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    More (un)progress

    I really enjoyed the single-player mode [smile] But gods below, if you think beating bots on godlike is hard, you should see some of the average online players these days.. The learning curve for online play is so steep that it's actually leaning backwards, the longer you play, the more inadiquate you feel [grin] Anyway, cheers on the victory!
  2. SirLuthor

    The linux experience, part 1

    I feel for you man, regarding hardware and drivers at least [smile] Drivers are my own personal hell, 5 times out of 6, a simpel video card driver update borks and makes me not only reinstall the original video card drivers, but also take out the card, boot, turn off the computer, put the card in again, before doing it. And don't even get me started on how things got seriously f***ed when I managed to uninstall the MOTHERBOARD drivers.. I *still* don't know how I managed to do that. Anyway, I feel for you. BTW, another music heads up, this might not be your type, but: Fear Factory >= Lamb of God > Killswitch Engage > Machinae Supremacy If you want the two best disks by those bands, check out: Obsolete -- Fear Factory As the Palaces Burn -- Lamb of God Cheers, and hurray for another user who is convinved that Windows is best! I guess that makes 2 of us [sad]
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