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  1. What makes scarey games...scarey?

    Queeble, I enjoyed your small description of how a house could be so wamr and nice to live in and yet at the same time be so errie to walk in.I visualized on the words you wrote and see it as a movie scenario I was waiting to see what would come down the stairs.Just a good example of errieness.If you are willing to write some more stuff like that I would be willing to make a contract for you if needed to have youhelp me out with the survival horror board game.See previous posts.Other then that I dont see why the screen of a video game should be totally dark and misty and you can see where you are going.Music in games is okay depending on the invironment.But music doesnt really need to be added.As queeble was describing the lights flickering on and off and the sounds of the apritions and lost souls of teh children is just as errie than anything else. As any one played Kodelka from PS1?That game freaked me out and good story line and awesome monster/creatures.
  2. see what you think of my isometric map editor

    Hello The Moo, I like your screen editor. I have some ideas for a game that was for this feature. The main characters were a cross breed of pac-man and kirby. But the name is different.I have some ideas if you would like to get together and talk about your ideas. Since I am not doing anything with them I would be glad to help out and give them to you. I would like to get some credit just for the ideas and suggestions. The game is right where I would like it to be for your editor. Between the game called wetrix,tetris,and now just adding a character. See you in the future of gaming.
  3. Setting the Scene: Horror games

    Good Ideas and suggestions for jabber cat and unknown target. For the board game I am designing, I will be heading towards the interaction with people that deal with the storyline.I also would like to use a cd for music or noises forthe players can play during the back ground. Not sure yet if it will work or it will and if it does work, will it be annoying trying to talk over a low toned set of volume.I would like to get in the heads of each players.I also have alot of awesome ideas for sence of horror like detailed flashback effects for each person.Each 100+ optional occupational characters will have his and her own history the players can use or see if they can find a character the fits them just like in real life. There is so much I would like to type in the forums but as you all have noticed I haven't said alot about it ever since i came to the forums. Just working on finding volunteers or writers who can help me out on figuring a way to combine the storylines all together.Which is a huge job. But I have a few started. Jabbercat I will send you the picture of the map after this typed message. See you all in the future of gaming.
  4. Setting the Scene: Horror games

    Other scenic areas: Zoos Parks Train Stations Mountains Underground Caves Dirt Tunnels Sewers Water Fronts Schools College Grounds Libraries Apartments Homes Buildings Etc........... In other words. As in real life you see everything right there is a location. I have 8 pages of locations. These were just samples of what my survival horror boar game contains. Do what you want, Go anywhere you want in the game. But there willbe a few master keys you will need to enter secret areas. See you in the future of gaming.
  5. Setting the Scene: Horror games

    Hello, I would like to see more of your ideas. And also are you looking for a game to work on?I am looking for people who have some ideas or suggestions or concept art for a survival horror board game.If you want to see the first page of 60 pages please feel free to email me. This is what I have since the seven year production. 1. 120 city page map. 60 Pages above for the city locations. 9 communities on the large island.And 60 pages below for the working in some areas and non working sewer system conjucntions in the game. 2.100+ optional occupational character names 3.The monsters,subbosses,bosses,superbosses with all statistics 4.Bus routes 5.40 Transportation Vehicles to choose from 6.Ally character names 7.Layouts of the locations 8.Names of the various main locations completed 9.Dice system 10.Score data sheets 11.Fear system 12.400 weapons,armor,items,accessories that can be combined,seacrhed,used, and storedin 100+ numerous areas away from being ravaged throught out the 9 community area locations. The island city is just where it starts but there is 8 other main locations for the entire game. The new world map is so large that it willnot fit in my fathers house.When completed the scale will be dropped so itcan be scanned for better packaging configurations. The details on the map are as detailed as you look around the your room, down the street,driving in a car.going to the movies, the mall.Anywhere you can imagine its rightthere in the game.You caneven take a helicopter,a plane or jet liner to get around tehmain city island. The island is so large it has its own zip code. You can have a party of 2 to 16 players laying in teams (in small groups or large groups),turned based,by themselves, And you can play the game with a story guide or with out one as well. The work that is not completed is the 100+ character story lines. Each character storyline will be able to conect in some way or another to play the game. And much more. See you in the future of gaming.
  6. Battlefield: Zombie Defense

    Good Morning, I like your idea alot. I started on a similar idea 7 years ago and wanted to make the zombie idea just like in a real life situation.I am still in production with the zombie idea.The main map has 60 pages above for the city landscape and another 60 pages for the sewer system.You can search , locate, combine, store, upto 400 weapons, armor, items, accesories all together in various areas of the island city map. Upto 16 players can play in divided groups (teams), turn based, or by themselves.You can play as a single player if you wanted to as well. You can also choose upto 100+ optional occupational characters. Everything you see in real life is going to be in the game itself. I would like to collaborate with you if you wanted to get some ideas or even help each other. If you wantto see the first page of my map feel free to email me.If you want some help with a design document or start on up I can help you there as well or try to help as much as I can. I love the zombie survival horror, I used to work at a cemetery for one year and a couple months. I can tell you some errir stuff if you want some ideas as well. See you in the future of gaming. BullDog
  7. Large Scale Battles

    Never sya nver and don't doubt the undoubtful about designing or programming a game or two. Forget about the cash and how much it cost.writing or as it were programming an idea like this is original would be interesting to consider. Just my two cents.
  8. Card Games

    Okay Boku San, I will be waiting for your email. I am also working on a full detail rpg card game as we speak. 16 players can playat the same time.There is alot fo details just like you were playing a rpg video game but in card form. Right now I am working on thestoryline now. Just a bit stumped atthe moment. I have been working on this game for a couple of months now.And I know this idea will work wonderfully. Characters History Weapons Accessories Items Spells Transportations Monsters with statistics Sub-Bosses with statistics Bosses with statistics area / locations and much more Guide book Rule and regulation book BullDog
  9. Card Games

    If its a card collection game team you are seeking to join or take a look at then I doubt that youhave or havent seen a few of my old posts here on the forum before. I am currently still in production of a 25,000 card collection game. 9,000 cards for the earth realm deck 9,000 cards for the dark realm deck 7,000 cards for the mysterious deck taht is set up for the earth realm deck. The cards are completed and even for the attack/defense system. I am looking for monster/creature detail team helpers. And having the team helpers work on the names as well. The game has an earth realm map and then you can flip the map over and play on the dark realm map. In 1 year and 7 months I have hand cut the entire card deck. If you would like to see new features or team up as a volunteer or what have ya. Please let me know by Aim:bulldogracing27 or email Bulldogracing27@aol.com See you all in the future of gaming. BullDog
  10. board game design? Anyone have any comments?

    Patience,dedication,understanding,able to work long hours to keep your ideas and suggestions fresh,new and original. All lot of practice.Trial and error always comes into place but when you have an eraser it helps makes those mistakes go away. Are you going to work on a board game some time soon? If so I would like to help you out in some way. See you in the future of gaming. Bulldogracing
  11. "Advanced" monster games

    One more thing about how many creatures or levels a monster should grow to the maximum stat. It all depends on what you want the creatures are being effected or what you want them to effect them with. For an example: In the latest project I am working on and it will seem familiar but the attack points get really large. For level One: The attack points in level one range from 100 to 10,000 points. 1 card 1 card makes a level 2 card For level Two: The attack points range from 10,000 points to 20,000 points and so one until it reaches level 6. So like Kelly and I have just posted, it all depends on how large or small you want your creature/monster will be and how large you want the creature/monster will be.
  12. "Advanced" monster games

    There is aninteresting game like you are talking about probably for snes or playstation 1. I think its for playstation 1. Anyways the game is all about bredding new dragons or odd monsters for new ones and it had like 400 different combination bredding techniques.I liked it alot. The game also had a 3 d feel to it when battling other npc characters in the game.CHeck it out. I think the game is called dragon something or something dragon.Bummer I wish I could remember what the name is but it did have and interesting story. But it did get a little tedious about grwoing or bredding new dragons for the purpose of battling it out on an anywhere feild/map. But it was more like digimon,pokemon and dragon warrior monsters. At first the it was interesting but just tiresome.
  13. Old school RPG in the making

    lol Same here Roots. Good luck with your and your teams project.
  14. Game Ideas

    I agree with walking around, looking around the room or just playing a game.But I tend to go with ideas and suggestions about something or someone. For an example,everyday experiences,working at a job site.These ideas happened to me more then a few times.Or by talking to people at arcade places, game stores,friends and family.
  15. Old school RPG in the making

    Hello roots, Have you checked out some earlier role-playing games from the snes? 1) Secret of Mana 2) Legend of GAIA 3) Chrono Trigger 4) Secret of Evermore 5) Final Fantasy 3 I like the character graphics from all of them.Even how the layout of the screen was able to focus on how the character was movable then just stiff on the screen.