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    Another screenshot

    Strategy First should have FPQA whose responsibilities include checking for and reporting legal issues. Keep track of all the in-game logos and likenesses.
  2. Adraeus

    Review rant

    I've been reading "Game Testing All In One" of which you were the Technical Editor, Dave. While "Game Testing AIO" is a good book, there are a number of defects in the content (e.g., duplicate screenshots, errors in spelling and grammar) — mostly minor issues. I'd classify the book as a Seventh Sigma publication. I discover at least 2-3 errors per chapter so that's not too shabby.
  3. Adraeus

    Merger musings

    Quote:Why should Microsoft be worried?Microsoft intends to release Microsoft Sparkle technology which is to compete directly with Adobe Flash technology. Flash is cross-platform, Web-enabled, and easy-to-use whereas Sparkle is not. Adobe's mission is basically to integrate each of their applications into one useful package. With Adobe Flash integrated into Adobe Acrobat, which is also cross-platform, Microsoft should be worried about Sparkle's success. In addition, Microsoft has been gunning for Macromedia for awhile now, especially with Avalon; unfortunately for Microsoft, Adobe is now their opponent. If Adobe doesn't get hit with a lawsuit regarding monopoly abuse like Microsoft did, Adobe will be untouchable by Microsoft. With the Adobe-Macromedia merger, Adobe has placed Microsoft's toes within its territory. If Microsoft doesn't step back and make it clear they have no intention of invading further, Microsoft will be missing some toes. Of course, Microsoft is too prideful to step back so perhaps they'll attempt to compete in Adobe's ballpark. I expect to see major conflict between those two companies in the future.
  4. Adraeus

    Merger musings

    I mostly agree with everything you've written; however, Acrobat doesn't necessarily require working with for-print-only documents. PDF documents are already Web-enabled, but Acrobat Reader still needs work to quicken PDF loading time. I would not be surprised if Flash-enabled PDFs came about. This merger ought to worry Microsoft.
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