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  1. It would appear the new software doesn't handle spam very well...
  2. Welcome. The industry standard for pre-rendered cut scenes has long been Bink Video, but it is expensive. If you want a patent free solution that costs nothing use OGG Theora. I don't know where you get that from, OGG Theora supports arbitrary resolutions up to 1048560 × 1048560. (And quality is a function of bit rate.) And Theora has been used for cut scenes in games before. I think you should get a playable prototype of your game before worrying about details like cut scenes. That way you can see if the game play is any good. If it isn't the rest don't matter much. And depending on how much of a "newbie" you are, a game that requires plots and cut scenes might be a too big of a projects. Start with something simpler.