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  2. Quote:Original post by abstractimmersion I woke up this morning feeling really bloated like I had bad gas. But I haven't been able to have a bowel movement all day, so I'm not sure if it is gas. If it is, it's definitely the most painful gas I've had in my life. You are pregnant. Congratulations!
  3. Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/y2kh8r/error.jpg same error here, i am using windows xp pro, w/o SP
  4. here and here ;)
  5. obligatory link #243554676
  6. yup, as you can see here the 4th parameter is not the 'from' field. it is used for additional headers like Cc:, Bcc: and From:
  7. $from = 'From:'.$_POST['from'];
  8. Quote:Original post by Will F VideoSift has rapidly become one of my favorite sites to visit. [smile] haha http://www.videosift.com/story.php?id=466
  9. > laser mice
  10. clicky for video
  11. Quote:Original post by smart_idiot Quote:Original post by Iron Chef Carnage Quote:Original post by Gunslinger RR Quote:Original post by Talroth Quote:Original post by DogCity Quote:Original post by Talroth Quote:Original post by bytecoder Quote:Original post by kSquared That mouse must be moving insanely fast to generate the horsepower needed to supply energy to the lights. Maybe it's a bionic mouse. Either that, or he's quantum tunneling uranium into himself and setting off nuclear reactions. Or,... they're LED or something that is actually good at converting power to light. I think its just a picture... !!! But I only say that, because you suggested LED's before me. Yes, but it could be a picture OF LEDs,... No, it is clearly a picture of a picture of a picture of LEDs.That's a lot of quotes, fellas. It looks like a pyramid. The picture clearly indicates that Google is powered by mice, and therefore violating a multitude of animal rights laws. So much for their 'Don't be evil' motto. Animal abuse is sick. seconded
  12. Quote:Original post by Oluseyi He may be thinking of opendir, readdir et al, but they aren't available on Windows. i dont know anything about msvc, but mingw (gcc for windows) does provide opendir and readdir
  13. Supercow
  14. Quote:Original post by Yann L Was that the one they called "Land Wind" ? I think I read about that. According to the tests, it was supposed to be a death trap. clickster
  15. tsunami 2010 a bit psychodelic tempest 3000 remake, and it is under 100kb 8)