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  1. I've used this website perfectly fine for about 16 years now, without giving my name or location. What are these things you are setting up, that make it mandatory for everyone to provide this information?
  2. When I visited in to GDNet I was forced to type some fake name and location before I could log in. They are none of your concern. Why are they now required all of a sudden?
  3. It's about resources and risk mitigation. It's better to finish and release one "act" at a time and use the money for working on the next one. If you have something that makes people think "wow that was fun", why wouldn't you just ship it? And working on multiple acts in parallel is out of the question, it just increases the money spent on a project that may or may not sell.
  4. kolrabi

    Does Java main class run multiple times

    The main method is only called once. When execution reaches the end of the method, it exits and (if no other threads are running) the application terminates. If you want to continuously run code you'll need a loop of some kind.
  5. It would appear the new software doesn't handle spam very well...
  6. Welcome. The industry standard for pre-rendered cut scenes has long been Bink Video, but it is expensive. If you want a patent free solution that costs nothing use OGG Theora. I don't know where you get that from, OGG Theora supports arbitrary resolutions up to 1048560 × 1048560. (And quality is a function of bit rate.) And Theora has been used for cut scenes in games before. I think you should get a playable prototype of your game before worrying about details like cut scenes. That way you can see if the game play is any good. If it isn't the rest don't matter much. And depending on how much of a "newbie" you are, a game that requires plots and cut scenes might be a too big of a projects. Start with something simpler.
  7. kolrabi

    Using Exceptions

      Uncaught exceptions cause std::terminate() to be called, which in turn calls a std::terminate_handler which is by default std::abort(),  which raises the SIGABRT signal, causing the signal handler of the process to be called which then typically causes an abnormal termination of the process.  Anywhere on the way the implementation is free to print a message, show a helpful dialog box, pause the debugger, just crash or whatever.
  8. kolrabi

    Println works in one class but not another

      I didn't say that you shouldn't. In fact you need at least one class with a main method, so that the program can be run. But you should not create more than one.   Yes, that's how programs are written in Java.
  9. kolrabi

    Println works in one class but not another

    In your code `main` is a static method the `Calculators` class. It defines the entry point where code execution begins on program launch (possibly after some initialization of other things). The term "main class" refers to the class that has the static `main` method. There should be only one such class in the program. If there are more, most likely the one you don't want is being called. Your code looks fine and should work otherwise. 
  10. kolrabi

    Has stopped working

    Could be that glfwCreateWindow failed and returned a null pointer. Have a look at how error handling works in GLFW to find out why. Of the possible errors I suspect it be one of GLFW_INVALID_VALUE (if 4x MSAA is unavailable), GLFW_VERSION_UNAVAILABLE (if OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile is unavailable).
  11. kolrabi

    OpenGL vs Direct3D

    This is one of the big questions in life. Is there a god? Are we alone in the universe? What's the best text editor? Should I use OpenGL or Direct3D? At least with this one there is a simple answer: You definitely want to use OpenGL, unless you want to use Direct3D.
  12. kolrabi

    Additive Blending Problem

    Are you sure you clear the framebuffer often enough and not drawing the same particles multiple times over themselves?
  13. kolrabi

    Realistic Speeds and Drop of Bullets Over Time

      Oh, the fun of obsolete units. They use grains (gr) not grams (g). 1 gram is about 15.43236 grains. If you put in 721.785 fps and 154.3236 grains the result is 242 Joules (179 foot-pounds).
  14. Hammer or screwdriver? Which one is better in shelf-building?  :wink:
  15. Well you could just mark them as such. This is how Tri-color marking works.
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