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  1. Any examples or tutorials in C# for this pixel shader way?
  2. Any examples on this?
  3. With this, is it still possible to resize the button in runtime?
  4. probelm with the Sample FrameWork is that you can't change much about the buttons... what you see is what you get. or am i wrong here, can i completely edit the look and feel of them?
  5. I need a way to be able to draw a rectangle or a rounded rectangle(prefered) in my scene. I'm trying to create buttons on the scene to be able to click or toggle threw. I'm using D3D because i also want to be able to do effects on these buttons. Like translucency and maybe lighting effects later on. Can anyone help with this? I'm useing C# to write it all in. I'm trying to stay away from loading up a bitmap for this, because i want the button to be able to be sized on runtime if it needs to be. I really like the way the Media Center Buttons are in this link. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/experiencemore/morefun/watch.mspx
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