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  1. Hi all,   I've been putting the steam controller though its paces in the last couple of months and while it was slow start its really growing on me. It's breathed new life into old favourites - halflife, quake 2, unreal & DN3d.   It took quite a bit of tweaking and practice but I'm at the point now where I can play any fps comfortably offline and online. I'm certainly at a slight disadvantage online but I think that is only naturally since I have 15 years+ with M+K. Flick headshots are possible and I can clearly see I'm making mistakes which overtime I can iron out.   I don't like the haptic feedback, I find it distracting so i turn it all off.   I've focused mainly on FPS games because I'm pretty sure other genres will work fine without practice.   There are a few advantages and disadvantages (ignoring the obvious benefit of sitting on a couch)   Advantages: Left analogue stick as a joystick for movement = 360 degrees of freedom rather than 8 (wasd). This is a lot nicer than it sounds, i recall historically with M+K if I had to back through a narrow space while targeting my enemy I would have to do an awkward combination of ASD to get through without clipping scenery. Gyro aiming has a natural "I am holding a gun" feeling to it, especially sniping. I have played through Delta Force 2 with great success. Its fun trying to keep your hands steady. Even though the mouse is more accurate it is more abstract, I think. I also gave house of the dead: overkill a run through with the gyro which gives a 1/2 decent light gun experience. Great for x-genre games e.g. GTAV.   Disadvantages: Trackpad + Gyro requires brain rewiring, rocket jumps & circle strafing are difficult to master but I think it is possible with enough practice. Large combo's (gripping lots of buttons simultaneously) can be quite crampy. Its generally harder to control the gyro if your prone to panick in a difficult firefight.   Unless I have no choice I think i'm going to go steam controller 100%. My next challenge is BF4 multiplayer (havent had access to this for some months)   Considering this is the first track pad / gyro combo controller I am very impressed. I cant wait until Valve take the community feedback and deliver a v2. I need 1 for my Wife anyway.   I am curious though, maybe someone can answer, the PS4 controller has a six axis gyro but I haven't heard of any games using it, why not?
  2. Riviera Kid

    Man vs Machine,The Hype: machine is beginning to win

    This just isn’t realistic. It takes years upon years, and invariably consumes all of your primary growth years (the years when you learn best), to get just where you are against humans. The best player can’t just retrain all of that. And by the time a new human could be “engineered” through focused training, the AI will have gotten better to the point of being humanly out-of-reach. L. Spiro     Ok, maybe a bit of stretch to guarantee victory but he certainly wont win with raw logic, he needs to think outside the box, its his only advantage.
  3. Riviera Kid

    How much is the lack of Comp Sci skills hurting the country?

      And a semi competent iPhone developer can earn £600 pd, a full stack web developer can earn £1000+ pd and a quant working in python and R can earn obscene amounts but, this has nothing to do with a skills shortage.  This is just because London salaries are driven up by the large banking & finance sector and also the large startup community with access to VC / Angel funding and US companies moving development here (Google, Facebook) because of a perceived shortage of skills in the US.   The same .Net dev living only 45 minutes away in Reading will be earning far less than £300 per day and moving further north to Sheffield would not be earning much more than a retail manager.     Perhaps we don't have the right recruitment strategy but we try our best to find good candidates. We don't filter CV's based on some preset criteria, we look at all them individually and see if they can fit the job.  What we find is that most people are ok but show a lack of interest and passion. They would rather work an easier job where they can still get £300 per day than a tough one on £350.  If we cant find the right type of person we simply won't fill the job. We also find that most of the best are coming from eastern Europe.   Wages are inflated but the skill shortage still exists. Bureaucratic / top heavy companies will continue to pay top dollar for crappy candidates of course. Hire for blame.
  4. Riviera Kid

    How much is the lack of Comp Sci skills hurting the country?

    Any semi competent .Net dev can get £300 per day in London. 
  5. Riviera Kid

    When is it ok to fail? When you are very rich.

      Google search was a single basket affair (still is basically, they make 95% of their revenue here). Everything is basically brand building / fan loyalty and large scale "we have lots of money to spend" type projects. I think the OP has a point. Blinded by money. Take it all away and they'd fail pretty fast and pretty permanently.   I think when a company is barely making a profit but also putting out innovative work, that is good work. These are the companies to listen to.   E.g. Spotify
  6. I didnt understand the end of Independance Day.   It looked like they lost to me. Many cities destroyed, Military crippled, still 10's of thoasands (if not 100,000's) of Aliens to kill.   I mean they only downed 1 of their main attack vessels and the mother ship. There were dozens more which probably learnt very quickly not to fire their main weapon.   How long would it have taken them to fix there power issues and restore shields? Not long imo. It was game over from the end.
  7. Riviera Kid

    Vanguard: SOH

    Quote:Original post by GroZZleR Is there anything interesting about Vanguard? I've heard about the combo / finishing move. Is it just another grind? Does combat have anything interesting about it? I'm not looking to just stand and wait for something to die - I want to be challenged. i think the more special moves you do in a row the better chance of a finisher. So far it seams you get more xp for completeing quests than you do for killing creatures. I havent spent any time leveling outside of quests. Exploring is fun.
  8. Riviera Kid

    Vanguard: SOH

    Hi, on the unified persistent mmorpg from Sigil I got locked and loaded yesteday morning. So far im rather happy. I wouldn't say this game is hardcore but it is hard. More thought is required. The quests while not complicated are more varied than than what i have experienced in the past (L2 EQ2). In future updates they hope to have sea battles (be a pirate), air battles and player based cities. Hopefully the playerbase will be large enough for what they plan. I feel this is why there is so much space (beautiful space) in the game atm. A good feature is increasing 'detection' stat when you look over the world from a high point (eg mountain edge). I havent done much with crafting but it is intruiging. I havent touched diplomacy yet. Vanguard has no instancing anywhere, i hate instancing so im happy, i feel it makes it less immersive. Did anyone read the 'out of the box' review on gamespy? clicky A very unprofessional article imo. Firstly they open up with stability and lag issues only to refute this AT THE END. Then they mention the game wont run well on their system. (perhaps they are sliding them bars all the way to the right (meant for future proofing like EQ2) 3.2 GHz Dell XPS 600 running two GeForce 6800 video cards in SLI (@ 1900 x 1200, lmao, fool) well on my system, 2duo 6400, x800xt, 1 gb ram i can crank to 'High' (vhigh/high/med/low/lowest) and get 20-30 fps (perhaps that will suffer when more players show up) @ 1680*1050. I put it to medium for the extra fps but i think it would be playable at high. Anyway it looks great on medium. It loads very fast aswell. And, im not 100% but i think it uses a heavily modified unreal engine 2. Or atleast it started from that and with support from epic it has been enhanced to near ue3 levels. The article claims ue3. Anywayz you would think these sites would think it a good idea, for mmorpgs as a whole, to split up the WOW playerbase so other avenues of gameplay can be explored and thus would beef the title up a bit in their reviews. What good can come from 8 million playing the same mmmorpg i cant imagine. I think vanguard has a 'hardcore' label because of the people involved which wont be good for popularity. Rant over. I reached level 10 last night, time for my horse. My player character is 'Vaan Gard' Cheers
  9. Riviera Kid

    CAS (Compiling Anxiety Syndrome)

    i make far too many syntax errors to ever be worried about a failed compile. Hell, if i have 10 syntax errors i recompile after each fix, lol, its a habbit i guess.
  10. Riviera Kid

    World peace: Is it worth it?

    a large scale application will never be 100% bugfree. the planet will never acheive 100% peace. i rock.
  11. Riviera Kid

    Half-Life 2

    i found HL2 to be rather ugly. I dont know about episode 1/2 but I heard since the introduction of dynamic light/shadows it isnt achieving the performance it did before.
  12. Riviera Kid

    US Navy and the Railgun

    how quickly can these bad boys fire?
  13. Riviera Kid

    What does English sound like?

    english sounds like your mothers in bed!:)
  14. Riviera Kid

    Why does this law affect so much?

    if i was them i would be dying for an excuse to change that crazy timetable. :D
  15. Riviera Kid

    XFPS 360: Xbox 360 keyboard/mouse adapter

    Quote:Original post by jfclavette WTF. This will be for another time. It's porn afternoon in the dorms or something, the connection is horrible. I still bow down to your skills in that 1-0 victory. [grin] @ViLio: The friends request seems to have gone trough AFAIK. Didn't know you could do it trough the Interwebsites. That's neat. my connection was spiking, not sure why its been good all afternoon and my house m8s arnt using the net. We will settle this fair and square eventually. right, time to learn the maps :)
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