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  1. Pxtl

    2D .NET Game library?

    Quote:Original post by HopeDagger Take a glance at the Trans2D library, which is a nice wrapper over Managed DirectX for easy-to-use 2D graphics development. Hoping for something platform agnostic. Trans2d is dead sexy, but I'd like to be able to run my apps on *nix.
  2. Pxtl

    2D .NET Game library?

    That's just what I wanted to hear. I'd some funky stuff with particle-trails in mind, but 120 objects shouldn't strain things at all, and rocket trails don't need rotation. And I already know C# and want to use Nemerle, but I think I might stick to C# for the better IDE support.
  3. Pxtl

    2D .NET Game library?

    Quote:Original post by Rob Loach The question you should be asking is "C# or Python". Both SDL.NET and PyGame use SDL for rendering so it doesn't really matter, although SDL.NET deals with a more high-level interface than PyGame and, of course, is CLS-compliant. Since you're coming from Visual Basic, C# might be a better step forward then Python. A lot is planned for the upcoming release... Later on, after you're comfortable with SDL.NET, you could take a look at Boo, a CLS-compliant Python-inspired programming language. Check out SDL.NET SimpleExample using Boo. I've heard that an addin for Visual Studio is in development [cool]. I've been considering Nemerle instead of C# actually, but I was hoping for proper IDE bindings. C# is so much better supported by IDEs.
  4. Pxtl

    2D .NET Game library?

    to clarify - my VB game was 5 years ago. I spent those 5 years getting my computer engineering degree. I'm coming from C++ and Python - but yes, I found that Pygame was quite slow in software mode - rendering some 100 small tiles once per frame had a limited framerate. I was wondering if there was anything platform-agnostic and yet fast.
  5. I'm getting back into gamecrafting after about a 5 year hiatus. My last game was VB sprite game - this time through I'm using C# and want to make it compatible with opensource platforms, so directX and suchlike is out. I'm considering SDL.NET, but I had bad experiences with PyGame being slow as molasses in the anything but the hardware mode that most guides say not to use.
  6. Hooray for oversized textures - now our videogames can require multiple DVD's of game data! Yippeee! I'm having bad memories of logging on to Unreal Tournament servers and being faced with 20 minutes of downloads - for skins, of all things. Lossy texture compression and procedural textures are the future. On that subject, are there any hardware architectures that allow for varying level-of-detail in the texturemap i.e. storing it in a quadtree instead of bitmap (not just mipmapping)?
  7. Pxtl

    How can I start?

    Could fork Dia - the GPL half-assed copy of Visio. Its already got many of the features you describe. Of course, then your product would be GPL, I think. Pretty sure Dia is GPL. Still, its possible to sell GPL products for cash - to an end user, it might be more trouble than its worth to hack together a free reimplementation using your source and custom grapics libraries.
  8. Look up Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in C++" - its a free online pdf C++ book that intelligently explains _why_ you should use C++ features and discusses how to actually code in C++. Fundamentally, C++ is two things: a) a superset of C b) a compiled OOP language that is backwards-compatible with C. Learn to think of it as b).
  9. Pxtl

    Why are 17" monitors 16"?

    Pardon my non-PC terminology, but there's one problem with the gibi/giga thing: when you say "gibi" you sound like a 'tard. At any rate, who's gonna apologise for the 1.44MB floppy, with "megabytes" of 1024000 bytes? And besides, haven't we moved on from the "byte" as a unit of measurement? It made sense when architectures were 8-bit and everyone was coding text in ascii, but in the modern system of unicode and multi-byte architectures, using bytes as the base unit of measurement seems kinda silly. Solution: make new measureing system based on bits, and not using the metric ^3 or ^10 divisions. Why use awful non-binary exponents like 3 and 10 anyways?
  10. Quote:Original post by Anna Sometimes when I'm looking for something I think "ctrl+f". Once when that didn't work I thought, "use the force". I ctrl-f paper documents all the time. Then I look at the index and am woefully disappointed. Dead-tree-ware is so frustrating.
  11. Pxtl

    Baby born without a face

    Like I said, if she develops normally enough to attempt to have a social life, she's gonna have to wear something to cover it over - its one thing to have an ugly feature, but to have a face that seems likely to make people lose their lunch ... I know it seems callous, but she'll probably have to wear a mask. Yep, it'd be wierd, but better wierd than actively revolting. Plus, it wouldn't need eye-holes (j/k). I do wish the article had gone into more detail with the rest of her body - usually problems like this are accompanied by other defects - is she even viable? Is she intelligent?
  12. Pxtl

    Newbie with a couple of questions

    Just did a quick googling - yep, using ps2linux and xbox linux kit, people have ported SDL-based games to Xbox and PS2. Well, not even ported - they just used their Linux console like it was a PC, and just ran the Python interpreter on it with their pygames.
  13. After too much TA I often see the ebb and flow of SAM missiles, mortar fire, and nanolathes rush across the insides of my eyelids. I used to hear the soothing music of Orion II in the fan of my electric space heater. Of course, I'm married now, so its mosly just the occaisional game of UT or Tetris with the wife.
  14. Pxtl

    Baby born without a face

    Quote:Original post by aftermath I punched a baby in the face today. Okay, seriously. Why do people bring babies like this into this world? I know they wan't her to know that she is loved and all, but she is going to be stared @ her whole life, and she will probobly _never_ feel good about herself. She is going to regret that her parents gave birth to her. I just don't know why the parent did not do abortion when they knew about the defect. I just think it's stupid. I think you're stupid too. While that was a pretty sever troll, you are right that they might have found this back in the second trimester and aborted then.
  15. Pxtl

    Erotic 3D Magic Eye Puzzles

    Quote:Original post by Agony The problem is, even if you have a program that can create them, and a way to print them at a reasonable price, you have to find the depth information of an erotic image. That's not nearly as easy. 3D porn media is the reality of the future, the fantasy of today. I can't help; I can only make it look even less possible. Fun gift idea though. Woulda been a whole lot better than a typical gift. Clever thought and effort went into it. Well, lots of sick bastards make porn in Poser. Maybe you could find some Poser pr0n? Perhaps that could be exported into your stereogram-creator of choice. OOooh, just had a thought: I'm sure there exists erotic Q2 mods and content. Use the erotic Q2 content with the stereogram mod?
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