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  1. oscinis

    Free stuff on the internets

    http://www.retailmenot.com From the creators of BugMeNot.com and the oh-so-handy Firefox extension, get coupon codes for tons of stuff online. Works in the same fashion as BugMeNot.com; people submit coupon codes, and they are rated by percent success. Not explicitly "free stuff," but I thought the people reading this thread would be interested as well.
  2. Benderbrau if it's an ale, Botweiser if it's a lager.
  3. oscinis

    Are you Sirius?

    I thought they were going to merge? Also, I am extremely disappointed that I can't find an image on all of the internets of Sirius from Bomberman 64...
  4. oscinis

    video card supported resolutions

    Also note that most Nvidia cards support custom resolutions.
  5. oscinis

    SDL deserves its own forum

    I think the alternative libraries forum is fine as-is. No benefit would come of further obfuscating it.
  6. I agree with trying a different PSU. The only time I've experienced what you're reporting is because of a bad power supply or insufficient power.
  7. oscinis

    Web Comic Swap

    Penny Arcade Also, more votes for Ctrl+Alt+Del, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Concerned and White Ninja.
  8. oscinis

    Yet another FF7 cover song

    Very nice. The style works well. :) What kind of equipment/software did you use for recording? Are the drums synthesized?
  9. oscinis

    Deeper Dungeons

    Quote:Original post by Matt Lloyd oscinis ... were you using a joystick, keyboard or the mouse? I was using an (official) Xbox 360 controller. Worked right off without any hassles, left analog stick to move and A (bottom button of the diamond) to attack.
  10. oscinis

    Deeper Dungeons

    Phenomenal. :) I managed to scrape by to 84210. Ran great, excellent visuals and style, excellent sound, but the doors were a bit touchy and for most of the duration I was playing my character was flashing different colors and I couldn't figure out why (I didn't notice picking up anything that made me invincible). The red text that comes up just before entering another room is not displayed long enough to read. The advice above about loading should also be taken into consideration. But yes, overall, I'm not getting rid of this any time soon.
  11. oscinis

    Games ahead of their time

    Chrono Trigger and EarthBound.
  12. oscinis

    Dear GD.net: Thanks for the Game Developmints!

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya We're not strangers. We're your best friends. In fact, if you look at it a certain way, we're your only friends. Go ahead, eat them. Do it. That has got to be the most frightening thing I have ever read on GDNet. Period.
  13. oscinis

    how to post an image

    Use a free image hosting service like Imageshack.
  14. oscinis

    Wii Development Resources

  15. oscinis

    Aw man so much info I don't know where to begin.

    Quote:Original post by Drigovas Java is pure garbage for making anything high performance. With JIT compiling this is becoming less of an issue, but it's still not quite up to snuff for current-gen games. I suggest getting started by modding some games to get a feel for how things work overall. You can then continue to making a small game - maybe in a language a little less intimidating than C++ - Python or Visual Basic may be choices that suit you. If you have some experience with Java, I recommend keeping with that. I believe it's important to learn C++ eventually though, if you're aiming to make sophisticated 3D games.
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