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    Vegas007 is finally released.

    Simply outstanding. What an idea you have here. I will almost gaurantee that with the right marketing, it can be one of the top online poker games. I enjoyed playing this thoroughly. Although, the dealer was kinda scary looking. GREAT JOB
  2. USArmyMortars

    Who wants a tutorial to make a game

  3. USArmyMortars

    Using Classes

    Think about the examples above. Just create one class. Then use private member variables to hold the class information (i.e. strength, dextarity, vitality, magic). Now use 'setters and getters' Put these FUNCTIONs in the public section of the class. Create a class.h (or whatever you wish to name it) to hold your class declaration: class Class_Name{ private: int strength; public int get_Strength(); //Getter void set_Strength(int new_strength); //Setter } Now, create a class.cpp (or whatever you wish to name it) to hold your class definitions: #include "class.h" //your class header //getter int Class_Name::get_Strength() { return strength; } //setter void Class_Name::set_Strength(int new_strength) { strength = new_strength; } Now just add all the other class data in this one, and you should be golden! I hope you have a good understanding [smile]
  4. USArmyMortars

    My first text-game ever......

    Ah, that makes more sense. I, as well as a a few others, had thought that you meant a computer virus. Well, good luck with your graphical journey. I hope you achieve success!
  5. USArmyMortars

    Using Classes

    Ok, basically, a 'Class' is a glorified 'Struct'. The only major differences are Encapsulation and it allows functions as well. Encapsulation is the ability to deem members of the class private or public whereas a private member can only be access from inside the class, and a public member can be accessed anywhere. Example class Point{ private: int x, y; public: void set(int new_x, int new_y); int get_x(); int get_y(); }; Point cPoint; cPoint.x = 2; // ERROR.. cannot access this member because it is private cPoint.y = 3; // ERROR.. cannot access this member because it is private cPoint.set(2,3); // This will work because it is a Public function of the class Now, a class also provides you with the ability to create functions that are specific to that class only. For example class Point{ private: int x, y; public: void set(int new_x, int new_y); //This is a class function declaration int get_x(); int get_y(); }; void Point::set(int new_x, int new_y) //this is a class function definition { x = new_x; //This sets the Private member 'x' to the passed parameter 'new_x' y = new_y; //This sets the Private member 'y' to the passed parameter 'new_y' } The reason why i was able to set the Private members of the class is because it is being done within the class itself (void Point::set(int new_x, int new_y)) I hope that helps!
  6. USArmyMortars

    My first text-game ever......

    Quote:Original post by drjulio2002 about that virus program reproduction that suppose to be a OpenGL screen saver that I'm planing to make when I learn OpenGL that illustrates a Virus how it reproduces itself, well I'll tell you guys more about it later Well, you might want to consider explaining this now, because this is grounds for a quick ban.
  7. USArmyMortars

    OpenGL Beginning OpenGL Linking Error

    Make sure you are NOT deleting dynamically allocated variables that are not declared.
  8. USArmyMortars

    a very interesting read regarding carrying guns

    This guy, by the way the writer explained him, seemed too hard headed and intoxicated to stop. He was obviously heated about being punked out inside the bar, and being owned outside of the bar infront of all those people. I too have 10 1/2 years of Tae-Kwon-Do under my belt. I retired as a 2nd Degree black belt and took overall 1st place at the 1996 UTF National Championships. I was invited to the Junior Olympics, but my parents turned down the offer due to my lack of productivity in junior highschool. They now say it was the biggest mistake of their lives.. who would have thought. Anyways, with all that uber training of mine.. I still carry a Springfield Ultra Compact .45 cal on me at all times incase of a freak event happening like that. Even with all my training, the guy with the knife will always have better odds. But, I do think that in that situation, yes, shoot to incapacitate. There was no need to kill the man. He was obviously drunk, and Im sure he had one hell of a hangover afterwards. [Edited by - USArmyMortars on December 21, 2004 8:55:57 PM]
  9. USArmyMortars


  10. USArmyMortars

    Difficult Itches

  11. USArmyMortars

    American Soldier

    Quote:Original post by etothex Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Though I don't agree with the war on Iraq and frankly have a great contempt for this administration and their (lack of) actions, soldiers I feel do deserve respect that they volunteer to put their lives on the line anytime their country deems it necessary (whether or not it's actually necessary is another debate). We want them all to come home and therefore we protest on the streets, call television and radio stations to voice our people and even get on internet forums to discuss our viewpoints on why a certain political tactic or action is right or wrong. We should not however compare a soldier to a terrorist. The US Army does not equal Al-Qaeda. Soldiers do not get together, plan for a year, and slam F-16s into the pyramids, for example. You may not like what a soldier has done or the work they do, but they're soldiers and when given an order it's their job to carry out. That's what the military is about. If you don't like it, then vote for new officials and get more politically involved. Bravo. This is like the best articulated, logical post in 4 pages. I usually try and stay out of discussions like these, but I think it's time I posted. It seems to me that the crux of the problem is that there's a failure of understanding and communication on both sides over the disagreement with the war and disliking the soldiers. The fact is, Americans tend to associate disapproval of a war (or even worse, disapproval of politicians) with disapproval of the soldiers. And the anti-war people never, ever seem to be able to articulate the difference. When someone says that they disapprove of the war/killing of civilians/etc/, they're _not_ necessarily (can't speak for everyone) saying they don't think the troops are doing a courageous thing, volunteering. Before anyone jumps on me, I should say that, personally, I believe that: 1. The administration should admit there were no WMDs or ties to al-qaeda in Iraq. The election's over. It can't hurt. 2. Troops shouldn't have to do more than 3 rotations in Iraq. At least, if they are, the administration shouldn't spread bs that the army is too big already 3. The administration should quash the rumors of an invasion of Iran. It's keeping people from (re-)enlisting 4. Regardless of if you think the Iraq war was necessary, the U.S. is less safe than it was before. Our military is weaker, support for al-qaeda has grown, and the international community is unlikey to come to our aid even in a real emergency 5. The troops should be treated as heroes when they come home. There was a lot of unwarranted hostility to vietnam vets when they got home, let's not repeat that now. This is to etothex and Alpha_ProgDes... Thank you so much for understanding. etothex: I agree completely with your reply, and your's too is also one of the best and most articulated posts I have yet to see on these GDNet Forums about this subject. [EDIT]Thank you sir for making me feel a whole hell of alot better about my future deploment.[/EDIT] [Edited by - USArmyMortars on December 19, 2004 1:21:54 PM]
  12. USArmyMortars

    American Soldier

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi The notion that a citizen of one country should respect all of the world's soldiers holds on a certain abstract sense, but not in the middle of a conflict. Is this ideal? Of course not, but it's the way it is. If a soldier of the "other side" should be injured during combat, he is taken to a hospital and given medical attention, even though he is a POW. If a soldier of our side encounters a passive civilian, he does not harm the civilian. These are aspects of the Rules of Engagement. Are you going to argue, for instance, that the "terrorists" would have let American civilians be in a declared conflict? (I'll ignore the glaringly obvious fact that they specifically targeted civilians in an undeclared conflict on September 11, 2001.) You're reaching. Please stop. You're smarter than this! Oluseyi, I would like to thank you for pointing that out.
  13. USArmyMortars

    Your favorite American beer.

    Gotta love Samuel Adams [smile]
  14. USArmyMortars

    American Soldier

    Quote:Original post by C-Junkie Quote:Original post by USArmyMortars Ok, im going to depart from this thread due to the fact that I AM in the US Military, and I have already had 4 CLOSE friends die in Iraq. I really do get sick of some of the members shunning soldiers. We're the people that'd rather your four friends were still alive, why the resentment? This is exactly why: Quote:Original post by Raduprv Quote:Original post by USArmyMortars because they SERVE their country. What dont you get. They do? How? Bye. Thanks everyone.
  15. USArmyMortars

    American Soldier

    Ok, im going to depart from this thread due to the fact that I AM in the US Military, and I have already had 4 CLOSE friends die in Iraq. I really do get sick of some of the members shunning soldiers.
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