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  1. After watching the following video, I'm struggling to actually imagine anybody talking and behaving like this in real life. So to the members from America, is this wonderful lady playing up for the camera or is this 'natural'?   https://www.glocal.com/videos/show/318208/strong-storm-drops-damaging-hailkabooyow-kapooyow
  2. Not a new concept at all... <a href="https://www.hermesworld.com/en/">Hermes</a>. Very cheap to use, but from what I gather their couriers make around 30-60p per parcel, but that's their only income, they must pay their own costs etc. My experience with them is quite good (you tend to always have the same courier work in your area), but I know many other people have had abysmal experience with parcels getting lost etc...
  3. [quote name='phantom' timestamp='1330293125' post='4916815'] Of course this has also brought up the Elephant In The Room of PC gaming which is the overhead on the PC and driver issues which mean that under heavy usage even rendering from multiple threads to command lists (which AMD still doesn't properly support even on this 7970 series) doesn't gain you a huge amount as you end up bumping into driver limits/interface problems (DICE talk about this a bit). Basically your top of the line PC, running the latest OS and graphics card with the best CPU you can buy is good for ~15,000 draw calls per frame. [/quote] Don't suppose you have a link to the article/presentation with the DICE talk on this?... Would be quite interesting to learn a thing or two about this sort of thing. Thanks.
  4. Technically yes it can be done - just don't use anything that uses the Microsoft Visual Runtime (aka MSVCRT), is this practical, no. But, you can statically link the runtime with your application which means the user doesn't ever install it as it is already inside your exe. A game on the other hand is different as you do need to ship things such as the DirectX runtime you used etc. in which case shipping the MSVCRT is negligible. If you do decide to statically link the MSVCRT make so you only ship the exe that has linked to the release MSVCRT, as the debug version isn't allowed without Visual Studio. Btw, a better title would be something like "Do I have to ship the C runtime library?".
  5. I use Firefox and organise all the bookmarks in folders, it can also add tags to individual bookmarks and searching just involves typing the tags (or url) into the address bar and the bookmarks get listed; all bookmarks are stored in a local file, so it should be fairly easy to copy and paste around as required...
  6. Yeah, USPS seem to be giving a more realistic figure... Thanks for that.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to get something ordered from the USA, I can get it delivered to a relative and then from there organise shipping to the UK - the problem I'm having is the second part and doing it cheaply. My package is 5lbs, 14x6x12 inches, I can ship the same thing from the UK to the US for around $47, but I've tried UPS, DHL and Fedex and they're all charging in excess of $140 to send from the US to the UK... So, what are the popular services for sending parcels in the US? Thanks.
  8. I've been out of gaming due to the lack of a discreet GPU for the past 3 years or so, but have recently invested in a GTX 560 so I'm going through games that I've missed in that time. I haven't been completely ignorant of what is going on with releases etc. and I've just seen [url="http://www.eurogamer.net/videos/modern-warfare-3-multiplayer-footage?size=hd"]this MW3 trailer[/url] but I'm slightly shocked/worried/disappointed at the graphics. Clearly, MW3 is for consoles as well, but is this really what the graphics of MW3 on the PC are like? They look worse than the games I was playing when my graphics card packed in!
  9. Have you profiled your code? You [i]may [/i]find a sequential loop from 0 to collumns*rows*3 fastest as you're going to have lots of cache hits that way... Completely depends on your app...
  10. Resurrecting an eight year old thread... Very good..
  11. I recommend you avoid UEA - they were qutie good 6 years ago or so but have gone downhill very fast in the computing department. I know that Teesside and Northumbria universities are quite good for game development, although I'm unsure if they do a MSc course.
  12. Thanks very much for the detailed reply.
  13. Hi, I'm aware that a GPU works with floats (although some newer cards I understand can work with integers). From what I've seen from sample code over the net and on these forums the game logic code also seems to use floats instead of integers, what I don't understand though is why? Is this a case of performance, or what? Is the performance hit from casting an int to a float to perform a matrix operation too great? Similarly, if I were to create a particle effect (for example sparks from a welder), then could these particles be tracked with integers? Thanks, NB.
  14. Ah, I had exactly the same error a few days ago! ....then deleted the project that had the solution as I didn't want it anymore... Anyway, your problem is that in the (IIRC) project settings you have the DirectX include folder listed before the Windows SDK include folder (or the other way around), swap them around and you'll be fine.
  15. A couple of years ago I messed around quite a bit with Ogre, while I didn't spend enough time with it to do anything good (purely my failing, not the engine) I was [b]very[/b] impressed with it. The code was very clean and nicely organised and the documentation was second to none... Technically, my vote could be miscounted as I have no experience with the other engines, but as I say, Ogre3d was very nice to play with...