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  1. Error obfuscating

    What are you using to build it and how are you doing it?
  2. Use a server connection? Ive never tried anything like that but i guess it might be possible?
  3. Optimisation j2me/MIDP

    depending on the complexity of your game it may or may not be a bad idea. If you are just attempting a simple game then it wont pose many problems to you, but if you are going to write a cutting edge game which requires all possible optimisations to be used then it is bad. As has already been mentioned, adding in extra classes takes up jar and memory space and when you consider only a few bytes can stop a game running it would be wise to ditch a lot of the Object-Orient stuff you have been taught in school! :)
  4. Setting objects to null?

    Another warning, using system.gc() on a nokia 6600 will practically kill the application, avoid it like the proverbial plague.
  5. How to make an Isometric Room?

    I made my IsoEngine draw the way you did to start with, but as soon as I added in objects such as blocks and the main character I hit real trouble because if you draw it tile by tile, you may get tiles drawing over the top of objects, or at least partially obscurring them. Mine now draws the whole floor to a buffer, then blits that to the screen then draws the objects, characters etc. seperately on top. This probably isnt the way to go but it works. Someone on here wrote a great article called the LORN system I think it was for rendering objects, if you havent read it already I would recommend it, it helped me no end. :)
  6. Optimisation j2me/MIDP

    For a comparison of image drawing techniques I found this thread on nokias forum, makes for an interesting read: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?s=3ddf755309131c7e3ee662402648902e&threadid=33852&highlight=%2Aspeed%2A
  7. Hi, are the images actually set to null before you load the new image? It may not have been garbage collected to re-allocate the memory. I cant think what else it might be, this works with mine but the images are smaller and I had to split them into strips to make it work at all. Each characters animations were in one file, now they are in 4, one for each direction... can you tell us any more about the game, what other images are loaded at the time? You need to free up some memory somehow. Sorry i cant be much more help.
  8. I dont know if you have fixed this or not, but where is the plane? as in can you show the details of creating the plane please? Im not sure but I have a feeling that when you update the position of the bullets and check for the collision you have moved it past the collision plane so it is not detected. However this is only after a brief look.
  9. get a copy of the wireless tollkit from java.sun.com and have a play with that, the API's are all documented in there and there are some great sites out there that are dedicated to optimising your code for mobile phones. ill try and post some links tomorrow that i have found, if you have any questions about optimisations though, just post and im sure someone can help. Being a j2me developer myself I can try and help you as much as you need.
  10. Ahh gotcha, in that case you are my new hero. :)
  11. Ive just noticed the exact same thing on a t630 today, it is a memory issue with them, as far as I can figure the phone caches or places in a faster memory, some images, then by using any other images it has to swap them in and out of memory to draw them making it incredibly slow. A solution would be to only create the images as and when you need them, this leads to only a very small delay whilst the image is created but it is better than the whole game being slow. Well its worked for me, I hope this helps.
  12. Im still not entirely sure I understand that code, with the drawcolumn part are you not going to end up drawing a lot of columns to the buffer? or are the columns tiles of width 1?
  13. Begining J2ME Developer

    moorphene, look at j2me first, its quite easy really but I would recommend you also start looking at JSR-184 when you are competent in your java abilities because there are going to be (hopefully) lots of phones around with this extension in soon and it's going to allow for some fantastic games.
  14. I think I get it this time, but some sample code would be very much appreciated as well. Thanks again!
  15. doynax, thats exactly the kinda thing I wanted to hear, can you explain that to me in a bit more detail, or point me in the direction of a tutorial/article on it? Thanks for the replies guys!