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  1. Noone else? Hundreds read this thread, but only Michael had some feedback? Updated the link with the latest version (beta 1) (more sounds, zombies moan, some balance and UI issues, text feedback when you lack resources, car is getting old etc)
  2. xinput1_4.dll missing?

    I solved it. I switched to linking with xinput9_1_0.lib as I said above. This got me the error i posted which I didnt understand. I found that I had an old lib file which had some version-compability problem. Removing that file, it seems to use the lib file installed into the windows installation, which now works! (my game runs well in win 7 now as well as win 8 and 10). So in summary: >> link with xinput9_1_0.lib for supporting win 7 (uses the older xinput 9.1.0) >> link with xinput.lib to use xinput 1.4. Those game will not run on win 7 but have some extra bells and whistles (which i dont need, for example voice chat support)
  3. Ship boarding in a pirate game?

    Should several ships be able to join the boarding action and the crews added together in the fight? Or should only one-on-one ship boarding combat be allowed? I'm thinking it could be messy to allow several ships clogging up like that. But it's a bit strange to prohibit it. Also, how to make boarding combat more interactive? I have no "fencing mechanics" as in Sid Meiers Pirates. Instead the crew numbers just tickle down until one side yields (the game is 2D with simple overhead graphics). Any way to make it more active for the player? Use some command-skills with cooldown maybe?
  4. Ship boarding in a pirate game?

    Yes that is another method to handle it logically. But i'm not sure it is fun gameplay to deal with that. Maybe captured ships could be directly added to some "pirate haven inventory" and you deal with expensive repairs later (or salvage for some resources). This could be a good way to aquire unique/rare ships that couldn't be bought in ports.
  5. Ship boarding in a pirate game?

    Who do you "sell" the ship to at high seas? I'm thinking you just leave the ship where it is (after stealing some of the cargo). You don't need to massacre the defeated crew either. I know in real life pirates would often try to keep both their original ship and the boarded one (splitting the crew between them) but this messes up the gameplay a bit for me:) Aquiring new ships is connected to wealth and faction relationship so stealing any ship you come along doesn't suit that.
  6. You mean a simple fade to black? Or did you see the main menu image (the photo of the road) in the middle of gameplay? Did you get this problem after a night-session? Or just randomly?
  7. Good idea! Can you complete the "campaign" on medium or easy? (Reach the goal and survive the fight there?) I can barely do it on hard difficulty but I know all the features in and out.
  8. (this bug is fixed, it now works on windows 7 as well as 8 and 10)
  9. Ship boarding in a pirate game?

    That link is not very useful. It's in russian, and doesnt relate specifically to what I'm asking about.
  10. Hi Im making a adventure/strategy game similar to sid meiers pirates. It's set in the 17th century Caribbean. Typically when you board an enemy ship in such games you can keep it. However this makes aquiring new ships rather trivial, as boarding ships is the main gameplay mechanism and as such, you frequently board ships. Would it seem very strange if you are never given the option to keep the boarded ship (add it to your convoy)? You instead board ships simply to steal plunder and new ships can only be aquired by buying them from shipwrights in ports.
  11. xinput1_4.dll missing?

    So I should use 1.3? Then it would work for both win xp, win 7 and win 10? I mean I need my game to work for windows in general, not just one version I should maybe just use XInput 9.1.0. Seems to be compatable with most windows and I dont think i need the missing features. BUT: When I switch to xinput9_1_0.lib instead (which should make it compatible with win 7) i get problems. I set it in visual studio c++ (in linker->input->additional dependencies), and then I get: Error 3 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _XInputGetState@8 referenced in function "public: bool __thiscall gameController::CheckConnection(class std::vector<bool,class std::allocator<bool> > &)" (?CheckConnection@gameController@@QAE_NAAV?$vector@_NV?$allocator@_N@std@@@std@@@Z) C:\Dropbox\PROJECT\code\games\post\source\gameController.obj zombies Error 4 error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals C:\Dropbox\PROJECT\code\games\post\bin\game.exe 1 1 zombies Is it because I dont have the runtime for old xinput installed? This is unnecessarily messy to set up...
  12. Hi Im developing on win 10 and have included xinput1_4.dll for controller support. It works fine. But some people who try my game get the error "xinput1_4.dll missing" even though they have directx installed. It can be related to running win 7 I now suspect (instead of win 10). Should these people have another file? When just adding the file "xinput1_4.dll" that I send (which works for me) it doesnt help them. And how would I compile my game so it works with both win 10 and other versions (such as win 7 and xp)? Thanks!
  13. Hi! My third alpha is out and I would love some feedback. You play as one (or two in co-op) survivor that must travel the land and survive the infected hordes, looners and bandits. You stop in locations but are always pressed as the hordes will start pouring in. Collect resources (food, fuel, medical supplies and ammo) and weapons and head for the goal! Tips Hold Spacebar to see help and controls. Always quickly switch to a melee weapon if running out of ammo Loot everything if you have time to loot, including cartrunks Choose locations that have the loot you need (such as gas station for fuel) Try to avoid running out of fuel or having your car break down. Walking is dangerous! Download (50 MB, works with windows only, you DON'T need dropbox to download): Damnation road (beta 1b) Some additions are: 1. Roadblocks. Both the raiders and the military will block your path and you need to clear them before continuing. 2. You can now actually complete the campaign. At the end there is a final large fight! 3. Saving. You can quit and continue later. On death however, the single-slot save file is reset! (perma-death) 4. Lots of balancing! And more flamethrowers:)
  14. MMORPG, some ideas...

    This post is very wide. You ask about ALL aspects of MMORPGs and then suggest some rather standard solutions. Exactly what stats you should have and what they do is on a detail level. Where are you in the design process? Just philosophising about games in general? Maybe try to come up with more precise questions important for your project. I agree greifing would be a big problem (given the impression from your first post). If this isn't handled well, your game will be empty pretty soon.
  15. What game types require zero animation

    Yes animations are hard to do well and takes alot of time. My go-to game genre would be turn-based strategy, they are pretty viable without it. Look at civilization 1, 2 or the management portion of total war series (it's actually 3d but you get the idea, it could have been 2d images as well). Hearts of iron, crusader kings etc. All those games are "without animations". Static images of units, buildings etc and interface graphics are used heavily though.