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  1. suliman

    A simple language game

    I wouldnt pay for a "game" like that. But MAYBE i would install it if it was for free. Then you can have some ads maybe. But again, if you start out fresh, to deploy this to mobile will still take alot of work from you. You wont see and profit soon (and quite possibly never). There is ALOT of competing apps out there. If you want to do it for fun and learning, that is another thing. But this "game idea" will not be a safe cash cow for you
  2. Hi! Im still planning what resources to include. Imagine a total war-like game, turn-based empire builder on a earth map. It's around the year 2100 after some cathastrophy so empires are starting to form: you control one of these upcoming empires. Large regions (such as south-western europe) are what you control (similar to the map of the boardgame Risk). You contruct infrastructure ("buildings") and train armies/navies/aircrafts/nukes! Focus is on war and building up your regions. Resources: Funds - Used for most things like infrastructure and units. Also for upkeep Influense - Used to affect others, diplomacy etc (not sure about this one...) Research - Used to unlock stuff and boosts (like +20% agriculture, unlock battlemech, +2 happiness from markets etc) Funds will come from these sources: Taxes. Main source. Causes unhappiness in your regions. Income based on regional ratings: Mining (regional rating. Can be boosted with infrastructure). Agriculture (gives mostly pop growth but also some funds) Drilling (oil and gas is still important). Logging? Infrastructure like manufacturing plants, ports etc. Thoughts? Influense (political power) is used in some strategy games (like Stellaris, hearts of iron) but would it work in a nuclear post-apoc when there is not much interaction between empires? Or maybe more interaction would be good? (also makes trade a viable mechanics). Influense could also be skipped and simply use funds (e.g. for bribing other empires) How would you gain influense? Research is gained from population - but strongly boosted by infrastructure (labs etc).
  3. The user reports that the release version of it works without sending any loose DLLs so this seems what I need to (and should) do Thank you all for the explanations!
  4. Above was an example of how it usually looks (and how it supposed to look). I save ALOT of data so didnt want to post it all. I accidently included a range with both pointers and lists. I'm not entirely sure why this did work in debug. I didn't use the new pointers/lists after load but in release mode copying over trash data like this seems to have broken something (while in debug maybe it's handled differently). I must check more regurarly that my games run correctly in release:) After moving the pointers/lists (and save/load them manually) load/save works fine both in release and debug.
  5. I found I had included something that wasnt strictly primitive data in my saved data-range... This seem to work fine in debug mode but not in release (maybe debug allows some errors, or "fixes" the errors trying to be helpful but instead masking a problem i actually had all along). Those save/load ranges that did only (truely) include primitive data worked well even in release build.
  6. I only save sections of data that includes no pointers. See example below (only saves stuff between saveStart and saveEnd). So given that, it still means it can only work in debug mode? So the size of these ints and floats are different in debug and release mode? class myClass{ public: bool saveStart; int something[10]; float mass; float height; char name[200]; bool saveEnd; int notSavedData; void doStuff(); int getMass(); };
  7. Hi! I save/load my game data as binary files using fwrite() and fread(). I save large blocks of data by using: "fwrite(&item->startSave,1,&item->endSave-&item->startSave,f);" on my classes. This might be primitive but it has worked very well for me for many years. However: I now realise (with a new version of the IDE and some other upgrades) there seem to be something not working well when loading data (the binary file) in release mode (the data was saved in debug mode and loads well from there). At first it loads fine some classes but some data later on in the load function seems to be corrupt. Is the size of the variables (arrays of ints and so on) changing between debug and release and can this be the problem? Some memory padding or something? Im using visual studio 2017 (c++) if that matters. Thank you!
  8. 1. Ok so in release mode the win 8 users should have the needed file (dll) already? My game now forced them to use the debug version of that file which is not commonly available in win 8? I'll try that. 2. I build my games in 32 bit mode. I use 64 bit for my development but i thought this gives better backwards-compatability. 32 can be run in both 32 and 64 windows but 64 bit can only be run in 64 windows. Isn't this correct? (ps. The debug version is only slightly slower, and still very fast, I get 800 fps in release and 750 fps in debug so I never bothered checking these things but I see now there is other complications)
  9. My game was compiled and uploaded in debug build. Also the game engine it uses was built in debug (but this has never been a problem before so Im confused). Would it work had it been in release mode? (and does both my project and underlying libraries need to be in release mode?). The linked thread suggests I can include "ucrtbased.dll" in my exe-folder, is this a stupid way to solve this? Would the user need different files depending if the user has 32 or 64 bit version of windows? It seems silly to force the user to mess with the files... (and is it only needed for win 7/8, not win 10?). And would this not work anymore on win xp? (which is as far back as I care to offer compatability). Thank you for your help!
  10. Hi My game runs fine for me obviously (compiled and run at win 10, 64bits). It uses directx 9. Some users report they cannot run the exe (there is no installation, just unpack the game folder and run the exe). They get a systemerror which tells them that the game can't be started because ucrtbased.dll is missing. They are running win 8.1 (64 bits) with directx 11 installed. Any idea what this is and how it can be solved? When googling it (ucrtbased.dll) I only find stuff about visual studio, but why would running an exe be connected to this? (or is it even?) The game can be found here (https://ehgames.itch.io/plunder-horizon) but maybe this problem is well known?
  11. No plan to sell comercially. Still some money to fork out for a plugin... (out of curiousity, would volontary donations be ok for an otherwise free games with such a licence? Or does that make it a commercial game then? No price to buy the game, no ingame transations.) It's strange they dont have this functionality built in. Visual studio is the largest IDE (as far as I know) and these things are pretty much needed to work efficiently. They had 4 years of development between ver 2013 and 2017... Disappointed.
  12. I did it all the time in visual studio 2013. This is why I though it was bugged in it's entirety now (upgraded to 2017 last week)
  13. I found out the issue: they have changed HOW you are allowed to edit your code. Before I could change my code while running the game, then set a breakpoint: it would now realise the code is different and rebuild it (edit and continue). OR I could change it when already having gone into debugging. NOW: I must set a breakpoint FIRST. Then when in "paused mode" (stepping through code) Im allowed to change it, and it can rebuild. If I change before I go into step-though code mode it complains and forces me to restart the game entirely. It seems like them have made their IDE worse... (less flexible). Or do I miss something?
  14. I got used to having whole tomato's "visual assist X" when coding for work. It helps alot for creating functions, change function signatures, renaming variables etc. However it's really expensive. Any similar plugin/tool that is free to use? (using visual studio c++ 2017)
  15. Well i didn't recompile that library but: Adding the line below as well as keeping the dll in the executable folder was the trick. Im not sure why this works now (and before I instead needed it as "additional dependencies") but I guess this is releated to the "multi-threaded DLL" setting I now use. #pragma comment(lib, "libnoise.lib") The strange thing is that other libraries (like FMOD for sound) worked fine in the old setting and still works fine, while THIS library required another approach...
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