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    4x Games

    A really good 4X is Space Empires. I only played the demo version, but it drew me in quite quickly. Some of my classmates used to play OGame during lectures earlier this year. I wonder how the lecturer felt that half the class thought OGame more appealing than Genetic Algorithms. [grin]
  2. Nomad010


    I've had that same problem and also run a dual boot, though in some instances I found that it was once and in others it prompted me to format and re-install.
  3. Nomad010


    ... Wow.
  4. Nomad010


    Your new title sounds like a line from 'Oni.'
  5. Nomad010

    I'm Back...

    *fixed Thanks, I hadn't thought about that.
  6. Nomad010

    I'm Back...

    Yo Everyone It's been about 8 months since I last updated this thing. A lot has happened since then. I'm at university now at the University of Cape Town studying mainly Maths and Physics, although with one of my electives I'm doing a couple of Computer Science. The traditional computer science course is Java, but this year their running a first semester only, test course on Python for all those familiar with Java. Things have been going well, although some of the lecturers are completely hopeless at explaining things. Especially in our Modelling course where we have to learn to model in Matlab. The only problem is that he goes too fast for people who have never used a computer before or have had very little experience(of which there are quite a lot, probably the majority) and too slow for anyone who has programmed in anything before. He also spents ages on things that are intuitive and everyone grasps and then goes on to glance over really difficult things. *sigh* Oh well. Our second term project for Python was very interesting. It was a Battleships game. It was split up into three parts: the server, the client and the AI client. Doing each was an 'experience' to say the least. At the end we had a tournament of our AI's. I came 8th out 10 contestants. The main 'thing' about my AI was not its AI abilities, but rather it's ability to have pluggable AI using dynamic importing. By the way, to anyone thinking of doing 3D graphics in Python: DO NOT USE THE VISUAL MODULE. It's hopelessly slow and the GUI is buggy and isn't very good for building UI's on top of it. It's near the end of the first semester so we're currently in the middle of mid-year exams. I've only got two more left to write as of writing this. After that I'll have 6 weeks of free time. I plan on taking a small trip for a few days to a game reserve or safari or something. I also plan on doing work on my 4E5 entry. That's right I'm entering the 4E5 competition. So far I haven't decided on exactly what to do. Right now I'm going back and forth between RPG and RTS. Before I knew about 4E5, I had originally intended to work on an RTS. Well, space-RTS so I didn't have much in the way of graphics for land and stuff like that. In fact. I'd say space games are the easiest to make graphics for. Spaceships can be the easiest models to make(EG: Battle of the Borg!), but I'm guessing its also probably the hardest to make good models for. There are a couple of flaws in current RTS game idea as well so I think I probably won't be doing RTS. My other idea, the RPG, is graphically-based on Betrayal at Krondor. The game would have the same sort of look and feel. There would be a great deal more 2D graphics than 3D graphics which I feel more confident with. I'm pretty sure I've got all the E's over here. Well, almost all of them. I've just got to think think of a way to incorporate emotion into the story. I'll be sure to post screenies as I get them. [smile]
  7. Nomad010


    Quote:Original quote by evolutional f*** *** ****s My exact sentiments about the school I was just at last year. They blocked Gamedev as well. However, the webmaster was sort of, well, a lazy bum who preferred to use MSN Messenger than actually teach us. He was so effective at teaching that the number of Higher Grade Computer Studies students dropped from 25 to 5.
  8. Nomad010

    New semester

    Your avatar shows that you are still recovering from the effects of New Year's.
  9. Nomad010

    Usage Control

    I am not really a genius of the way of the Game Protection, but I was thinking about this and I came up with a method that I have no idea if it will work or not. Here it is: When you load the executable file, it looks in some of the data files for an exact replica of the executable. So, at any one time you have two copies of the executable. The executable would then copy over a new version of the program except it would have a 'timed lease' of probably a minute. If the executable is run within the time period it would go onto the game. If it wasn't, it would fall back and get a new executable with a new 'timed lease.' Then you could also add some CD Protection to it so that it would only run with the CD. The advantages of this method is that a hacker would have to dig through your data files and your program to disable the system. Any crack that was not 'designed' for that type of encryption would make be over-ridden when the program gets a new exectuable. However, I'm guessing this could be overcome by carefully studying your program and finding out how to disable or tamper with lease on both the executable and the data files. Anyway, I'm guessing this is a pretty poor method seeing that I know nothing about this topic. EDIT: Maybe I should read the posts before I post. Having two versions of the game has been said, but not in the way I am describing. EDIT2: Another approach would be to give the game out for free, but make multiplayer the main focus of the game and sell accounts rather than games(Though I'm guessing this is not really that type of game). EDIT3 (This is the final edit, I swears it, I think): Maybe letting a couple of versions of alphas and betas get 'cough' leaked. This would be like advertising for your game and company. For free(if it was a free beta)! Or how about leaking a version of the game that stops with a massive cliffhanger. Just tell the user that your game had caused a legitimate error and that they should contact EDI with their CD Key(or something) in handy to process it. This should get a couple of the pirates to buy a version of the game, hopefully.
  10. Nomad010

    nice =)

    Yay for you!
  11. Nomad010

    A Note On Absence

    It does. Ramblings and nonsensical things, my favourite.
  12. Nomad010


    I've already finished working on your first advert.
  13. Nomad010

    I'm back...

    Well, I'm back after a month of work on projects and other stuff. It was tough. Gosh, the teacher was like threatening us with everything to get us to hand our projects on time. Well, I did hand in 100 out of 120 marks on time and I negotiated to hand in the other 20 marks the following school day. The main project took the form of a chess program. I learnt two things in that project: Java is not the language for making AI and such in chess games, especially the type I chose. Determining check mate in a chess game really put a lot of strain on the processor if you're not using any form of AI. This entire thing counted 70 out of 120 marks. There also had to be a System Development Document, Technical Document and a User Document. All in all, I had about a 150 pages of documentation. This was thanks to the Code Listing being about 60 pages as well as the Javadoc being about 40 pages. In fact, we had to get a new printer to handle this. The group project was a Java Performance Benchmark tester package. My package was the physical program itself. The program basically calculated and drew a simple Mandelbrot fractal to the screen, similar to the one further down, and recorded some information about your machine into a database. My research project was basically an essay on encryption methods and such. Kinda technical for school level and yet very simplistic. I've had plenty of other non-computer related projects to get through as well. Good thing is all of my hard work throughout the year has paid off. I came first in the class for Computer Studies Higher Grade. This, however, is not very difficult if your entire CS HG class consists of five people. Most of whom, do not work very hard. I think I got close to about 90% for the year and exams. Anyway, enough of school. During the past year or so I have worked with a friend on a game (currently) called 'INSERT_YOUR_OWN_NAME_HERE.' It does actually have a name but I am to lazy to find out what actually is called. I have been doing work for making the game more script and trigger related and things like that. I'd love to upload it now but I don't know if I want to make an installer for it. There is another brilliant problem being that uses WAV files for music and a few AVI files for intros and credits making it over 200MB big. The music is not a problem as I have figured out a way to play MP3s from the Delphi TMediaPlayer component. Anyway, here are some in-game screenshots. There are plenty of other screenshots from earlier versions but I don't have those so you'll have to wait for the next instalment of my journal. Also, here is a sample track from the game. NOTE: This track was not made by me. This game has gone through a lot of transformations and is pretty different from the very first. There is still a couple of bugs to iron out. However, as soon as I have gotten it 'suitable' for a live internet audience I will put on the Gamedev.net Showcase. Gotta love being a GDNet+ Subscriber. Also, I have decided to discontinue my RTS project due to it being a bit out of my league. I am confident about it in code, but I am not confident about it in the art department. I would rather work without an artist and build up the art skills first. When I have done that I will be, hopefully, continuing it again. When the Delphi version is done I will make a C++ clone of my friend's game. The art may be (not-so-bad) programmer art but at least it's done and I don't have to worry about it. I will probably improve a few of the things. I will probably make it using DX9. Hopefully, this will decrease the flicker that is sometimes evident on the Delphi version. Also, my final exams are right around the corner. Next week I write English and I've already written my Computer Studies Practical Exam(if you can even call it an exam, way too easy). Anyway, bye for now. PS: Comments, suggestions.
  14. Nomad010

    One year anniversary

    I think it's amazing to have lost so much weight! Your before and after pictures look totally different. Well Done!
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