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  1. Jovan

    Stack Exchange - Game Development Q&A Site

    There was/is the GameDev Wiki but that seems to have slowed down (or never picked up really). The idea of Stack Overflow for GameDev was already brought up in the channel awhile back. I think Superpig said how unless theres somebody dedicated to implement it, its hopeless. A few wiki contributors mentioned how the wiki failed and that there's little point past that to try to do this. YMMV, this would be a good thing if there are imaginary people willing to invest the time into it. A bit of a steep climb.
  2. Jovan

    Fun tactical shooters

    Can't believe nobody mentioned Hidden & Dangerous 1 Deluxe (inc. expansion pack). Co-op multiplayer, pre/real-time planning, no heroics (one shot one kill most of the time on your end). And it's completely free. Click and profit.
  3. Jovan

    C++ Video Tutorials

    Harsh. I agree though, it extends beyond this but a lot of people shouldn't be educating others, because they themselves are wrongly educated. At the same time though, explaining things to others educates you better because you really start seeing how much you know.
  4. I would pick up something like this: Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 10.0 (I actually have a copy, and it did come in very handy when I first started learning Direct3D 9). Other things that can help you of course are the official SDK, as well as NVIDIA's SDK. Both are full of examples of various effects you can achieve and some newer concepts. Hope this helps.
  5. Jovan

    Some Quake Live invites

    Alright sent out some more. 2 remaining. Note: if someone already invited you, you can't be invited again ;). Quote:Original post by Random Blit I never got one. I sent you a PM about 13 hours ago with all of the info you needed. Yeah I know :(. The first two were accepted automatically but the rest are marked as "PENDING."
  6. Jovan

    Some Quake Live invites

    Sent out the first batch :). I can't "PM" you an invite because they send you an email when you've been accepted. Also, in case you've got spamfilters on: Note: Invitation emails will be sent out once an hour. Depending on their email service it may take up to a few hours before your friend receives the email. Please make sure to let them know to be expecting an email from support@quakelive.com, and to verify that the email does not get filtered into their spam folder. 4 invites remaining.
  7. Jovan

    Gauging Minimum Specifications?

    Steam has an opt-in program where they monitor these things. I believe Valve released statistics on what kind of rigs are used to play HL2/etc on by the majority of people. Edit: Here it is
  8. Jovan

    Some Quake Live invites

    Hey all. I've got 2 Quake Live invites to burn. If anyone wants any, post your first/last name/email or PM it. I'll update as they are given out. [Edited by - Jovan on February 16, 2009 12:47:41 PM]
  9. Jovan

    RTS Tutorial Reupload?

    Oh well. Thanks for the response Drew_Benton. Maybe he will reply to the email, maybe not.
  10. Jovan

    RTS Tutorial Reupload?

    Reviving an old thread :-). I am wondering if anyone has the few final tutorials, #19 to #22? [Drew_Benton's and cppgames.com ones don't have them :(]. I emailed the author but nothing yet. Much appreciated!
  11. Did you read my initial post, frob? :)
  12. My family is thrown all over the world but specifically in Canada most of it is around the Toronto area so it they want to move there, lesser living expenses, they're mainly business-oriented people, and reasons like that :). I'm actually trying to stay in Vancouver because the game industry here is booming, just as you said :). Oh well, I wish more Ontarians(?) would respond.
  13. Been awhile since I made a thread. Hey all :) I'm wondering if there are any Ontario, in particular Toronto, residents here who are employed in the gaming industry or can shed some light on it's state. I think I'm being forced to relocate there from Vancouver :(. I've looked around the interwebs and there seems to be two conflicting sides. The gamedevmap shows lots of gaming companies there -- yet there are news articles and GDnet posts saying how there aren't enough, that Ontario needs to expand the game industry there, and so on... As a side question, is the "Business" software industry expanded in Ontario, considering it's filled with so many blue-collar companies? *sigh* Vancouver is such a nice place, with EA Blackbox a few blox away from me, but oh well, it's also damn too expensive to live.
  14. Jovan

    Next-Gen game "whitepapers"

    Insomniac Games has quite a lot of presentations/documents/algorithms on their website.
  15. Jovan

    John Carmack's quakecon 2008 keynote

    Heh JNT that's expected :). Seeing as how Rage is in open terrain maybe he switched to something octree-ish...AABB? OBB?
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