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    I'm using blitzbasic
  2. azari


    Hello all. I was just wondering, what sort of(if any) exporters exist for 3d studio max for exporting to the .BSP file format. All responses appreciated, thanks in advance, John / Azari
  3. Quick question to all: What are some basic theory/ideas on how (in an FPS environment) to calculate bullets and targets. IE: when I fire a bullet, how do I know what it hit? How do I know if it shot someone in the head, or hit a tree behind them? Just curious, because I couldnt think of a good way myself :S
  4. Hey all. I just need some crits on my site template that I made, because I want to make it as good as I can. http://teralink.ca/
  5. azari

    Biohazard Forums

    Biohazard forums is a place for computer developers based out of British Columbia, Canada. So far, it is rather small, but the members are helpful, and knowledgable. With areas to talk about overclocking, modding, games, and other such topic, Biohazard Forums is a great place to talk about computers with friendly people. Well, on to a link... http://biohazard.blacklighthosting.com/index.php Hope to see y'all around!
  6. Hey there! I am working on my website, and I need it to look in a folder, and pull out the most recently added/modified file and display it on the page. So far, I got it to display the image with "alphebetical priority" (shows the image that is first in alphebetical order). I use the following code to get THAT image: function listdir($dir) { function ls_recursive($dir) { if (is_dir($dir)) { $dirhandle=opendir($dir); while(($file = readdir($dirhandle)) !== false) { if (($file!=".")&&($file!="..")) { $currentfile=$dir.$file; if (!$i) $i = 0; $dir_array[$i] = $currentfile; $i++; if(is_dir($currentfile)) { ls_recursive($currentfile); } } } } return $dir_array; } $dir_array = ls_recursive($dir); return $dir_array[0]; } I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to find out which file was modified the most recently so that I can finish off my site.
  7. azari

    Shooting game ideas

    Thanx for the input! I do not mean co-op as in deathmatch...I mean it as in actually playing singleplayer missions. IE, let's say team A needs to Steal some documents, eliminate an anti air missle and blow up a building...team B needs to protect the encampment(aam + building), and seek out all OpForce and destroy them. Missions could be played in succesion (IE, as in sp, but with live people instead of ai), as well as quickplay modes.
  8. Ok…I am creating an fps, and I _think_ I have some cool, “new” ideas. Please do not steal them >.>. Anyways, here they are: Re-spawn->Reinforcements (Multiplayer) Basically, instead of dying and staying dead, or automatically re-spawning, I thought to go a little more realistic. Basically, when you die you enter “spectator mode” until a timer counts down and “reinforcements” arrive, at which point you enter the game at a secure location. I know it is not a major change to anything, but I think that it gives the player a chance to plan their next move. Melee system (Single player/Multiplayer) My idea of a melee system is as follows. When you have no weapon equipped, you can do moves with the mouse buttons and the jump and duck buttons (IE, right mouse + left mouse = rabbit punch; Duck + left mouse = uppercut). Now, I know that this might get complicated for the beginner fps player, but it is easy to master, and u can have some melee fun. Co-op(Multiplayer) Not just your average co-op mode for multiplayer. The enemies are human players too. Each side has a mission to accomplish, and the other team is the OpForce (opposing force). If you have anything that you think would be really cool, or if you would like to comment on the ideas I have, please post. Thanx. ~Azari
  9. azari

    My Forums

    Hello all! I just recently got my forums up. They are multimedia development based, as well as containing information about my primary projects(still to be posted btw) Rising Vengeance. Anyways, if u got a min, please sign up. http://azarus.leafo.net/forums/ PS. sorry, I can't remember how to do clicky links...
  10. azari

    Weapon references

    Hi. I too was looking for gun reference, and then I found this site: http://world.guns.ru/ It's got info(caliber, muzzle length, etc), as well as pictures for hundreds of guns. It is simply amazing, it is avaliable in russian and english. Enjoy :)
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