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  1. SLotman

    What Language Do I Use?

    There IMHO a couple of notes to add:   - scripting languages like Lua for once, which is very much in use on lots of games; - Language "translators" which are also becoming popular, specially in the mobile world. Write your code once, and let it export to Java or Obj-C (and usually other languages)
  2. Heh, I actually didn't remember that screen - even if I've played Wolf3D until my eyes bleed :)   I just had the idea to put the player escaping, hiding on a wall, while he's being 'lighted' by a spotlight, and a guard comes closer - to put enphasis on the "escape" part of the game.
  3. Thanks for you compliments   Where did you get stuck? Maybe I can give you some hints   As for a "tip system", that was one of the ideas I had during development - but maybe a little too complex for a simple game. I'm on the fence on this one, but I'm still considering it for a future update.
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