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    Error with WinMain

    What type of project did you create? You have to select a Win32 App to make sure it loads the right dependencies. Also, I know the express version of MSVC++ 2005 did not ship with the windows platform SDK. This is an extra download needed to do windows development. I'm not sure if 2008 comes with it or not.
  2. Sr_Guapo

    Error with WinMain

    It looks like your code is trying to find a main() function, but you've supplied a WinMain. You need to make sure your project settings are for a windows application and not a console app. What compiler/IDE are you using?
  3. Sr_Guapo


    1521 (uh 1522 now...) for me. When I started I was averaging above 5 posts per day. After a year off and less free time, I'm down to just 1 per day.
  4. If you are looking directly down the Z-axis, the triangle would just be a line (if I am understanding this correctly). I'm not 100% how DX handles culling in this situation. If you rotate the camera or the world matrix in either direction (around the y axis), does the triangle show up? Is everything else being drawn correctly? Edit: Can you post the triangle creation code as well as the matrix creation/rendering code?
  5. Sr_Guapo

    convert char* to LPCWSTR

    // Convert char_array to std::string (It is done automatically with the strings = overload) char* char_array = "Foo"; std::string str = char_array; // Convert std::string to char array std::string str = "Bar"; char* char_array = str.c_str(); I really have no idea about LPCWSTR... Edit: It looks like the LPCWSTR is just a wide character char array. I'm not really sure why you would need to convert back and forth. Generally you would use either Single byte characters or Multibyte. You can choose to always use Multibyte in the Project properties in Visual Studio IIRC.
  6. When they say clockwise, they generally mean from the point of view of the camera. If you have a 3D object, this means that is all the triangles are ordered that way, only the side visible to the camera get drawn. This can help with performance, as generally you won't be wasting you time drawing the triangles that are on the back side of an object. If you do have a 2D object or something that you want both side to be drawn, you can turn off or even reverse the culling. If you use the line (IIRC, I am a slave to intellisense these days): device->SetRenderState(D3DRS_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_NONE); you can turn off culling so both sides will be drawn. You can also change the direction to CW or CCW by using D3DCULL_CW and D3DCULL_CCW respectively. It is usually a bit easier to understand if you are rendering the triangle in 2D directly facing your camera.
  7. Sr_Guapo

    What Are You Working On?

    Currently trying to make a simple space shooter with my latest attempt at a rendering engine. (Un)Fortunately I have been a little side tracked lately trying to catch up and learn a bit of XNA.
  8. Sr_Guapo

    a vector of vectors (c++/stl)

    Quote:Original post by serratemplar I'm gonna plead ignorance here, but I Driv3 is on the money: I am not explictly adding vectors to my vector of vectors...because I vainly hoped it would do it itself @_@. I had intended to avoid pointers here, but perhaps I've failed in that regard? So would I need to do something like this? v_ofa_v.pushback(new vector<MyObject>); v_ofa_v.back.pushback(new MyObject); It feels weird to me since no asterisks are in the definition...but I wouldn't be surprised if they were there implicitally. =\ I feel like a noob. That code should work, assuming you are wanting to create a new container, then add a new MyObject. Once a container has been initialized like this, you can use it as you had originally.
  9. Sr_Guapo

    a vector of vectors (c++/stl)

    I don't see anything inherently wrong, but it would really depend on your application. Can you be more specific about what you are trying to do? If you think the problem may be with MyObject, post that as well.
  10. Sr_Guapo

    Language Wars

    The problem to me is when a perfectly legitimate thread (like the D thread in general programming) turns into a flame fest (between java and c++ of all things). It completely ruined a perfectly good thread. Even if it were closed, all the productive discussion would end...
  11. Sr_Guapo

    Attach an object to a bone

    You are going to need to provide quite a bit more explanation than that. How are your models set up. How is your skeleton set up. I'm not too familiar with XNA, but I presume it has some built in skeletal animation support?
  12. Sr_Guapo

    Work work work...

    My 3D renderer is coming along very well and I'm starting to think up some simple game ideas to begin testing it out. So far, a space combat (think 3D asteroids) sounds the best. I would have to worry about the absence of animation because everything would be nice and rigid. If you happen to have a decent idea for a simple-ish game they want to see, feel free to throw a suggestion out. On to work though, I have been working this summer doing some Embedded software development (plus some C# Gui tools). This has mostly been bug fixes and LOTS of copy/pasting. However, the last few days I started working on something that (I feel) is pretty cool. I am creating an embedded web server that should allow any user to connect to by an IP address. This would mainly be used to monitor the lighting system my company produces. I have been spending the last few days just setting up a .NET GUI that will allow me to create a very rudimentary file structure and select files off the PC. It then sets up a directory and sequentially stores all the files into an S19 file (for download onto the device). The device needs to be set up with minimal code to respond to GET requests, find a file in the directory, then upload the file through the Ethernet link. Should be a decent time, especially that I have basically been given free reign over any design decision, since this will be a primarily in-house tool (the web files themselves will ship on the product).
  13. Sr_Guapo

    play a live joke?

    Quote:Original post by HappyCoder In Microsoft word, add auto correct to commonly typed words and have it replace these words with completely random ones. So he is typing up a document and every time he types 'the' word will change this to 'salami' or something. This one is definitely one of my favorites. A friend of mine did this to me by changing my name to something rather illicit. I didn't notice until 30 seconds before my paper was due... Luckily he still hasn't found a few of the changes I got him back with.
  14. Sr_Guapo

    Why are men supposed to approach women?

    How come women get to do all the rejecting? I wanna get in on that action.
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