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  1. suliman

    Just need help with my final characters

    Lol that COMPLETELY depends on what else your game is built around. Try to make it "make sense" in the world you are building.
  2. suliman

    Just need help with my final characters

    It depends on the style of your game. I'd prefer a more gritty, realistic nomadic archer. With high-tech do you mean some sort of fantasy/scifi crossover? A parasitic alien boss could spawn lots of noce zerg-like (from starcraft) creatures or stuff from the alien movies. That sounds nice. But it must work with your gameplay elements, of which we forum-dwellers know nothing.
  3. suliman

    Skill points in tactical rpg?

    No thoughts on this? Any system you are particulary fond of or dislike and why?
  4. Wow that's alot of info. Maybe you should condense it into what you actually need feedback on? Is this about flavor/world building or about balance/gameplay? What is your question?
  5. 1. You presented a super ambitious and large project. That you will complete yourself. Without budget. 2. You displayed a lack of knowledge and experience in game development in general and unwillingness to learn from those with ACTUAL experience. 3. People pointed out that this is naive (and frankly quite arrogant as well) 4. You want to "punish" those people by charging money for your hypothetical game? That is not even in production yet. That ... is... bizarre... For one, your target audience isn't the game developers on this forum.
  6. Yes releasing parts of the projects as you work on them is a very good idea, you can get feedback and find out what works and what doesnt work. However, you are still talking about several projects at the same time, as well as releasing for different platforms. It seems you are still very unawere of the scope of doing all this. Just start small, listen to feedback and you will in time progress towards your goals. About demanding money for your games: What in the big post made you change your plan to actually charge money? This seems very strange to me. Also, if you are not published before, it will be very hard to get people to pay for your first game (the competition is tough), and if you have less people playing your game you will get less feedback (and your games and you as a devoloper will progress much slower). Worry about this later. You have not yet completed a single project it seems. The key here is to listen and learn from people with more experience. I'm not sure if you are willing to do that (as indicated from your other thread). If you are though, you can get lots of help from these forums.
  7. suliman

    How to organize constants? (c++)

    Ok thanks for clearing that up!
  8. Unless you have less ambitious projects acutally completed (and at a reasonable quality level) behind you, diving into a super ambitious and large project as your "first, real game" seems naive at best.
  9. suliman

    How to organize constants? (c++)

    Fair enough. But why not "normal" enum? Seems more condensed to code: enum Weapontype { sword, axe }; Weapontype w = sword; if (w == sword) doSwordDance();
  10. Hi I have loads of constants for different game-states, groups, actions, item classes, armour types etc. I usually just use #define ICLASS_SWORD 1 #define ICLASS_AXE 2 #define ACTION_SKIPTURN 0 #define ACTION_MOVE 1 #define ARMOUR_LIGHT 0 #define ARMOUR_MEDIUM 1 And so on. While this works, it seems a bit primitive Also sometimes (eg my latest project) i end up with well over a hundred of these. Is there a more clever way to do this? I know about enums but it's still similar usage. I still have config files (txt-files) which holds most of the data (eg all data about each sword and axe, all the skills and actions etc) but i need to be able to reference these things in the code itself and dont want to use magic constants (obviously). Any better idea? //this is horrible (magic constant) if (unit.action == 1) unit.move(); //this is better (what I use now for most things) if (unit.action == ACTION_MOVE) unit.move();
  11. Hi Im doing a dungeon crawler/rpg/management game where you control up to 6 fantasy heroes travelling and dungeon crawling (similar to Darkest dungeon and Battle brothers). Your heroes gain xp and level up. But im not sure what the leveling up process should be. Right now each level: You gain strength, agility, wisdom, health and energy (used for abilities) based on your hero class. This is automatic. You also gain skill points. These are manually assigned either on abilities or party skills: Abilities: 4 of these are available (based on your hero class). First point unlock, further points strengthen/upgrades that ability (such as poison shot (archers) and shield-bash (dark knight)) Party skills: A hero are given 2 of these at creation (and you choose which hero you want to recruit in towns). You can only upgrade these, not start new party skills for a hero (or maybe spend 3 points to start a new skill?) The hero with the highest of any party skill is the one the party benefits from (similar to how party skills in mount & blade works) Travel skills such as faster movement, better vision, ability to collect herbs, hunting (gets food) Dungeon skills such as trap disarm, scouting, food preservation. What do you think? Mix the fixed upgrades (hp, strength etc) with assigned points to abilities and party skills? Would you change something? Another way to do it is to give BOTH ability points and party skill points, but then the player doesnt have to choose on what to develop. Battle brothers (generally a great game!) got a bit anoying to assign detailed points to all characters (and you had 12 guys!) so Im looking at a middle ground. Thoughts?
  12. Ok but when you mension all the assets and gameplay features it doesnt seem feasable to do this alone and with "free resources". Huge open world games are typically one of the hardest genres to produce. If you think you will learn game development from doing it, by all means do, I just say you will probably never have a finished/polished game that is fun for others to play (let alone possible to sell given what you compete against). On topic: I still don't see why this twist on the open world genre would be particulary fun or even coherent, compared to other open world games.
  13. Ok fine, but the idea sounds just like "huge game with everything in it, oh and also simply <better> than AAA-studios releasing similar open-world games". While possible, such a project requires a huge and experienced team. And the "idea" is not what's valuable here, the idea is super broad. It's more of a setting. Grand open-world ideas are fine to have, but hard to translate to good, actual games. If you plan to realise this project, I really hope you have a big budget and has released some more manageable games already. It rings a "star citizen ambition" warning in my ears Or as another example: "I'm gonna do a MMORPG. What's the idea? Well it's like WOW but has more of everything. Also, it's better." Sorry for rant but we see a lot of these threads with grand ideas.
  14. That would be ALOT of locations to store (player can move per pixel, so that would quickly become thousands of locations to store and then all these would be drawn to a screen sized texture each update?).
  15. look into assassins creed origins specifically. I thought about that game instantly when you told us your idea (open-world in ancient times, you travel by horse, boat, carriage etc and do missions all over). While fun in principle, a game like that relies heavily on massive content and good implementation. If not there, the game will quickly become boring. Why does GTA work so well? Since it's a goofy setting with fast cars and large living cities. Doing it in prehistoric times will work less well I'm afraid. There is less things to interact with, vehicles/animals are slow and not powerful, roads are non-existant so travel is more careful, and mayhem is much harder to achieve (no explosives, no police/swat to hunt you down etc). While it's doable, i dont think the idea is "brilliant" Look at far cry primal. While a quite fun game, it is more geared towards survival than explosive GTA-style fun. Squeezing the GTA-style into a caveman setting seems a bit forced.
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