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  1. lesson 4

    Unresolved external means that the function is not in any of your cpp files, or libraries that are included in the project. You do not have a main function. glut requires a main function. You are probably compiling it as a windows 32 application. Compile it as a console application. Those are the ideas I have anyways. Good luck.
  2. Anyone know why the examples using opengl run slowly on windows server 2008? All other games I play that use opengl work fine.
  3. How to export a model then load it in C++ with textures?

    Wow. After brutally learning how to use blender(that is a 3 day nightmare in and of itself), and after using to view my exported 3ds model, I sort of got this: Now if I could just get some C++ code that would load it correctly I would be all set. Anyone know of any good MS Visual studio C++ code to load a 3ds model? Thanks.
  4. How to export a model then load it in C++ with textures?

    Thank you so much. Truly there is wealth of information you all have provided me with. Not to mention the endless hours of searching. I appreciate all your posts.
  5. How to export a model then load it in C++ with textures?

    Thank you for the blender idea. I would prefer to use 3ds format. Now for the hard part. I am hoping someone out there knows of a place where I can just download the C++ code necessary to display a 3ds model with textures. If not, then I guess I would just have to do it myself. I would think that surely with the popularity of the 3ds format, there would already be some C++ code that loads/displays 3ds models with textures out there. Maybe I am wrong though. Any ideas where that kind of code would be anyone?
  6. I am looking for some source code to do the following: 1. Use a model editor to make a model with textures. 2. Export that model into 3ds or some other popular format. 3. Load that model and display it using Visual Studio.Net C++ 2008 I just want some simple source code, so no animation is needed. If you know of a model editor/source code combo that works I would appreciate knowing about it.