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  1. Cool. This thread is really long and with the game actually being released soon, maybe think about updating the first post if you have that account or starting a new thread because not everyone that clicks here is going to read through all the development.
  2. Looks like fun. Wishing I was there.
  3. I think you could make the menu buttons easier to see. Have you tried moving them over to the left, in front of the opening between the posts?
  4. I've been aware of the Godot engine for some time. It really deserves good publicity. These tutorials could help get more people familiar with the engine. Good stuff.
  5. I thought the domain was available because there was no webpage at redgoddess.com.   Did you try emailing the "business" that is squatting on that domain? I'm curious how much they want for it...
  6. I was surprised to actually get 90FPS on my laptop. It looks good. I like the animations. Just a heads up: Chrome automatically tried to delete the zip file after I downloaded it. Normally it doesn't care so much.   With my touchpad, is there a way to rotate the camera? I found out how to zoom in and out.
  7. Congratulations!! I think you are onto something special here with being able to uncover the character's past and combining all those adventure/platform elements.   The screenshots and video shows just how carefully crafted the images are, with a lot of unique personality and good art direction. Keep on the right path and don't add too many little features at the end of the game's development.   I hope you find the right balance of combat, and jumping, and exploring for this particular game. It seems like a good percentage of each, whereas many games lean heavily on one or the other...   I'm trying to decide how I feel about the game's title. I'm going back and forth between "pretty good" to "could do better". If you are set on the name, take the domain "redgoddess.com" right away too. I don't think the font used in the first post matches with the game's style. The font on the webpage header is better. Be sure when you care about branding and having the name stick with players that you find a consistency with the name/font/logo. It will help with the game's popularity.
  8. I still cannot get enough 2-D, low-res, exploration, side-view type games. I love just hopping around and exploring the world.    Examples are cave story, lyle in cube sector, knytt, nubs' adventure.   Of course, the first ones hold a special charm, but each one I play is a little different and adds something unique. I don't seem to tire of it as quickly as other genres.   I also like fast-paced, puzzle action games and slower-paced "Incredible Machine" type games.   Your turn.
  9. I've done a lot of playing around and experimenting. I've started a lot of code projects. I've made little tools and experiments. I've helped with other games or just messed with the source code to come up with something different.   If I only count games started by myself from beginning to end, and playable on a PC, the number is 3.   A maze game. A tetris clone. And a puzzle game in OpenGL.   That last 10-25% of a game is killer.
  10. Very nice and complete for a first game. I got stuck on the level with the large spike pit and the door in the center, but got through it and to the end.   It was fun and entertaining and just the right length.    I like the idea of adding more and more to the story, but it might have been better with showing the text before the level and saving the story for every third level or so.   If you want some more suggestions, I would work on the wind graphic and the spike graphic. Maybe use a better special effect/sound for the double jump?
  11. I didn't participate in the compo, but I was watching from the sidelines at various times. I'm still arrogant enough to offer my 2¢.   The Lounge gets too much traffic and I would hope there is a better forum for a contest, but I don't really have a suggestion of where to move it to ;) There used to be a separate section for contests on the old GDNET.   Wasn't sure what "Week of Awesome" meant when I first read it. You might be stuck with the brand, but simply adding "Compo" or "Contest" could clear that up. Like the "1 Week of Awesome Compo".
  12. No, it is last year's compo. Couldn't find the final scores and breakdown by category, though.   Since I saw it in the 2014 judging thread, I hoped there would be the same judging data available. I found that part the most interesting. I'm sure some people were more interested in the "post development" logs.
  13. I have the categorical results from most of the judges, so I can post those too. I'll try to do that today, but might not get to it until tomorrow.   Do you have the judging results?
  14.   Okay the part I'm stuck on.
  15.   I hope you can make a video walk thru for your game. I don't think it's playing quite right on my laptop (and I'm stuck).   For example, in the first level, the colored ball doesn't always appear. My background is also white, whereas it's blue in the video.