really good tool to use because it has a nice debugger in which you can find errors in your programs. Once you get through the very basics, I would suggest tackling a small project like Tic Tac Toe or a similar game. There are literally a gazillion examples of this particular game in various languages. Lastly, this forum is a spectacular resource as it is filled with friendly people who are at your level as well as more experienced people who are ready and eager to share your experience. Hope you have fun. Best regards, Vinbrown
  6. Quote:Original post by NeoJigglypuff Thanks, and hugs for anyone who can provide information. Now this is a friendly forum. I only get thanks from the Beginners area :) - Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. vinb

    C# Flashing Problem

    I'd set a breakpoint in the OnMouseMove() event to see if this event is being triggered unexpectedly. That's what it seems like is happening.
  8. vinb

    Any thoughts on 3DCakewalk?

    Just wondering if anybody has used 3dCakewalk before. Nobody responded yesterday so I thought I would ask again before shelling out $200 ;).
  9. I'd like to get a good 3d game engine and the research that I've done has lead me to 3DCakewalk. The posts that came up on a search of this forum regarding the product are a little disturbing ( with mentions of the word 'legal' - yikes ) Does anybody know anything more about the company or the state of the product now?
  10. vinb

    Problems with my pong clone

    Hmm. Instead of a random direction off the paddle, you might want to get a more realistic ball movement such that if the ball is approaching from the left, it would be deflected off the paddle continuing in the same path with the x and y velocity reversed. Modifying your code to do that might be a little tricky the way it is organized. Regarding the odd ball behavior you mentioned, there's two ways you can handle this. You can either have the ball bounce off the walls of the playing area, or do what's called 'clipping' so that as the ball moves off the screen at the top, it re-enters the playing field on the bottom. The latter option is more complicated but worth the effort of learning. Again, there are lots of examples to follow for this. Keep at it. EDIT: I felt bad about not offering any real code suggestions so here's a little example I found online by Googling 'pong clone c++'. This shows what I meant about reversing the velocity of the ball on impact // if the ball touch the wall, it will change the direction if (Ball.y < 0) dirY = 5; if ((Ball.y + 15) > HEIGHT) dirY = -5; // if the ball touch the player paddle if ((Ball.x >= player.left) && (Ball.x <= player.right)) { if ((Ball.y >= player.top) && (Ball.y <= player.bottom)) { dirX = BALLSPEED; } } // if the ball touch the computer paddle if ((Ball.x >= computer.left-15) && (Ball.x <= computer.right-15)) { if ((Ball.y >= computer.top) && (Ball.y <= computer.bottom)) { dirX = -BALLSPEED; } } Hope that helps. [Edited by - vinb on June 8, 2006 8:50:15 PM]
  11. vinb

    Making an editor with VB

    Quote:Original post by Sivak I just want to know if this could be done easily. Well, anything is easy if you know what to do ;) That being said, it's not too hard to build an XML processor. You can probably borrow some of the code that you already have built that will read the file ( you do have that, right? ). So you would put some graphical controls on a form that would allow the user to build their level, and your XML engine would generate the file. I've done something similar to build web menus. Like anything, the more functionality you provide, the more complex it becomes so make sure you have a good design before you start building.
  12. Are you getting this error message when startign VS? If so, why not take a shot and reinstall it? When you say you copied the dll from the VS folder ... copied it to where? What I mean is, where would you copy it from that isn't the place where it should be in the first place? Yep, I'd try reinstalling.
  13. vinb

    Problems with my pong clone

    This doesn't really answer your question, but why would you want the ball to move in a random direction? Then again, it's your game and you can do what ever you want ;) In any case, it may appear as though you're not getting a real 'random' yrand value because you set the value once at the beginning, but then don't generate a new random value after it is used. Perhaps you might consider putting your calculation - yrand = (rand()%2)+1 - after each time it is used. As far as the 'buggy' part. If you post an example of an error or unwanted behavior, I'd be happy to offer a suggestion. Good luck. -> By the way, it's ok to 'peek' at someone elses implementation just for ideas. I'm sure if you look you can find some.
  14. vinb

    Checking for a chain. LOGIC

    I'm not sure I understand the problem, but here goes anyway. One approach might be to set up a structure of blocks to be removed - call it a deleteMe structure. Perhaps you could have one for each color, and as you iterate through the play field, add contiguous blocks of like color to it's corresponding deleteMe structure? Hmm. As I read over what I just wrote, it seems a little messy. But if I understand your screenshot, the shapes could be any combination of colors and under some predetermined condition, they are removed? Interesting. Hope that helped.
  15. vinb

    Visual Studio problem

    Quote:Original post by njpaul Found a fix. Quote: To fix the issue, I have to delete all config files and start over again. C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0 C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\settings That confirms my first assessment of the situation. That's crazy! At least I'll know what to do if it happens to me!
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