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  1. I've thought of a new and interesting game concept at least IMHO. The idea behind the concept is inspired by a book series by an author named Frank Peretti of whos two novels subject is a war currently going on between the forces of Good/God and Evil/Satan which is being conducted by Angels and Demons with humans whos souls are the very focus of the struggle are caught in the middle and whos actions can be influenced by both sides via the means of Sins/Evil and Virtues/Good. The basis of the game concept is that you start as the lowest class of demons or angels tasked to influence the individuals in single family and with the goal of advancing up the ranks of the above armed with more and more serious sins or virtues until you attain the title of Demon Prince/Evil or Principality/Good and are able to influence everyone in a city through contending with the enemy and destroying their works through influencing the actions of individuals via the aforementioned use of Sins and Virtues with the result of city or parts of the city becoming good or evil which is depicted by the sinfulness and goodness of individuals or chaotic or peacefulness state of the the city of parts thereof. Aspects of the game would bear a similarity to some of those in The Sims and Black & White franchises. The player would influence people to perform either a good or evil action through a context sensitive menu of various sins or virtues so that the individual would perform an evil or good act. One particular scenario at the start of the game would be the player is tasked by the local Demon Prince as a low class demon representing Lust tasked to destroy the marital harmony of a particular household via the use of a minor sin, in this case lust. The setting of the scenario would be a small apartment housing a young married couple and the apartment would look similar to one found in the game The Sims 2 and like that game its possible for the game characters to throw parties and upon this occasion the husband has a conversation with a woman who perhaps may be one of his workmates and they appear to get along quite smashingly which the player as a demon notices and thus comes up with the idea that this is perfect oppurtunity to complete his goal so therefore uses the only weapon in his arsenal (Lust). So he brings up the menu and selects lust and the character is filled with lustful thoughts about the woman, but the result isn't instantaneous nor is the goal of the mission complete. Depending on the personality, religiousness or moral integrity of the character it may take longer or quicker for the feelings to turn into actions. The setting changes to the characters workplace. The progression might start with a longing glance every now and then , a chance touching, manufactured meetings, phonecalls, intimate chats in out of the way places, kisses, and finally intercourse (obviouly not depicted)which leads to the major sin of adultery. Thats the first coup of the player as every major sin the character commits provides the player with points to fill up the Vice meter which eventually leads to him advancing up the ranks with bigger responsibilities. The meter also allows the player to have a greater affect on the game characters by using that particular sin on them. The sin of adultery also affects the spouse as well once she intercepts a phonecall between the husband and his mistress. The sin of adultery causes Jealousy, Anger, Strife, and perhaps eventually divorce whereupon the goal of the mission is achieved and then the player is tasked with the responsibility of the husbands workplace or apartment complex along with the use of other demons representing other sins. The good player could be tasked with saving the marriage with the virtue of faithfulness which would be affected by the same things as the Sin of lust was for the evil player. It could work as in a multiplayer dynamic as well. What do you guys think?
  2. I am also contemplating developing a game with a similar concept. My main inspiration is Syndicate Wars by Bullfrog and Jagged Alliance 2 by Sirtech. The game engine I intend to use to power the game is the Torque Game Engine in conjuction with the Torque Shader Engine and the Torque RTS Starter Kit so alot of the basic functionality is already builtin. Although I'm currently not much more the an ideas man I'm beginning to learn how to skin characters and GUIs, texture objects, and level design. Soon I will use the Hammer level editor in Halflife 2 to prototype levels for the game. If you are still willing to develop your game concept let me know either by e-mailing me at King_James_I@Hotmail.com or posting on this thread. It would be great to collaborate with someone else with a similar goal.
  3. Check out this thread that I started ages ago. You might have to sift through it until you find out what you want. http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=230021&PageSize=25&WhichPage=2