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  1. Linking error with xinput

    Yey! That did the trick! Thanks! But im confused, the file is actually called Xinput9_1_0.lib. So why does linking to xinput.lib work?
  2. Linking error with xinput

    It is. But still not working... It's xinput on a win 10 machine. All sources i find says this is what i should do, still no go.
  3. Linking error with xinput

    I added it, cleaned and rebuilt but still same error message, unfortunately. Is there some dll i need to include as well?
  4. Hi Im trying to get xinput to work for controller support. Im copying Xinput9_1_0.lib to a folder which Im including in a c++ library path in visual studio 2013. I still get: Error 3 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _XInputGetState@8 referenced in function "public: void __thiscall keyHandler::controllerConnected(void)" (?controllerConnected@keyHandler@@QAE_NXZ) C:\Dropbox\PROJECT\code\games\post\source\Main.obj zombies Thats a linker error right? Did i do something wrong? This is what im tryiong to run: void controllerConnected(){ int controllerId = -1; for (DWORD i = 0; i < XUSER_MAX_COUNT && controllerId == -1; i++) { XINPUT_STATE state; ZeroMemory(&state, sizeof(XINPUT_STATE)); if (XInputGetState(i, &state) == ERROR_SUCCESS) controllerId = i; } }
  5. REE are mostly used as catalysts, electronics and batteries right now, so im thinking control systems for weapon systems, computers etc. Tanks would still use conventional metals like steel and aluminum of course. It's maybe a bit of a stretch but it's the best i got right now. I want something with a physical distribution on the globe, so players can fight for these resources.
  6. Hi Making a near-future empire builder similar to total war. The player fights for control of cities on the world map. Technology is semi-scifi (you still have factories, tanks, infantry, rockets and nukes, no super-laser robots or star destroyers. But maybe hoovercrafts and powersuits!) I want a rare resource to be one of the "advanced currency" next to funds. My best idea so far is "rare earth" (as in rare earth elements/metals). Most of these are found in china but i can stretch it to be found in other places as well such as south africa, us/canada, brazil, turkey etc (these places has traces of REE and planned or built extraction). Any other idea? Something that can be needed for advanced units/aircrafts and/or buildings, but preferably has a real-world distribution and not just found in one place. (I know I can just invent some metal but i'd prefer to not do that). Or do you think the REE idea works fine?
  7. Im pretty sure a 60h long campaign for Half-life 2 would feel TOO long, even if its made well. Story-games need an start, middle and ending, just like a book or movie. Very "long" games like GTA or WOW or Elder Scrolls have open objectives, and they repeat many times in different variations. It's quite different. And online games like battlefield or DOTA can be played endlessly, even though the player repeat the same "content" (same maps, same weapons etc)
  8. Did some research. DirectInput might be best for me if I want general controller support. It can still handle analog sticks right? (different "amounts" of right or left etc). Is there any minimal tutorials out there? All i find are walls of texts and not fully compilable, easy to understand examples. Thanks!
  9. Items do not level, but different items/weapons drop depending on the world level (which is 1-10). One radical change to simplify inventory management is to not have actual ammo as lootable items. Instead firearms would just loose condition until they are "used up"/empty (lets say five magazines for pistols for example). This is used in "last day" for example on android. It kind of works in a simplistic games. This would make it easier to broaden the arsenal with semi-auto rifles, grenade launchers etc without flooding the player with loads of different ammo types to handle. Thoughts? Grenades, suicidebombers, and smaller and bigger enemies are already in there. They start showing up at level 3 i think.
  10. What resolution did work? Is your screen too small to fit the game you mean? (can you use 1920x1080 in windows?) What didnt work with fullscreen? Did you restart after changing the setting? All items can be right-clicked in inventory for more info. Weapons differ in what ammo they use, range, damage and many other factors. This is maybe to complex, I'm not sure. Some units are armoured, most are not. Units take damage depending on if you hit them with normal weapons (most) or piercing weapons. You get info on these ratings when you look at the info on a weapon and hoover the damage-type. This is probably too unclear. Good point. Maybe fewer and more useful drops? Noone likes dealing with trash-items. Im not sure if my model of going from level 1 to level 10 items makes sense since a playthrough is not epicly long anyway.
  11. Noone? I would really appriciate some feedback. Erik
  12. Hi! Im doing a sp/ co-op zombie survival / travel game in the lines of Zombie road to canada or Overland. Plz try it out and post any feedback you might have here. There is exploding zombies, flamethrowers, traders and collectable thumbs Hold spacebar to see tips (you will need them). 1. How many days could you survive? (and on what setting) 2. What was too hard? To easy? 3. It most likely looks crappy in windowed mode (it does on my GPU). Try fullscreen. 4. The "armoured units" mechanics is not explained well and I might scrap it. (Some units are "armoured" and these should be killed with "piercing weapons" such as axes and rifles). Do you think it can add tactics to the game or is it just annoying? 5. Note: All units GFX are placeholder and should be animated. You wanna join the team :)? (will post in classified later). Download is 20MB. You need DirectX (its windows only)
  13. Hobby: How do you finish your projects?

    Thanks Spiro, that made a lot of sense.
  14. Im not sure. Could a "style sheet" be placed in the folder and all the images would automatically "look" at this to figure out their colors? The images are used by another application, not office or anything that might easily use style sheets...
  15. Hi I have around 1000 vector images (*.SVG). They have colors specifid in each one, but i would like to set up a "master-file" that specifies a couple of color-constants, so it's easier to change between colors. This would need the image files to "look" at that master file. Currently (some of the content of ) an image file looks like this: <ellipse id="Circle" fill="#5389A4" cx="12" cy="12" rx="10" ry="10"/> I would like to set up a "master-file" like define grey1 = #606060 define grey2 =#909090 The image file would then read something like: <ellipse id="Circle" fill="grey1" cx="12" cy="12" rx="10" ry="10"/> Is that doable? Thanks Erik