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  1. What games would you most like a clone of?

    [quote name='Koobazaur' timestamp='1314364497' post='4854039'] Tribes 2, particularly because the game has been long gone and nothing else really lived up to that kind of gameplay. But Tribes Ascend looks promising, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic. [/quote] I know, and agree with, what you are saying. But Tribes 2 is still alive and well as TribesNext I hope with my entire being that Tribes Ascend will be a good succesor, but I fear and suspect that it won't
  2. Post your website, get candy

    My website: http://j-software.dk
  3. Internet Bandwidth

    I pay ~ 2 USD for 100Mbps up/down per month, unlimited(single connection shared with 200 other apartments) I love living in a dormitory Sharing it with that many is surprisingly rarely a problem you can feel Can't wait for the day where I can get away from the NAT though
  4. Hoy es mi cumpleaños!

    Yo quiero Café!
  5. Im sorry, I am stressed

    [quote name='Bow_vernon' timestamp='1305301414' post='4810263'] thx guys, I feel like a high wall is obstructing my way. and no matter how hard I try to crush it, it wont budge. I feel so limited... [/quote] A wise, and terribly drunk person once said: The walls in life are there to keep the others out!
  6. Mindfuck trick

    The real question is: what is this a viral marketing advertisement for? Just think about the liquid mountaineering videos -> an ad for runners shoes
  7. Linux is a LIE

    [quote name='Eelco' timestamp='1299341071' post='4782085'] As an introduction, ive always been an exclusively windows user. Not for any particular reason; im just not into system administration. The less time I spend on it the better, so that pretty much makes one use a single operating system. Which due to historical reasons, happened to be windows. Now, that has worked just fine for me up until now, but at my new job I find that many people are using unix stuff, so im going to have to bite the bullet and learn a new paradigm that I dont care about sooner or later, I figured. I was actually kinda looking forward to it. Even though I dont care for knowing all the innards of my operating system, id been told this was optional nowadays with linux... - [/quote] I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX
  8. Ahh the good old Paypal proof of non-profit requirement. They always send it at the worst possible time
  9. What is bigger?

    [quote name='frob' timestamp='1297724500' post='4774282'] [quote name='Tachikoma' timestamp='1297700136' post='4774134'] I think the whole exercise is meaningless; this is like comparing Chuck Norris with Vien Diesel, or pirates with ninjas, or cats with dogs, and so on. [/quote] Plural Ninjas > Chuck >= Diesel > single ninja > pirates > cats > dogs > NULL [/quote] Where do hard cats and long dogs fit into that?
  10. What is bigger?

    Your question in highly dependent on platform. But close to everywhere nan will be biggest On my current platform this: [code] writeln('Nil(0): ',sizeof(nil),'(',sizeof(0),')'); writeln('NaN: ', sizeof(nan)); [/code] writes: Nil(0): 4(1) NaN: 10
  11. hai

    Who are you calling an idiom?!
  12. Operating system and BIOS

    Many pmode graphics drivers need a copy of the reset bios for it's initialization, for example. To do that they need to call routines in the bios. Some pmode graphics drivers even use VBE calls to do it's modesetting
  13. What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    Looks good. It seems a lot more complex than the old one
  14. how much do you know about China?

    I know that the top level government is run like a technocracy, but I recently learned that state level government was run like a democracy. That surprised me a lot, since I've always slightly believed the popular western image of China as a dictatorship I also learned that the amount of people living in poverty has decreased a lot since the technocracy was put into effect In short, I think China is heading the right way if the government keep being benevolent. The population and poverty levels need to sort themselves out, and they probably couldn't do that in a democracy Your dealings with Tibet and Taiwan are a bit weird though... Especially Taiwan. I have no clue why that is so big a deal to you
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