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  1. Tom

    Eww, ID3DXSprite. Eww.

    This is one of the most useful and informative write-ups I've seen. Here I thought D3DSprite was optimized beyond anything I could hope to write myself, and now I find it's hideously slow compared to even the most basic sprite renderer. That's what I get for having a relatively low sense of self-worth. I'll be cranking out another sprite renderer in the following days. Thanks for the heads-up. I may also be poking Jack for details on how he made his text renderer...
  2. Tom


    Quote:Original post by Mike.Popoloski You need to make a game instead of a library next time (obviously showing off SlimDX [grin]) To be repeated to every single developer posting an IotD showing off his or her ENGINE. Seriously, is this GameDev or EngineDev? I know this is old, but I'm surprised you didn't mention DirectWrite at the time, which is some seriously awesome stuff --- the rotating ClearType comparison really caught my attention --- and yes, SlimDX support for the new API's is wicked awesome. Thanks very much. [wink]
  3. Tom

    SlimDX - Direct3D 10 Basics

    Very nice, very simple. Any chance you could squeeze the Sprite batch into your next tutorial? The SlimDX samples seem to neglect almost entirely its use in developing 2-D applications and GUI's. Edit: When using the Application.Idle technique presented here, I get a fairly solid 1380 FPS. Application.DoEvents runs slight faster at around 1390 FPS, but I trust there is a great deal of undesirable junk going on in the background. When using the Form.Paint technique, however, I get around 3000 FPS. What would cause such a discrepancy? Edit #2: Okay, I see. The Paint event updates immediately and causes a great deal of tearing, while the App.Idle technique respects a more regular update interval, alleviating the tearing. So, never mind! Edit #3: After further observation, it seems to have something to do with my timing code. I played around with it some more and managed to get the App.Idle implementation faster than Form.Paint. I'll leave well enough alone.
  4. Tom

    Friend Assemblies

    Hmm. Perhaps they wanted such a non-standard form to deviate from standard form as much as inhumanly possible. Putting a couple underscores in front of it couldn't possibly have worked like it always did in the past. Does this also apply to partial classes, i.e., if part of a class is in a separate file that isn't marked as_friend, will the members of that class be invisible to external modules? Or does C++ not support partial classes? I'm VB/C# myself.
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