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  1. Ive used winsock before, successfully that is, in a console application, it works just fine, when the listen() command is called, it just sits and waits patiently and goes about what its supposed to do, however, i tryed to make an mfc app that utilizes my same network code, but for some reason it locks up when i call listen(), the window doesnt get repainted, it recieves no system messages, and it crashes, does anyone know why this happens?
  2. I've created a simple 3d terrain editor in opengl (although this topic isnt API specific, or so i think), I want to grab the position on the map of where i clicked, so that i can raise-lower-flatten the terrain, or place objects etc., somebody told me to use raytracing, but i've googled alot, and cant find any articles on gamedev, does anyone know either a better method for what im doing, or a good article of how to use raytracing? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. [ the editor ]
  3. SilverLogic

    Blending only black...

    No, not lazy..limited, like i said already, i was using sdl which has a wierd format for storing pixels and i cant find a good resource on using it properly, from what i know its just bgr instead of rgb, but i cant figure out how to modify the data or anything, i know its surface->pixels but i get errors everytime i touch them, and if i use a type definition it goes haywire, dont worry bout it though, im dropping sdl and rewriting from the ground up, thx for the help
  4. SilverLogic

    Blending only black...

    i did look at it, in fact i implemented it into my code, and i did fix the power of 2 part by making it width and height, but the way the pixel data is stored i cannot pass it to the function thx guys, but i fixed my problem i gave in and used masks (didnt want to cuz im gonna be using alot of images and changing them frequently thats why i didnt want them)
  5. SilverLogic

    Blending only black...

    No it doesnt work, first off, the image im using isnt a square image, and second, im using sdl, so i cant modify the pixel data like ordinary, so thats kinda useless to me, i said in my first post i couldnt modify the pixel data :/. thx for the attempt tho
  6. SilverLogic

    Blending only black...

    Because i want to assign all pure black pixels an alpha value of 1, which doesnt require the image to have an alpha channel
  7. SilverLogic

    Blending only black...

    right now im just using 24-bit bitmaps
  8. Ok, i just decided to add a little HUD to my game and now its making me mad, what blend function would you use to make ONLY the black part of an RGB image transparent? I cant loop through the pixels to assign an alpha value (im using sdl, so i dont think i can access the individual pixel data), and i dont want to use masking... http://www.logizone.com/images/trans_0.jpg Thats the result im getting by using glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE); i tryed a few other combinations but im not getting the result i want, please help!
  9. SilverLogic

    Looking for an RTS

    Try either Earth 2150, or Moon Project, both made by the same company, and exrtaordinary games, the research tree is quite large compared to other games in the genre, and although the gameplay is similiar to others, its quite different in a way
  10. SilverLogic

    SDL joystick

    i did, i did everything correctly, i tested with an older 2 button, 1 axis serial port joystick, and it worked just fine, and that joystick i didnt even install and it wasnt under my game devices, so im not sure if sdl is too outdated (my joystick is relavtively new), and i wasnt sure if sdl detected usb devices or primarily serial
  11. SilverLogic

    FPS Camera headaches...

    If you want to strafe (sp?), turn ur camera 90 deg. move forward one space, then rotate back to the way u were facing, this will give the effect that u moved sideways. Sounds like useless info but youd be surprised how long it took me to figure that out...
  12. SilverLogic

    SDL joystick

    I've been creating an input system using sdl for my engine, and when i tryed to add joystick support, sdl returns 0 joysticks, but i have a usb saitek cyborg evo attached, it works fine in battlefield 1942, ms flight sim, combat sim, and tons of other games, and its installed under my game devices as a joystick, so why would sdl not detect it?
  13. SilverLogic

    So I'm finally doing it.

    for(;;) Luck++; gj man, i just started community college for my associates im hoping to get enough money here soon so i can start on my CS degree O_o
  14. Here is my first stab at using fmod, and it worked, and its not 3d, im sure you could tweak it and optimize, but it works... // Note: the lines that are commented out are to load the sound into memory and then play them // currently it just streams the audio file #include <windows.h> #include <fmod.h> #include <fstream.h> int InitOK; //FSOUND_SAMPLE *trance; FSOUND_STREAM *trance; int done=0; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { cout << "Nicks' Bitchin FMOD test\n\n"; cout << "Initializing FMOD...\t"; InitOK = FSOUND_Init(48000, 32, 0); if(!InitOK) { cout << "FAILED\n"; exit(1); } else { cout << "SUCCESS\n"; } cout << "Buffering Sound File...\t"; //trance = FSOUND_Sample_Load(FSOUND_FREE, "trance.ogg", FSOUND_NORMAL | FSOUND_LOOP_NORMAL, 0, 0); trance = FSOUND_Stream_Open("trance.ogg", FSOUND_LOOP_NORMAL, 0, 0); if( trance==NULL ) { cout << "FAILED\n"; exit(1); } else { cout << "SUCCESS\n"; } //FSOUND_PlaySound(0, trance); FSOUND_Stream_Play(0, trance); while(!done) { cin >> done; } return 0; }
  15. SilverLogic

    Engine Trouble...

    [headshake] lol, ill have you know i have been programming for almost 7 years (c++ only for a year and a half), lets just have a look at my current project and you tell me if hello world suits me, eh'? .... yea thats what i thought [lol]
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