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  1. Why the hell not! You couldn't do any worse than the yahoos we currently have running this country.
  2. Three majorly important things! 1. Backup 2. Backup 3. Backup It'll save you headaches.
  3. No more combat FPS programming for you!
  4. I'm feeling your pain John. Last year, I kept wearing some ill fitting shoes and developed ingrown nails on both big toes. Being the macho and tough guy that I am, I tried to handle the issue myself and ended up with severely infected big toes. Went to the podiatrist and he removed both toenails that same day. The freakin shots hurt to holy hell and the ripping (while not painful) made me wince. Dr orders take the rest of the day then back to work the next day. Crap!
  5. Well you said any interesting book! How about the Art of Kama Sutra. Take a break from programming and enjoy yourself! heh
  6. Very nice! caek for you!
  7. Quote:Original post by Mushu Whoo! I finally got down on my knees and messed around with teh coed. Do realize what I first thought when reading this? Damn he's got a damn coed!
  8. Not trying to detract from the media, but you might want to use an old audio trick and either wrap a very thin cloth around your mic or even make a small wire frame with pantyhose on it to eliminate the voice pops. Makes it sound more professional. Good job on the viso captures!
  9. Beautiful! Now you have to render all your screen shots like a comic strip!
  10. Quote:Original post by Mushu I'd probably be the skinny one :| With no teeth? j/k
  11. Quote:Original post by Stagz I also want to do all the graphics for this game myself, so they will look a little 2-year-old-ish. Here's one of the first pics of our heroin: Doesn't look like a bag of dope to me? j/k
  12. My condolences. I almost lost my second daughter at birth and know the joy and depression it can bring. Wish you and you significant other all the best.
  13. I finally decided after much thought to show a screenie of the over all control system. I've been starting the opposite way in developing a game system by designing the backend first. Well, in order to have a backend of servers and processes running across multiple server, you have to have a way to control them. So here the screenie and I'll post later on tonight or tomorrow with a detailed explaination about what, how, why.
  14. Local waitress wins big bonus. Fry chef has peni$ enlargement!
  15. I agree with Rad. Use the XML. Not only will it save you time, it makes it easier to structure. Good luck.