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  1. Sound like good improvements. Altough I always hate games where the turn rotation is based on "speed" or similar. Its very hard to survay what will happen and how useful this stat is. Games normally generates a long line of "character turn order" that fills the screen. Really annoying! Id rather have a simple, predictable turn order (best if all of a teams units move and then all of the enemy units move, to avoid hopping around of the game control) and let "fast" units (if you need that mechanic) get extra attacks/actions during their turn instead.
  2. suliman

    Pirate game need feedback!

    New version uploaded with some crashes fixed and lots of other improvements Same link https://ehgames.itch.io/plunder-horizon
  3. Why do you even need those different facilities types if the player doesnt deal with them anyway? Is it just for flavor? A planet could just show the output (like +5 food, +2 prod) no need to list all the factories, farms etc. This would be calculated from the planet type, governor focus and some "development level". You can maybe set how much resources are alotted to the planet in terms of food (population growth) and production (increases development level over time). These are drained from your empire income and spent by the planet. The risk is otherwise that you build a lot of gameplay system (buildings, supply/demand system etc) that seem cool but doesnt tie into the actual gameplay/interaction with the player. And that the parts of the game that DO involve the players direct control suffers (such as overall management, decisions regarding war/diplomacy, research whatever) suffer as a result. If you have limitless resources i'd say you can add many details for the sake of flavor, otherwise focus on what's important first, and if you have time over add (mechanically not very important) bells and whistles then.
  4. suliman

    How to get feedback for your games?

    Awesome, thanks guys!
  5. I loved that game. A good similar game would work fine. But as Septopus says many ripoff that aren't fun to play exist. Advanced wars was simplistic but still felt fair and the mechanics/unit strength/weaknesses felt realistic. Units each had a distinct function/role in the game and the different characters (and their special power) worked well too. "Tiny metal" is a modern take on the genre. I tried it but it didnt really fly with me. Maybe I'm just older now I think a simplistic, almost board game feel to it works better than a realistic, military simulation style (with loads of unit stats, different resource types, including upkeep costs, realistic vision etc). But it also depends on how slow you want to make the game.
  6. suliman

    What is the best video game HUD ever?

    I personally do not like when meters etc (giving important information) is wowen into the scene so it's not always easy to read. It may be neat to have it in baked into "real stuff" but please do not frustrate the player. Another thing to avoid is ui that popups and hides given what the situation is. Commonly hiding combat ui like ammo, items etc when you are not in combat, forcing the player to shoot at nothing to find out important information. These are the things I would AVOID. How to make the best UI is a much harder question to answer of course If style is more important than gameplay, you can take the "baked into real stuff" pretty far obviously.
  7. Build a simple prototype to test the basic gameplay. If it's fun and works well, you can continue to develop it into a real game.
  8. suliman

    Pirate game need feedback!

    When did it freeze more exactly? Was the tutorial on at the time? How was it messed up after load? What loadgame did you try to load? Was it an auto-file or a manually saved file? Thanks!
  9. suliman

    Content of dungeons?

    The way I randomize dungeons, the player must always be able to pass an obstacle (but maybe at a very high resource cost if the player didnt plan ahead). Maybe I can have some obstacles/doors that are stricly optional (like opening a bonus room that is not needed to progress). These can be opened if finding a key in the dungeon (found on a mob) or by bringing a "universal key" into the dungeon (very rare/expensive). Doors that (might be) needed to pass to continue should probably remain always possible to bypass (to avoid frustrating the player).
  10. suliman

    Pirate game need feedback!

    I uploaded a new version (alpha 5b). Fixed that savegame bug you found (thanks!) Removed the risk of land ambushes until the player levels up at least one skill There is no minimap on the map (no room and i think not much need either). In ship combat there is a minimap in the left-side panel (showing you friendly and enemy ships). Do you think a warning of too strong opponent is needed? After testing it once i dont think player will jump into any strength opponent engagements Keep em coming!
  11. suliman

    Pirate game need feedback!

    Awesome! I'll look into your comments and impressions
  12. suliman

    Content of dungeons?

    Like a mini-game you mean? Also, any idea how doors/obstacles could be made more interesting?
  13. suliman

    Pirate game need feedback!

    Noone? In general, i find it REALLY hard to get feedback. I make games as a hobby but find it hard to get any feedback/testing. Without that it's hard to keep motivated and inspired as you are pretty isolated without feedback. Note i dont plan to sell these games, neither do I offer payment to anyone. I've tried these communities: Here (post in announcements) Facebook group "gamedev show and test". The game is on itch.io I get none or very little feedback when I try to get some. Any tips on good commmunities where you find people that like to try out indie games? Or how do you do it? (it's 2d games, like strategy, rpg, survival etc). Thanks! Erik
  14. What will you be doing yourself? You seem to be looking for a full team to start, polish and complete your own idea (in a project that isn't started yet). This is normally pretty hard to do:)
  15. suliman

    How to get feedback for your games?

    But aren't those specific challanges with themes etc? I've worked on these games for years
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