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  1. If you want to draw an image it would be something like this in your form. protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e) { e.Graphics.DrawImageUnscaled(image, x, y); } You can also use all the other GDI+ drawing methods. You don't want to do direct pixel manipulation (it would be really slow).
  2. I assume you are using System.Drawing, in which case you can just draw right on the form, no other controls are necessary. You just need to handle the paint event.
  3. Couldn't you just have the controller pick the player number? Like give each controller a cursor and let them pick their name from a list (like the way Smash Brothers does). Or you could enumerate through them. Player 1 press a button... Player 2 press a button... . . . Player 20 press a button... Then see which controller hits the button first, and assign that to that player number. I don't know much about how USB works but I think will be very difficult to assign a number to each player given how many configurations of ports/USB hubs/USB devices that plug into other USB devices...
  4. You can use System.IO.BinaryWriter/BinaryReader with the filestream.
  5. I don't know why they are included by default, but you can remove them if you aren't using them. You won't wreck anything by removing the Imports and References unless you were using classes from them.
  6. I would draw all the tiles, then draw the character, then redraw the stuff thats supposed to be in front of the character (using the x,y,z-coordinate). This should save a lot of trouble on figuring out if he is in-front/behind stuff before you draw it. You aren't drawing that much in front so the performance should be better this way, even after redrawing some tiles. Plus you can probably (depending on your requirements) stick all your background stuff in a big vertex buffer for very fast rendering.
  7. Stru

    [.net] Memory Woes

    How are you populating the word document? My first guess is you aren't disposing those objects.
  8. Also make sure you dispose Managed Direct X objects that aren't in the managed pool when you finish with them. And make sure you aren't still referencing objects from the previous levels anywhere. If you can still access instances of them anywhere in your code then they won't be collected by the garbage collector.
  9. Stru

    [.net] Opinion

    Quote:Original post by Xpyder Alternatively, you could use image boxes, lots of image boxes I'd advise you not to do that. Go with GDI+ unless you need hardware acceleration, if you do then use DirectX.
  10. Quote:Original post by Promit Crack yes (no cd and the like), there's nothing anyone can do to stop that. But preventing cheating in multiplayer games is perfectly feasible. Sure, you can always prevent all the blatant stuff like invincibility or speed cheats with well designed networking. But information cheats are much harder to stop. Like maphacks, radar(when their shouldn't be), or see-thru wall hacks. The only way to stop those is give everyone the ability to know/see everything in the first place. But then there are still aimbots to deal with.
  11. I also had performance problems using the D3D Sprite. Doing my own textured quads was faster. Although the main reason I decided not to use Sprites was the inflexibility. If you do the quads yourself you have a lot more options (It is quite a bit more work tho).
  12. Stru

    VB help requested

    Here is an article on XML serialization with VB.Net. This lets you easily define how a class is stored in XML. Although, depending on how complex the data is, a simple text file may be better. If you want to use databases you need to look for information on ADO.NET and SQL.
  13. Stru

    Nintendo Wii

    Now we can call the controller the Wiier.
  14. Stru

    Time of Circular Collision

    Wow, thanks guys. I'll get to work on it. Unfortunately, its gonna be a while before I have a working demo. I am extremely busy with school. Hopefully, sometime this summer I can get a cool particle system demo working, I'll be sure to post it. The 4 solutions of generated code all look the same to me, maybe I am missing some small detail, It also multiplies by 1 in a few places, and has several places where multiplication could be easily simplified. I'm doing it in C# so I'll have to convert Antheus' code, but it all looks pretty straight-forward (Although I doubt C# has that Complex<> thing, I might have to implement that myself). I already have all my geometry intersection-test functions written, so I can handle initial overlapping cases. I also think for performance reasons I will probably have a special case for zero acceleration (since it is much much simpler).
  15. Stru

    Time of Circular Collision

    Could you post the rest? I'd really appreciate it, I think I need a complete solution. Why are all the numbers in scientific notation? Did you use some kind of code generator to make that? t33 = t21 + t23 + 0.1e1 * t25 + 0.1e1 * t27; definitely doesn't look like it was coded by a person.
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