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    MMO travel time

    I think the problem needs to be reframed so that instead of reducing travel time you reduce the need to travel. If each region has enough resources and activities to keep players of a range of levels engaged then no one has cross great swaths of wilderness to play the game normally. So why travel? For one, there are a number of people who like to explore and long travel times come with the territory -- literally. Also, a select few quests for high-level adventurers could require a great deal of travel to encourage some cross-pollination between regions. This way the great distances actually become a feature for your higher level players as it opens up more of the game to them.
  2. clem

    MMO's and the disillusioned gamer

    As much as we'd like to blame the companies, aren't the players themselves at fault? Every time I see a game that attempts to stretch the boundaries of the treadmill, the forums are immediately clogged with whinging from all the players who's short-term expectations aren't met. The problem is the faults you mention actually appeal to the newbie -- no one wants the quests to be "used up" by previous players or to watch their more experienced brethren get items that they won't have a crack at. So they clamour for all the "fairness" you mention, unaware of the fact that this will eventually kill their enjoyment of the game.
  3. clem


    I shave with a razor and, like others who've replied, I can vouch for the Mach 3. Unlike many other brands of razor, there's no "break-in" period with a new disposable where the blade feels a bit jagged. What follows are some other tips I've found that work for me. * It's easiest on your face to shave immediately after you shower -- especially if you have a heavy beard. Others have mentioned shaving while in the shower which is a nice alternative if you can adjust to working blind. I prefer the bathroom mirror. * Consider using a lathering shaving soap and a brush as opposed to the shaving cream that comes in an aerosol can. Burt's Bees sells a basic shaving mug, soap, and brush. Pour a little hot water over the soap and get a lather going with the brush. Then use a swirling motion with the brush to apply the lather over your whiskers. This lifts the whiskers from lying flat against your face, which makes them easier to shave. Although it's a bit of a ritual, I find it a whole lot less distressing than a gob of the cold, greasy stuff that comes from a can. * As you shave, use your free hand to pull a section of skin taut before you run the razor over it. This causes the individual hairs to stand away from the skin, making them easier targets for the razor. It also causes the razor to glide over the skin with less irritation. * Pull the razor down your face as opposed to against the grain of the whiskers. Less irritation to the skin this way. * Avoid the urge to re-runt the razor of a section you've already shaved. Again, less skin irritation. You can catch any straggler whiskers the next morning. * After shaving, rinse your face with warm water -- not too cold or hot. This gives your skin a chance to adjust to the shock of having a layer scrapped off. * Pat your face dry with the towel rather than rubbing it dry. The less friction, the less chance of irritation. * Choose an alcohol-free aftershave. I usually opt for one that's scentless or has only a mild scent as I'm going to be applying it on a daily basis and don't care to overpower those around me. I've tried electric razors in the past and it's been like trying to mow and acre lawn with a weed whacker. By the time I was done my face would be more irritated than by anything I'd managed with a wet razor. The trick of shaving with a wet razor is getting enough practice with it until you're comfortable.
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