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  1. MrEvil

    Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

    I haven't been here in ages!
  2. MrEvil

    How'd you come up with your profile name?

    My GDNet name is the name of a character which appears on Whiplash!/Fatal Racing when you turn on the destruction mode cheat.
  3. MrEvil

    How often do you go to LAN parties?

    I used to do this every week or so at an internet café, varying between 2 and 20 people, we'd play CS and Desert Combat mostly. I'd like to go to an i-Series event some time as part of a team. I don't do it as often recently; playing online or over a VPN is more convenient. I'm going to a LAN on Friday, though.
  4. MrEvil

    good free games ... not exist

    Cross fire is a free FPS similar to Counter-Strike (you can pay for weapons and other things like that, but it's fun without doing so and buying weapons no substitute for being good at the game) There's also about a million Geometry Wars clones that are probably quite fun.
  5. MrEvil

    What age will we have lived in?

    Quote:Original post by WanMaster Quote:Original post by bencelot What do you think will define us for future generation? I'm afraid it'll be this.I'm afraid it will actually be this. [sad]
  6. I pretty much got the same as Don Carnage (~ 1 day), by more or less the same method. Probably at least an order of magnitude out, most likely more.
  7. MrEvil

    Suggestions For Documentaries.

    The Most Hated Family in America is pretty interesting, as is Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends (but that series is less relevant here).
  8. MrEvil

    Useful Keyboard Shortcuts: Do you use them?

    I don't use F6, I prefer Ctrl-L. I answered All the Time for that one anyway, though.
  9. MrEvil

    Looking for 2 moments in IT history

    Quote:Original post by Zahlman Quote:Original post by kseh I want to see a video of the bug that crawled into one of the first computers and coined a new term for a software defect.That might be difficult. IIRC the event in question occurred in the 1940s. What media would it have been recorded on? And who would have recorded it? To the best of my knowledge, the only physical evidence that survives is a notebook (the paper kind) in a museum somewhere, with the moth taped to the page. If that.There's a picture of the notebook. But I should add that the term "bug" was in use before this event, as the photo shows.
  10. MrEvil

    I wanna be the guy!

    I beat 3 or 4 bosses but I lost my save file [sad] It's pretty awesome. There's a bionic commando part too, which only adds to the awesomeness.
  11. Not that I know of. You might want to try an external download manager (such as Orbit, though I'm sure there's better ones).
  12. MrEvil

    Firefox and right click amidoinitrite?

    Quote:Original post by bobsaget I am running the latest version and have not added any add ons as of late. Sorry for being vague. I have bookmarked some websites in the area above the tabs(They look like tabs) and when i right click them to get them off, it freezes. I'm just guessing here, but it's possibly a localstore.rdf problem. But before you try that, you might also be able to delete the bookmarks with "Organise Bookmarks" from the Bookmarks menu.
  13. MrEvil

    Firefox and right click amidoinitrite?

    Quote:a saved tabWhat do you mean by this? If it's something relating to an add-on, try disabling that. If that fails, try Safe Mode. Note that uninstalling doesn't generally do a lot to help, because your profile data is kept intact when you uninstall.
  14. MrEvil

    So my dad loves WII golf

    My parents bought a wii. I was pretty surprised. They seem to have gone for game like Rayman's Raving Rabbids, Toki Tori, WarioWare, Lego Star Wars, and some virtual console games like Mega Man 9, Bomberman, and Kirby's Adventure. My dad used to play NES and Atari with us, so it's not exactly true to say that they "got into games" late in life. It's probably more true to say that games became more accessible.
  15. MrEvil

    Windows directory size 23.44GB.

    According to Windows Exlorer: 29.4GB, 108,361 files. About 18 months old. (Or, in SpaceMonger. Apparently SpaceMonger is having problems; according to it there's 116541 files totalling 26.3GB.)
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