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    Good FPS project name

    I'm not sure you understand quantum mechanics and quantum physics. They only apply to the tiniest particles. Unless your game is between atoms, molecules, or subatomic particles, QM and QP are irrelevant. No scientist can figure out how QM applies to the macro world, that's why people might talk about unifying QM and Relativity. Since your game takes place in Macro-space, I can't see how you could possibly fit QM in, other than cheap things like the Many-Worlds theory, and that's not really a new development for games or fiction anyway.
  2. scorchsaber

    Runescape-like graphics

    Quote:jagex use an inhouse manipluation of java script if i remember correctly. javascript is not a modeling program. I think you mean Java, which they used to code the game (but not to make the models). Edit: Interesting, no matter how many times I edit and capitalize the J in javascript, it becomes lower-case anyway.
  3. scorchsaber

    One Death is a Tragedy

    Quote: Quote: Original post by scorchsaber I'm not sure you could have chosen a better way to insult me. The intention was not to insult you. The intention was to remind you that people have different priorities, legitimately, and that you have no right to anger or to despise them for that. I do not despise anyone for it, my good friends did this. I do, however, get angry for that, and that is within my rights. Quote: Quote: I am irritated because people care about only the small things. Oh, I'm sorry, 31 people gunned down senselessly on a college campus, many of them just entering the prime of their lives, is a "small thing." Our collective bad. It is not just that. 32 is large, as news goes, but is not the only thing that I am frustrated at (thought it is what I vented at). It is, though, small in comparison to the rest of the world, and to america. More people die every day in Sudan alone. More people die from a lot of things, but human psychology forces us to focus on the (arguably) most irrelevant of all. It is over, and only somewhat preventable. Other things happen more often and with a higher death toll which can be prevented. Quote:The world is a sad, terrible place. You're not making it any better. You're adding to the problem by labeling and castigating any who disagree with your emphases. We're different - our specifics are very different - but our generalities are the same. None of us appreciate loss of life, but we (naturally, I might add) care more about those close to us by reason of blood ties or geographic proximity or national fealty. This is the entire basis of community/society! I would prefer an international community to a closed, national, one. I have not added to the problem: I have not killed anybody, I have not incited more killing. If I did add to the problem, it was a minor irritation, and virtually nothing in comparison to the event itself, or other events. Quote:Unbunch your panties. The overwhelming majority of your fellow Americans don't respect the media, either, are fundamentally decent people who abhor what is happening in Iraq (though they are also chronically under-informed), but maybe have to worry more about the child who enlisted or the parent who lost all medical coverage because some CEO and accountant played "funny numbers" with the books. I stopped being angry over a half-hour before I posted the thread. Furthermore, I am not American, I only live here. Also, personal family (which you refer to in your post) are different from unknown faces. I do not know the VT victims any more than the dead child in Baghdad, but I mourn them the same. If my mother died, I would mourn her more, it's true, but I knew nobody in VT, and neither did the majority of the people who made such an uproar over it. Quote:I understand your frustration and anger. I don't understand your targets or methods. I had neither a target or a method. My goal was to express my opinion, and find out what people thought of it, since what people think of it can drastically change my original opinion.
  4. scorchsaber

    One Death is a Tragedy

    The monkeysphere is common sense, however, I don't see why Americans are in it and not people from other countries as well. For me, at least, a death is worth the same no matter what country it's from, with the exception of my close family and friends, who are worth more. I don't think that the higher value of people you know personally can be avoided, but adding value only to people of your nation seems strage to me, and even angers me when it becomes so blatant.
  5. scorchsaber

    One Death is a Tragedy

    Quote:As an alternative to simply wearing nothing but black all the time, everyday,* people are selective in the expressions they show to honor the dead. Is this wrong? Well, we're sorry. Actually, the more likely outcome would not be constant sorrow, but less sorrow per event. Quote:But just as well, it is common in the area I live in to see not just T-shirts, but bumper stickers and ribbons and various other symbols to remember the dead. If a popular high school student is run over and killed by a drunk driver, the works are pulled out to honor him and the potential that he had. Those bumper stickers saying "Juan Juarez 1971-2003" (for example) usually stay on those cars, too. So you see them on the road for a long, long time. I have nothing against more sorrow over those close to you than those you don't know. There is no way around that. People you don't know are different, strange. They're numbers. I do have a problem with some numbers being worth more than others. I don't know the VT victims any better than the Baghdad victims, and so I don't see a reason to value them more.
  6. scorchsaber

    One Death is a Tragedy

    Quote:Anyways, I think the news corporation just publishes/reports what makes them money since they are money grubbing corporations in the end. This goes back to slayemin's point that it is the public which gives the media money. It was also the public which cried against the video showing, unfortunately, not the majority of the public. We do share a lost of the responsibility, but not all of it, as far as I'm concerned. Capitalism does not absolve the media of all blame.
  7. scorchsaber

    Couple of C# questions

    I could be wrong, but I'd say that they would use templates (don't they call them Generics in C#?) to teach the concepts better, or be more dynamic.
  8. scorchsaber

    One Death is a Tragedy

    Quote:Why are you obsessing over people's selective emotional response to events? You have no response, fine. But realize and accept that people can't respond to everything, nor can they respond to nothing. I am not obsessing, but I do complain, and I complain because it angers me. Quote:You've selected some things to care about. Great. Other people have selected other things to care about. Great. You're irritated that people care about the things they care about but not the things you [pretend to?] care about. Lame. I'm not sure you could have chosen a better way to insult me. I am irritated because people care about only the small things. I realize that this is part of who we are, as a species. We can't focus on the large things, it becomes numbers. I can't say that thirty-two isn't a number to me as well. I can say, however, that a 10-seond spot on TV for the 200 deaths among the hours upon hours of VT coverage angered me. It is not that I am angry that people don't care about the things I do, it is that I am angry that the world, or at least America, is so unjust about who is important, and who isn't. I am angry, or was angry, not because my view differed, but because the view of the media was so obviously twisted. Quote: People tend to care more about more local events. US people care more when US people die, people in Iraq care more when Iraqis die. It doesn't seem fair, but on the other hand it isn't any more fair to expect everyone in the world to mourn every time someone, somewhere dies. Seems morally complicated to me, anyway. It is certainly not in any way equal to expect equality, as to force inequality, among news coverage.
  9. scorchsaber

    Couple of C# questions

    Quote:1. How do I include multiple files (that i've made)? #include (unsurprisingly) doesn't work, and i can't find anything on the internet about how to include other files, mabye it's considered a trivial point or maybe i'm rubbish at searching. the keyword in C# is using. I have no clue about the second. It's possible that they are referring to the C# 1.0/1 interface, but I've never used C# 1.0 or 1.1.
  10. scorchsaber

    One Death is a Tragedy

    Why is it that students all around me are wearing orange, red, and whatever colors? Why? They are respecting the dead of the Virginia Tech Massacre, so I'm told. Respecting the dead. What about the 200 that died the day after? I see no respect for them. I see no people even mentioning it, instead, we hear of the people that died at VT. The students that died at VT. Where 200 men, women, and children died in Iraq, 32 men and women died in VT. What makes those 32 worth more than those 200? Was it that they were younger? No, it can't be, there were children among the 200. Was it that they weren't expected to die? Maybe. Maybe that's why some people think that they are worth more mourning than the 200 dead in Iraq. "People die in Iraq all the time, it's no big deal". I guess there was truth in the quote, "1 death is a tragedy, a million deaths is just a statistic". And yet people died. Expecting it or not, the loss of human life is a tragedy. An equal tragedy, no matter whose life was lost. Over 6 times as many people died in Iraq. That's six times the tragedy. Six times the tragedy, yet but one hundredth of the media attention, one thousandth of the attention of the People. Maybe, also, it was that those 32 lives were American. American students, American deaths, surely this makes it an American tragedy? No! Those 32 deaths were a tragedy for humanity, and we must all mourn their loss. And yet those 200 deaths were a greater tragedy, and no one mourns them but the families of those forgotten victims. Each death is a loss, and yet there is no loss greater apparent to Americans than the loss of 32 VT students, when 200 more losses lie across the ocean. I feel no greater pull for an American victim than to a Canadian victim, to a French victim, to an Iraqi victim. They are all deaths, and equally tragic. No amount of patriotism can account for only caring about American victims. Out of these two possible reasons, none are soely responsible. American centricism has a lare part to play, but so does the ignoring of the often, probably the biggest culprit. More people died in the month of September, 2001 due to car accidents, than due to the 9/11 disaster. But there will be no memorial for the regular, constant flow of death via automobile. There will be no recognition for the incessant suicides and overdoses. There will be no attention paid to the constant fatalities from malnourishment. Recently, I have tried to think why these are not worthy. The answer, in its base, is psychology. People are more shocked by what happens all at once, and suddenly, than by what happens regularly and often little-by-little. This by itself is not enough, of course. The media feed on this, and make it worse and worse. When a better story comes up than the day-to-day, constant stream of death in the middle east, they will jump on it. They feel that nobody cares about Sudan, so it never makes the front page. If it suits the public more, then they would rather show the death of a celebrity than the death of 50 no-named arabs. Instead of serving the public good, they serve their own good. I was never one to complain about media-this and media-that. God knows, the media has been beneficial in many cases. Without the media, there wouldn't be as much knowledge as we have about the world at large. The problem is that the media isn't always beneficial. This horrific act, the death of 32 victims, is cheapened by it's raising to a legendary status. It's victims are insulted by the media shark-fest that produced the killer's reasoning. The 200 that died in Iraq, similarly, are left ignored, to rot in another country.
  11. scorchsaber

    Java Game Design

    Ah- I feel quite the noob here. You see, I just wing it. ;)
  12. scorchsaber

    Python questions

    Quote:What makes it so easy to use? A combination of a "batteries included" API and easy-to-read code. Things like forced indentation really help, in my opinion, and everything is always easy to use. Reflective code? one function call away. File IO? One function call away. Databases? Import the built-in module sqlite. I find it more useful than other programming languages in most of what I do, though there are always reasons not to use it, depending on the situation. Quote:Why dont more people use if its so good? I'd say that "old habits die hard". That aside, Google uses it, which is major in itself, as did Civilization IV on the game side of things. In fact, Python is the 7th most popular language according to TIOBE's TPCI. Quote:What major diffrences would make someone choose C++ over Python? Speed and flexibity are Python's field. When I say "speed", I mean speed of writing, not execution. C++ is useful for all things that need runtime speed, but Python is useful where you need to be able to change your code easily, run it across different platforms, or simply make a quick solution to a small problem. So when somebody chooses C++ over Python, they want it for something like a physics engine, or a major number-crunching program. Quote:Is python capable of making a game much like Illusions of Gaia? I see no reason why not. Quote:What sorts of things in python not make people want to use it as there dominant programming language. Some people simply don't like Python, and that's always the case for programming languages. Other people have no need for it, and all of their code is for speed of execution.
  13. scorchsaber

    Some help making a game...

    Hi, and welcome to the world of programming. :) I found that during my first 6 months of learning, I didn't know much. I would think I did, and then, eventually, I hit a point where I suddenly went from a person that thought he knew stuff to a person that knew he didn't know stuff, and that made all the difference in the world when I tried to learn. I think that you are already at, or at least close to, the point where it becomes much easier to learn. I, personally, disagree with your language of choice. I also disagree with the time period you've set yourself (I don't think it will take that long for a game, assuming you don't try to do it exactly like the professionals do). I think my advice is to not try anything big. Don't try to make a game right away, and when you do, start with small games. I can't offer you specific advice as to how to learn C#, except that you should definitely read articles, and get an IRC client. Join a #Csharp channel of some kind, and get your problems solved there (and on this forum, especially when it pertains to things like DirectX, Physics, etc.). When you think you've grasped the programming language enough to make games (that might take a bit, I don't remember too well, but it took me well over even a couple of months), then look into the DirectX managed SDK, and SDL.NET, if they now offer tutorials for .NET 2.0. And then, with some games, it may be just as simple to use the non-hardware-accellerated drawing API, system.drawing, which uses GDI+. Above all, try to have fun. I hope I helped.
  14. scorchsaber

    creating shortcuts with python

    "IShellLink interface now supported in the "" extension, which allows Python to create and/or resolve Windows "shortcut" files." Edit: Ayg, you beat me.
  15. scorchsaber

    can you help me out

    Quote:there are educational versions you can obtain Last time I checked there was a free educational version which rendered watermarked images, and only exported an educational-only file format. I too, suggest trying something else. When learning to model, I used a nifty program called Anim8or, which has gotten better since I last used it (though nowhere near Maya or 3DS Max :P).
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