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  1. Heya Folks, hope everyone has great plans for the 4rth!! I was looking to implement an arrow that would show me what direction I was facing. I was thinking of two ways. 1) having a simple quad with a texture and then rotating the quad(2d transformed) or 2) having a 3d object(really just 4 vectors and a texture) but using a rotation matrix. My problem is that my brain is not understanding exactly how per say would do this. I was thinking that I would draw all my stuff and draw my 3d arrow last. However, since you are always moving all over, how do people figure out what "spot" is always the same spot to draw the arrow on. In transformed coords its easy, in 3d space I am not 100% sure, or I am making it way to complicated. I want it to always appear at the top left corner. The other thing is, as I move around, can anyone give any pointers on how I figure out what direction N,S,E,W without taking Up/Down into account I am facing. I was going to assume N was + Z and S was - Z and W - X and E + X. I just was hoping for a snazzy way to do it, not some hack formula that I come up with lol. The other thing is... honestly I am a dork. I just can't get the concept of transparency. I would like the arrow itself to only display and not the blue background around it, but i'll be darn if I can get the background to go away. Anyhoo. Thanks a ton for reading my babble :-) and Happy 4rth!!!
  2. 3DXD

    best way for multiple views

    Hello, To render to seperate view ports, which is what I do for my game. Get a copy of the current viewport set your new viewport (clear it if you want), i clear my entire screen each time so I do it before reverting to my first viewport. set the camera and projects etc for THIS viewport render then set your next viewport clear it whatever set the camera and projections for this viewport render to it reset the viewport back to the original This would all occur in your render loop each time
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