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  1. DeltaVee

    [web] Earn Your GDNet Stripes!!!

    Couple of things. No Chicks. No Beer. No Somethingorothergimmeeasecandillthinkofsomething. Other than that sweet and simple, not bad. Now where is my (Red) Stripe?
  2. DeltaVee

    what is scripting?

    SCripting is used to define the behaviour or set the rules of your game without having to recompile the whole application. Most scripting is text based and is fairly generic. Your game would have a script engine that would read in the script at run time, parse it and set up the game environment. Simple generic script. WHEN <CONDITION> PERFORM <ACTION> So in the case of Pong you could create the following script WHEN <BALL intersects LEFTWALL> PERFORM { SOUND PONG; XVel = -XVel}
  3. DeltaVee

    what 3dmodel format is easiest to read?

    .3ds is well documented. Most modelling packages will either import or export .3ds.
  4. DeltaVee

    bandwidth for MMORPG

    Wild approximation: Server to 1000 clients, 10 times a second at 100 bytes a packet is about 1 megabyte a second.
  5. DeltaVee

    Coin-op style subscription system

    Use a 'Game Card' system, this will reduce costs drastically, I don;t think youd get any payment vendor to allow transactions below a certain dollar limit. i.e. Each session costs 25 cents, but it is deducted from a prepaid debit account, the amount of which is decided by the player (minimum 5 dollars with increments of a dollar). This way you get the player commited for a minimum fixed amount with a guaranteed return until the credits run out (higher population), not to mention a higher revenue stream.
  6. Dusts off his Network Programming for Microsoft Windows TCP guarantees the order of individual packets sent UDP does not (doesn't even gaurantee arrival)
  7. Quote:Original post by Spoonbender Quote: I am fairly certain the instant I post this that someone else will correct me. You bet! [wink] hehe :P Quote:Original post by Spoonbender But from the point of view of your application, the packets will arrive in the order you sent them. Unless he is openning a socket then closing it for every packet.
  8. I am fairly certain the instant I post this that someone else will correct me. But the answer to your question is no there is no way to guarantee the order in which two separate TCP packets arrive. The reason for this is simple. Packet A may be routed via a distant satellite orbitting an entirely different planet and packet B gets routed via a router located next door to your, there for packet B gets to you first. You can get round this by using what I call meta packets, place all your order sensitive 'packets' into a stream and then send that. In fact this would be a more efficvient way of doing things. Look up the TCP protocol and you will see what I mean, there is a significant overhead to establishing a TCP connection. Which is why alot of people use UDP (for delta data).
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