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  1. Importance of Quests?

    Yes quests do offer a break from just killing monsters, but quests (at least in World of Warcraft) seem to take the roleplaying out of MMORPGs. The game becomes more about doing quests and less about becoming emerged in the world. I guess another problem I see in WoW is that many of quests are similar, so it seems like you are doing the same quest just at a different level and in a different area. I am interested to D&D Online because it appears that it will have fewer quests, but the quests will require grouping and large amounts of time. It seems that quests can be very mundane when they are not well written. Thank you all for your feedback, it helps me think and checks my ideas.
  2. Importance of Quests?

    I am wondering at the importance or need of quests in an MMORPG. World of Warcraft has hundreds of quests for all levels that give the player money, experience, or equipment. I am trying to think of a way to remove a large number of quests in a MMORPG; I don't mean removing all quests, just not have a quest-heavy or quest-driven game. The problem I run into is satisfying the "achiever" players (from Richard Bartle's paper on MUD players). What can you have players do that is fun and rewarding, but not mundane or repetitive?